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How Forza Motorsport 5 is redefining the racing genre - ninemsn games

ninemsn games writes: Few games thus far have been able to showcase the Xbox One's graphical prowess like Forza Motorsport 5. The iconic racing series will help ring in the next generation of gaming in 2014, harnessing the "power of the cloud" to offer one of the most realistic — and challenging — racing games to date.

The philosophy is clear: the game's maker, Turn 10 Studios, wants to reinvent the relationship between player and game, racer and car. The developer, which has made every one of the five Forza Motorsport games to date, wants to expand the series into an ever-evolving and learning virtual world of street races and personal garages.

Forza Motorsport 5 is looking the goods and is well on its way to being one of Xbox One's defining games in its early life. Here's why. (E3, Forza Motorsport 5, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

BadboyCivic  +   585d ago
Racing games lost its magic in my opinion.

GT 1&2 will forever be a classic
ricochetmg  +   585d ago
i agree sorta like fps.
aceitman  +   585d ago
Can someone confirm if they will do weather in 5 or will it still be a no show, so far no wheather in the series .
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MooseWI  +   585d ago
Can't give you a link but I remember hearing there will be no night or weather. I remember it somewhere..
Arai  +   585d ago
@ Aceitman

No weather changes or day/night cycle and no dynamic lighting (pre-baked).

That's why the game is running at 60fps, sacrifices had to be made.
The game uses a lot of assets from FM4 IIRC, it's not build from the ground up.

You'll have to wait till FM6 for such features most likely.
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NukaCola  +   584d ago

Saying sacrifices have to be made when it comes to a next gen game is disheartening.
VonBraunschweigg  +   584d ago
I watched the 24h of Le Mans this weekend, several hours here and there but everytime I watched I couldn't resist setting up my wheelstand and Logitech and race the track myself in GT5's Arcademode, with the day/night cycle and weatherchange on.

Slowly you drive into the night, and about 30, 45 intense minutes later you're happy to see the first rays of light again, every lap a different lightning on the track.

So beautifull, so satisfying. Can't believe Forza can't provide this experience, and I'm hoping T10 will think again and get it in the game somehow.

Edit: especially because there was a lot of advertising for Forza at Le Mans. I watched the race on my phone while racing myself, I remember one moment where there was a GT logo on my TV and a Forza logo on my phone at the exact same point of the track. Made me laugh:)
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Aceman18  +   584d ago
to me with next gen coming, and your premiere racing doesn't have day/cycle and changing weather conditions that is an utter & complete fail.

more powerful hardware and you can't even do these simple tasks in your game smdh.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   585d ago
How is it redefining the racing genre? It's actually taking features OUT that were standard in previous Forza games.
USMC_POLICE  +   585d ago
Yawn can't wait for gt6
Kietz  +   585d ago
Then stay out of Forza articles and comment in Gran Turismo ones.
spektical  +   585d ago
this is how everyone feels. GT6 wouldnt be used to showcase cars if it weren't premier content. It's a very tight game, and is more of simulator to forza's arcade feel.
lgn15  +   584d ago
Lol, the bullshit that fanboys force themselves to believe amuses me.
Kietz  +   585d ago
I would actually really like to see another Horizon. Thought that was a lot of fun.
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mcstorm  +   584d ago
I agree and I think we will see number 2 next year as MS and Turn10 said Forza was going to be out every 2 years so I see them doing the same with Horizon.

I have to give it to Turn10 and PlayGround for me they have mode the best racing games of last gen in forza 4 and Horizon and I cant wait to get Forza 5 its the reason im pre ordering the Xbox one.
mrmarx  +   585d ago
the call of duty of racing.. smh i want gt6 and drive club
theWB27  +   584d ago
Hardly...you appreciate waiting 5 years for the incomplete game that was gt5? Funded by the glorified demo that was Prologue.

There were 3 forzas for the 360.
There will be the glorified demo that was Prologue, GT5 and now GT6. 3 games also.
mrmarx  +   584d ago
my point exxactly.. every year same stuff. does this one come with a dog?
iamgoatman  +   584d ago

"every year same stuff."

Aww bless, he can't even count.
mrmarx  +   583d ago
gt6 is really what gt5 Should have been.
spaceg0st  +   585d ago
i'm not too crazy about race games, but i did enjoy forza 3... up until each race started to take 20+ minutes to complete. Never liked GT because it always felt like you were going much slower than the speedometer signified.

somewhat excited for forza 5... if i end up getting an xbone. M$ has to sweeten the deal before then
urwifeminder  +   585d ago
Paid for it already love me some forza play a lot o pc racers as well never played sony racers so I never comment on them.
Hicken  +   585d ago
While what Forza's doing DOES sound interesting, it sounds like an evolution of the B-Spec mode GT already has.

