Ellen Page Claims Naughty Dog "Ripped Off" her Likeness

Rely on Horror: People have been comparing the likeness of The Last Of Us’s Elle character to Hollywood actress Ellen Page ever since the original reveal trailer. Well recently Ellen Page was part of a reddit Ask Me Anything thread and was asked to comment on Naughty Dog apparently drawing from her own likeness and putting it into the character of Ellie.

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Cam9772001d ago

The similarity is shocking! It's like ND copied off Ellen directly, however, I'll let this slide as TLOU was a flipping masterpiece.

xHeavYx2001d ago

Ellie looked a lot more similar when they first announced TLOU, then Beyond was announced and ND changed Ellie a bit

badboy7762001d ago

1.She's just trying to get Paid.

2.Or she's just jealous that Ashley Johnson got the job over her.

Dead_Cell2001d ago

If she's trying to get paid she's got a good footing to go off of, as if ND used her likeness to such a level without their consent they can expect a bloody big lawsuit.

Dunpeal2001d ago

totally agreed. they did change her to look more like ashley johnson. you can see the resemblance, puckered lips and all


Actually, I've been wondering for quite some time if they ever tried to get Ellen Page to voice Ellie and she declines as already working on another game, only to later be revealed it was Beyond, and yeah, they decided to change her and came up with younger Ellie, that would be totally funny and awkward!

-Alpha2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

^ She's not "trying to get paid", she was simply answering a question from Reddit, it's evident that many people think Ellen actually played Ellie.

Dee_912001d ago

I dont think she overreacted .. I think the responses are though

Ezz20132001d ago

when i saw the headline
i thought that was big deal

then i saw her comments on Reddit
she was chill and very cool
and not mad at all
and also the fact that she is getting paid from sony on making another ps3 exclusive

nothing to see here for me

Winter47th2001d ago

If Ellie was Ellen Page I wouldn't might letting the clickers eat her. She's SO.ANNOYING.

eyeDEVOUR2001d ago

Your exactly right...the first announcements of the game was a complete Replica of her...they've slowly changed it tho

pixelsword2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Heh, I don't even know who she is, but calling the character "Elle" ain't helping...

Mutant-Spud2001d ago

Bah! Elle looks more like my 14 year old daughter Josie than she does 26 year old Ellen Page, Naughty Dog you may send my royalty cheques to....

SITH2001d ago

Trying to get paid? She has a net worth of 14 million. If anything naughty dog owes her because they clearly ripped her likeness. http://www.celebritynetwort...

KingKevo2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Neil Druckmann (the Creative Director of TLoU) even said that they didn't see similarities but when people said they saw them they changed Ellie's character a lot for Ellie to be even more like Ashley Johnson (the actress who portrays Ellie).

I'm referencing this podcast btw (it contains heavy SPOILERS):
Listen to it from 33:40.

Azurite2001d ago

Ellie was changed months before Beyond: Two Souls was announced at E3 2012.

zeee2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Aham! No comments :)

k2d2001d ago

*Brings popcorn*

I love how this is being blown out of proportion, lol!

Ellen Page learned something new about the Internet today.. >:D

Ju2001d ago

I think that's a little bit of a weird reaction from Ellen Page. She could simply have said it's not her. Being in a video game she must have known that somebody else was mo-caped for that role. And instead she put attention onto her own character instead of giving Ashley (the real actress) the credit she deserves for playing the 14 year old Elle. Well played Page.

superkidcupid132001d ago

they both look the same
both have almost the same name
both act amazingly...but when TLOU and B2S was first announced i thought ellen was in both games...shaaaahhh-keeeeer....

Braid2001d ago

I'm sorry, I LOVE Last of Us. It's the defining game of the current gaming generation, no doubt about that.

But whoever thinks that Ellie from LoU does NOT look like Ellen Page is either completely blind or... partially blind.

justastranger102001d ago

Sony and Naughty Dog should compensate ellen Paige for this instead of trying to rip her off.

