PS3 & PS Vita New Releases: June 23rd – 29th, 2013 – Call the Hotline for Some Magic by the Pool

It may be summer now, but that hasn’t stopped the video game industry from giving us a bunch of different games to play starting next week. From Hotline Miami, to Magic 2014, to Deadpool, there’s lots for you to spend your money on. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1702d ago

Not much for me this week so I'll just keep playing The Last of Us

hulk_bash19871702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Just got around to beating TLOU last week (One of the Greatest games I've played in a long time). So it's Muramasa and Deadpool for me this week.

CrimsonStar1701d ago

Damn, its to hard to put down the TLOU just after one week . I'll be busy with it till the end of summer and beyond.

TrendyGamers1702d ago

Gotta get me some Magic 2014.

kB01702d ago

hotline miami for vita woot!

my vita is burning this month!

Blastoise1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Might pick up Hotline Miami

B_Rian891702d ago

Miami Hotline here i come

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