IGN: Echochrome Hands-on - New details on Sony's spatial awareness puzzler

IGN writes: "We've been keeping tabs on Echochrome ever since it was announced at last year's E3, including a recent hands-on of the Japanese demo. However, at a recent PSN event, we got more time with the final game, and discovered a lot more information about the space bending puzzle game that will probably intrigue every PS3 and PSP owner. For starters, we found that the game's tutorial, which explains the five perspective laws, will be joined by a set of tips to help players out, such as the fact that your wire frame figure always prefers to go to the left if it comes to a branching pathway. Information like this can help players plan how to best manipulate the game space if they keep facts such as these in mind as they spin and rotate the environments.

We also discovered some interesting facts about the echoes that you gather during the game. While we knew that they were frequently scattered around the game environments, we didn't know that the game would spawn a grand total of five echoes for each level. Four of these shadowy figures can be placed anywhere in the environment, while the fifth and final echo will always appear exactly where you started the level. As a result, regardless of the pathway you take to solve a stage, you'll always come back to your starting point, which seems appropriate since many stages seem to evoke an Escher-esque never-ending staircase."

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