N4g_null2001d ago

Welcome to the movies. Better start selling box office tickets.

bigrob9042001d ago

yea at first it was an exact replica, but they changed it after beyond two souls was announced. now she doesn't look like her so i don't see the problem.

user55757082000d ago

lol yea...cause she would be all smiley and cute in a post apocalyptic world

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Mr_Nuts2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

If you've seen Super with her in, the similarities between Ellie and Ellen are more noticeable

She had her moments in the film which seemed like something Ellie would do....except the parts in the film where she went all psycho when killing someone

ZodTheRipper2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Ellie really could be a young Ellen Page, the similarities are pretty obvious. But I don't think that ND have taken her as a model while creating Ellie... if they did, they really did a great job bringing her character to life in TLOU.

ginsunuva2001d ago

Watch Juno.

Ellie and Ellen have almost the exact same clothing, hair, and most importantly, the confident, swearing, witty character that is almost identical!

thezeldadoth2001d ago

obviously they used her likeness. when beyond two souls was announced they went back and changed her to look less like ellen page. plus, ellie...ellen...ellie....ellen

Parapraxis2001d ago

How idiotic are the people who disagreed. This is LITERALLY where she said it.

PurpHerbison2001d ago

ND could be ripping off of any young white girl.

Temporary2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

someone said it. ^^^ whats the big deal again...?

DAS6922001d ago

Dakota Fanning says hey. ;)

fr0sty2001d ago

It not only looks like her, they even used an altered version of her name. They likely wanted her to be involved but Quantic Dream's role probably interested her more. Just speculation.

Persistantthug2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )


I mean, even though Naughty Dog has a higher pedigree than Quantic Dream....Quantic Dream sort of specializes in that Mo Cap stuff, and even has a movie credit to their name.

So I can see how/why she might be more interested in doing Beyond with QD more than TLOU with ND.

wastedcells2001d ago

Personally I don't care. Never crossed my mind as I was playing. I'm sure there is a Joel look alike out there somewhere too.

Just finished TLOU and its one of the best games ever made. Every gamer needs to play this game at some point. Hope they do a PS 4 remake for the Xbox fans switching over next gen. Or use the cloud to make it playable on ps4.

Picnic2001d ago

You don't care but no-one should care that you don't care! It's not you whose very similar likeness has been used! Such similarities are unlikely to be entirely accidental when you're talking about a videogames studio who will relatively savvy on the film stars of today.

rainslacker2001d ago

Ellen Page looks a lot like many other girls out there. There really isn't much to her appearance that stands out. This was even more true when she was Ellie's age. Ellie in TLOU looks like a typical teen girl.

This is kind of true of most children around Ellie's age. It isn't until a bit later in life when truly defining features stand out more.

Although, I will admit that the similarities are there.

CommonSense2001d ago

It was hardly a masterpiece. And it's not a surprise that they ripped off her likeness, they rip everything off. Their entire this-gen lineup was a series of cliches and been-there-done-thats.

There is just a group of people that want to believe ND are great developers, and therefore they shower praise on everything they make...even before they play it.

ASBO-52001d ago

Awww, does someone need a cookie? Or maybe its just that someones mommy & daddy didn't buy him a PS3 and is sour about never getting to play the best this gen has to offer.

fr0sty2001d ago

Yeah, that "group" of people must be quite large, considering their games were among the most critically acclaimed of the generation.

trouble_bubble2001d ago

Whoa. At ease soldier. A collection of your recent quotes:

"It is mind boggling how immature and hypocritical most of you are"

"The garbage double standard expressed by the community on N4G never gets old"

"Where do people come up with this trash? Stop being perpetually 6 years old"

"THIS is the intelligence level of the average Sony drone."

"This is why N4G is such a joke now. You people spout the dumbest stuff without researching anything"

"You people are so pathetic. Corporate worship is despicable"

"All these idiots have to do is say "sony" or "playstation" and the rest of you idiots "agree" and +bubbles. "

So angryz1! Jeremy spoke in class today?

irepbtown2001d ago

Well, if receiving 10/10's from the likes of Edge is being a rip off, I wan't to know what you regard to as a 'Masterpiece'...

