Let's discuss The Last of Us’ ending: What does it all mean?

MMGN: The end of The Last Of Us is truly the culmination of everything that has come before, a fantastic ending to a videogame script that was actually genuinely good.

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Philoctetes1996d ago

Brilliant ending. It's basically The Godfather in a radically different setting. This is the first video game I've ever encountered that actually merits seriously literary discussion. Naughty Dog should be proud of this game.

showtimefolks1996d ago

No doubt I was expecting the worst and was pleased to see they didn't go the excited route

It's different
It makes sense
And the creative director said he doesn't need to explain, it's the development studio's vision

This is the first game that I played in a long long time when character development actually takes over over time instead of through one cutscene

If you still haven't played the game, believe me you are missing out on one of the best games with excellent story and very thought out MultiPlayer

hulk_bash19871996d ago

Great story and perfect ending considering the experiences of the character through out the whole game. Doing a sequel to this game is kind of a double edged sword. On one hand I would love to revisit this world and characters in a new game but I don't want the ending of the 1st to be tarnished.

soniqstylz1996d ago

I'll wait until DLC is out -- they may say all that needs to be said about this universe.

Majin-vegeta1996d ago

Don't know still haven't played it :(.Hopefully i'll get it this week.

Kingthrash3601996d ago

you've lost gamer points my friend.
any self proclaimed gamer HAS to play this game. its truly a game that has it all...action, adventure, comedy, horror, violence, strategy, suspense...etc....the agrees I get will tell you its no lie.

Xer0_SiN1996d ago

dont worry. if you dont play it, watch them turn this into a movie; the storyline IS that rich.

MoonWheel1996d ago

I feel a like a movie couldn't pull it off as well. It took me 13 hours to complete it and no movie I feel could replicate what you do in those 13 hours. Also, the cut scenes are fantastic, but all the little things like the side conversations, jokes, ellie doing weird stuff is what makes this game special and I don't think a movie could pull it off. It's just one of the perks of this being a video game.

Xer0_SiN1995d ago

i wholeheartedly agree. i didnt say the movie would do this game justice. i just said they would do it. from hollywoods perspective, it would be hard not too. the storyline is heavy. its a good script. the game is way better though. just because of your interaction with the enviroment and the characters themselves. even the little things, like ellies jokes, like you mentioned.

Saints941996d ago Show
Psychonaut1996d ago

Long story short. He grew too attached to her. She knew what had to be done to save her. They were BOTH lied to by the Fireflys about her being the only one immune. There is a audio file in the hospital that mentions other immune.

So then he lies to ellie about them stopping from looking for a cure to keep her safe, however she could tell it was a lie. The End. Amazing game. The sequel should start with them, and his brother in the safe haven either searching or being found out. And make her the main character this time around as she has been trained for years now by Joel.

HeavenlySnipes1996d ago

Where was this audio file?

I swear Joel just lied to Ellie about that part in order to justify why they left

Psychonaut1996d ago

Yeah its in the hospital. without giving away what is said its a doctor off hand making a remark about another immune person they were testing on and lost.

(And I got voted down for no reason.)

dumahim1996d ago

You probably got a disagree because all of the audio journals were talking about Ellie.

Psychonaut1996d ago

shh... im trying to red herring the ending for people. ( however some people_ heavnlySnipes for one does not know tact. or giving away the games true ending. :/

soniqstylz1996d ago

The surgeon's recording in the Firefly lab was talking about Ellie being the latest of about a dozen immune.

HeavenlySnipes1996d ago

Oh all right (didn't down vote you btw)


I had collected all of Marlenes audio recordings and they were basically about having to give the go ahead for killing Ellie to get to the mutated virus. I'd been under the assumption that Ellie was their only hope (Marlene even pleaded with Joel that same story before he killed her)

It also sounded like Joel made that shit up on the spot when he told Ellie that in the last cutscene tbh


Majin-vegeta1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Jeezus christ how about farking putting spoilers ahead in your next comment!

@below i didnt even click on the article link. .

YourGreatUncle1996d ago

In all fairness if you shouldn't be reading an article that says "Let's discuss The Last of Us’ ending: What does it all mean?" if you haven't beaten it yet just saying.

CaEsAr-1996d ago

I'm sorry but how on earth are you reading comments made by people who actually finished the game already?

YourGreatUncle1996d ago

It goes way beyond than Joel getting attached to Ellie. In this game you see what humanity has become. The population has split into tribes killing whoever enters their territory. The infected are the least of your worries when dealing with cannibalistic pedophiles. You have to ask yourself is humanity even worth saving at this point? Also a vaccine was never guaranteed. The audio files said they have tried the operation before and each time it has failed. Lets say a vaccine is made. How would they mass produce it and get it to people who will shoot them on site? Once the word of a vaccine is out it would cause even more trouble because each tribe of people would want total control over it. There's so much more to the ending than just Joel has grown attached to her.

Veneno1996d ago

In theory everything you just said is perfectly right, but this game is more emotionally driven than plot driven. The focus will always be on the characters first, and the infection a close second. The core of the story isn't really the fate of humanity, but the bonds we as people make with each other. Therefore I can confidently say that the single player DLC will focus again on emotional bonds and use the infection as a plot device.


FrostyZipper1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )


I like to think there's certainly the attachment factor, but I also like to think that perhaps, when Joel was told Ellie was going to have to die in order to find out what made her immune, that he took a step back and looked at humanity as a whole. Who he was, what he's done and the state of affairs as a whole. In one collectible, it's estimated that roughly 60-65% of the world's population either died or become infected and given the state of the world twenty years post-outbreak I doubt the population will have risen any higher, with losses to infected attacks, hunters, military crackdowns, malnutrition, lack of basic essentials such as clean water etc. etc.

Maybe Joel realised that a vaccine wouldn't change anything. That hunters would still plague innocent travelers, the military would still retain their brutish authority and that the issue of supply would still kill hundreds even if they were vaccinated against the Cordyceps. Maybe he thought the Fireflies would hoard the vaccine and that the military would take aggressive steps to take it for themselves. Maybe he realised that humanity just wasn't worth saving anymore.

soniqstylz1996d ago

TBH, if you're reading an article on the examination of the ending of the game w/o having played the game, you deserve to be spoiled.

FrostyZipper1995d ago

@soniqstylz: Fair enough but I'll wager there'd still be people who'd complain if I didn't point it out beforehand.

dumahim1996d ago


No, it doesn't.

"As we've seen in all past cases, the antigenic titers of the patient's Cordyceps remain high in both the serum and the cerebrospinal fluid."

Past cases would be other, normally infected people, not immune people. He then goes on to talk about what makes Ellie different from the other infected, including this:

"and an MRI of the brain shows no evidence of fungal-growth in the limbic regions, which would normally accompany the prodrome of aggression in infected patients."

He also talks about the hundreds of other men and women who died for the cause, which would likely be Fireflies doing their job, not immune people. He said nothing about other immune people. Dozens or otherwise.

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moparful991996d ago

I applaud Naughty Dog's ability to create a compelling story that has a satisfying resolution without have to resort to a "Rainbows and sunshine" happy ending. We as fans got to see Joel and Ellie make it through but throwing in a healthy dose of uncertainty for their future.

soniqstylz1996d ago

Honestly, the ending was the closest thing to being "rainbows and sunshine" as you could get. Tommy's was the only place that they had come upon where there was an actual community, almost civilization (agriculture, electricity, etc.).

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