That said, I seriously can't believe there STILL won't be day/night transitions and different weather. Call me a troll or disagree all you want, but it's hard to say Forza's the king of console sims when it STILL doesn't have these things.
theWB27  +   584d ago
B-Spec mode took your commands during racing against the games AI. It doesn't keep track of how you drive. At all...

How is that an evolution of a game learning how you drive and mimicking that style. While online you're racing against the attributes of other drivers(players) instead of game AI. While you're away, your avatar races for you against other people earning you credits.

People keep yearning for weather and day/night transition...GT5 had it, but not even for half of it's tracks.

Sim racing...how many races compete in weather and from day through night? Not enough to say leaving out the feature makes you less sim. Cause there are plenty of instances where GT5 is anything but sim.
SniperControl  +   584d ago
But, but.....with the power of the cloud you can do anything!
Hicken  +   584d ago
B Spec mode also allowed for your driver to race against others online without your commands. Your different drivers also had different personalities. Forza is taking your personality and putting it into an online, non-commanded driver. Surely, that's not too far of a stretch to imagine the progression?

And how many races compete in weather? Hmm... only races at the most demanding courses, driven by the most determined drivers. Nurburgring ring a bell? Le Mans? Daytona? Only three of the biggest races in motorsports that don't stop for rain or a little darkness. And, uh... I can't think of ANY racing circuit that stops because it gets dark.

Yea... I can tell you're not really a racing enthusiast. Just an Xbox fan defending "his" racer of choice.
theWB27  +   584d ago
Not enough to say leaving weather out drops its SIM status. Those personalities were put in by polyphony... they aren't representative of you as a player. Still based off their AI coding and skill level. Forza 1 or 2 learned the way you drive and enabled you to have that racer go against the games AI. Hardly a progression of B Spec mode. That's building off of a feature forza already had ages ago.

I may not be an enthusiast, but i know not having racing in the dark doesn't drop your SIM status. Comparing it to a game that only had it on a handful of tracks means little. Instead of focusing on things like that and a bloated car roster we should have received a complete game.

Even now gt6 is advertising improvements to shocks and tire info that forza has been doing since the first iteration. But i digress... this is gt the game 5 installments in and still a paltry, at best, damage system. The game that still allows bumper cars to be played.

Forza may not have weather or day and night. I know it simulates damage better, better upgrade system for cars (still can't swap a engine in gt5 and he doesn't know for gt6 either) a more varied car list (who needs 32 skylinesv with different paint jobs? ) I could go on but i wont cause gt6 isn't anymore a sim that forza.
IRetrouk  +   584d ago
@ wb you know forza damage is just swaped textures dont you? I play both gt and forza, neither has very good damage. I am looking forward to getting both gt6 and forza 5, although forza will have to wait untill i buy an xbox after the first price drop or second.
JohnS1313  +   584d ago
This article is a joke. Redefining. Right. GT6 will be a lot better on the PS3.
drsfinest72  +   584d ago
Stfu stop trolling both games gonna be great.
coolmast3r  +   584d ago
Still GT6 > FM5
kingslayer1000  +   584d ago
Gt6 will destroy flopza 5
Bakkies  +   584d ago
"Sony won the PR war, but it lost the E3 battle" <- another recent MSN article.

As far as I'm concerned nineMSN has no credibility and for a site ran by MS, is anyone surprised?
level 360  +   584d ago
Redefining and Forza5 is simply incorrect.

The article mostly tackled one topic - graphics, really not a defining moment.

And on a small note - Cloud.
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SniperControl  +   584d ago
And that's exactly what cloud is, a small note.
ninjagoat  +   584d ago
Not enough in Forza 5 to justify it being a next gen title its a polish up tbh looks nice yeah. But wheres the changes in the game itself?.

GT put out a prolog at the start off this Gen aswell if i recall on PS3. It served its propose but what does Forza 5 actually offer you other than a some graphic updates ?.

To listen to some you would think they have seen the second coming lol.
portal_2  +   584d ago
With no dynamic lighting, no time of day and no dynamic weather.
horndog  +   584d ago
GT is always had better graphics and with the addition of night racing , weather change its still rated lower than forza. I would pefer all my cars have highly detail dash view cams unlike gt5 where only premium cars did. I expect no different this time. Weather and night racing isnt something that will break or make a game but it would be nice to see T10 do it. Already preordered at amazon and was my the main reason of x1 purchase on day 1.

I hear gt6 will give all cars the actual dash. Way to go PD. So happy PD is finally giving us the other half of gt5 now we only have to pay $60 more for it.

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