Call of Duty? Fifa?

monkey nuts2001d ago

Common sense is not so common.

CommonSense2000d ago

There isn't a single reply to my comment that wasn't completely predictable.

I'd just like to point out that GTA4 was a HUGE game in terms of ratings...but i'll bet a least half of you don't think it deserved those accolades. I don't know why the industry has a love affair with certain developers...i accept that they do...doesn't mean it's going to manipulate my perspective. They do the same thing with games made by Ken Levine. They do it with a few developers.

Also, I don't think too many games are masterpieces. Half Life 2 comes to mind. The original StarCraft. Red Dead Redemption was pretty incredible. The first Portal was also pretty damn good. I'm sure there are others, but trying to make a point on n4g that goes against sony (and especially ND) is like trying to discuss economics with liberals, it is utterly pointless. which is why non-sony fanboys have migrated away from N4G and are now on reddit and 4chan.

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showtimefolks2001d ago

When game was announced she was in it basically but than ND changed it

TLOU is a masterpiece

mrmarx2001d ago

she didnt get any money for it thats the issue

GribbleGrunger2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

If Naughty Dog have characters in The Last Of Us that look NOTHING like the actor that played them (Joel for instance), why on earth would they deliberately make a character look like Ellen Page? It doesn't make sense. ND design characters to look right for the part. I don't even think that the character in the game looks like Ellen Page at all, but I will concede that Ellen Page has quite a generic face and that a lot of Hollywood stars look similar to her.

Are you telling me you would confuse these two people:


matgrowcott2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

It doesn't matter how similar you personally find them. By law, all that it matters is that people think that she's in it.

And you only need to look at that Reddit AMA to see that there are people that up until yesterday thought that Ellen Page was in The Last of Us.

I don't think she'll sue Sony/Naughty Dog - she wouldn't want to complicate things with Beyond, I guess - but if she did it'd be open and shut.

2001d ago
Psn8002001d ago

In her dreams hehehehe .

aquamala2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

old promo pics look just like her. less so after the re-design

HarryMasonHerpderp2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Yeah I don't see the problem here since Naughty Dog changed the look of Ellie quite a while back. If they had stuck with the original design then fair enough but they didn't.

x5exotic2001d ago Show
ChrisW2001d ago


You'd let it slide because it's a Sony Exclusive...

redcar1212001d ago

it is her she needs to sue them

stage882001d ago

I think it didn't help that Ellie was quite quirky eg. the jokes and was also quite tomboyish which fits Ellen Paige's characteristics.

BallsEye2001d ago

noticed it first time I saw the gameplay.

Gardenia2001d ago

It is pretty obvious that she was an inspiration for the character, not only the looks but her attitude as well. Also after Beyond's first reveal, Naughty Dog changed Ellie's looks because she looked too much like Jodie

GDDR6_20142001d ago

She's not in the credits? That's crazy

shadowst172001d ago

Most artists who model take reference from real people, Ellen page would probably be a good reference for how they wanted Ellie to look like, of course the artist won't right out copy Ellen Page's look but definitely incorporate elements of her.

RedHawkX2000d ago

i want to kiss ellen paige she looks cute cant wait for beyond 2 souls.

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ifritAlkhemyst2001d ago

What's the big deal. I'd be flattered. But celebrities often don't think like that. Everything comes at a price with them, even compliments.

SegaGamer2001d ago

Exactly, i don't get why celebs need to make a big deal out of everything.

admiralvic2001d ago

Considering people pointing out how similar they looked since the first trailer and how the names are fairly similar, it's not that shocking. While it might be flattering in this setting, if I was someone of note I wouldn't let just anyone do whatever with my likeness.

Also lets be fair here, it also comes off as fairly lazy.

ifritAlkhemyst2001d ago

I don't understand why it's lazy. They saw inspiration in Ellen Page and so modeled Ellie after her, even going so far as to give her a similar name.