Top 5 Games That Would Sell The Wii U

The battle for next-generation supremacy rages on but it seems many gamers are forgetting it’s a 3 horse race. Nintendo are yet to release any huge titles on the Nintendo Wii U and they’ve got a ton of IP’s just waiting for the next-gen treatment. With the likes of Mario Kart 8 and new entries to the Zelda and Smash Brothers franchises just around the corner, we thought we’d list top 5 games that would sell the Wii U console.

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Myst1973d ago

Lol pretty much could have just said Pokemon as the number one reason and listed a variety of options xD.

CaptainCamper1973d ago

Sadly I lack the powers to have the ability to automatically judge the sex of a person based purely on a 58x62 image and a single sentence :D

You madam have a point :D

Myst1973d ago

Lol I know :p I just love giving people a hard time about it at times though

Dj7FairyTail1972d ago

YES Turok was a successful on N64 and GC bombed early 7th generation because they decided to skip the Wii.

mcbrid551973d ago

Metroid, metroid, metroid!

coltlokk1973d ago

The problem with Metroid is that it wouldn't really sell the Wii U. Donkey Kong Country Returns outsold all 3 Metroid Prime games combined. Metroid wouldn't pull in any new Wii U sales(unless you've decided to only buy a Wii U if there is a new Metroid game). But I still hope someone is developing Metroid. It just wouldn't be the logical killerapp at this point.

derkasan1973d ago

It's like the Nintendo 64-2!

CaptainCamper1973d ago

Like that would be a bad thing :D Bring back No Mercy, way better than today's wrestling crap :D

quantae061972d ago

I loved the N64. To me it was better then PS1 and I owned that too back in the day.

PigPen1973d ago

Those games do put up numbers. I think Mario Kart 8 and Just Dance games are system sellers.

CaptainCamper1973d ago

I can't disagree with you, although I'd love to. I really can't understand the mass appeal of the Just Dance games :D

derkasan1973d ago

It's gotten to the point where they put a year at the end of Just Dance games. It's the Madden of dancing!

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