A few more Super Mario 3D World screenshots

Take a look at a few more screenshots from Super Mario 3D World.

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WheatBread2001d ago

I'd love to see a Super Mario 64 HD remake with this graphic style.

CaptainYesterday2001d ago

That would be great or even if they just remade some Super Mario 64 levels in this game that would be cool.

3-4-52001d ago

Nintendo needs to make Super Mario 64-2.

Seriously Nintendo listen up:

20 worlds @ 10 stars each = 200 stars.

* Bring back peaches castle, but have Mario, Luigi and others have their own building/home as well within the area, like a huge HUB area similar to Delfino Plaza.

* Peaches castle would have rooms with paintings still.

* Luigi would have his mansion, or house once you beat the mansion, and inside would be paintings as well.

* Same for Mario and Yoshi.

This way all paintings won't have to be in castle and it would be a nice change of pace.

* Bring back using multiple characters from the DS version.

This is literally all we want Nintendo.

Been wanting this since 1997 but for some reason you guys just abandoned the best formula for possibly the best video game ever made.

" Your sitting on a Gold Mine Trebek ! "

cpayne932001d ago

Was pretty disapointed when they showed this game, was hoping for a full fledged mario adventure. Have you ever heard of super mario star road? Its a fan made sequel to mario 64, extremely well made, gotta use an emulator for it tho.

Thepcz2001d ago

nintendo seriously need to stop making these games that look so generic in graphic style. it looks like it was made of elements taken straight from some in-house graphics library that has been used since the beginning of the wii era.

no artistic style what so ever.

please make the games look nice, this style sucks, nintendo.

what happened to that yoshi wii u game? seems everyone forgot about it

project_pat362001d ago

we already have a trailer for the game.. who needs these lazy screen shots

MNGamer-N2001d ago

I want to dress up in a kitty cat suit and groom whatever is under Peach's skirt. Purrrrrrrr