Former SOCOM Creative Director Says Current Military Shooter Trend “Is Unsustainable”

MP1st - "we asked former SOCOM creative director David Sears if he could offer up some of his advice to today’s current popular, fast-paced, action-packed, AAA military-inspired shooter. Is the genre destined to continue in its ways, achieving bigger and better things, or is it on course to crash and burn, making way for a new type of military shooter?"

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ZBlacktt1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Why has Sony not picked this up yet? I mean the kicker price is nothing to them. The fanbase is still there and it was a Sony game.

Virtual_Reality1974d ago

I think Sony already granted the support of the Developers with ''self publishing'' on PS4.

brettyd1974d ago

Yea but the devs cant afford to make the game (hence the kickstarter) so if Sony was smart they would fund the game. There are a TON of Socom fans waiting for a game like this.

younglj011974d ago

Some way this game will come too the PS4 if these developers are that passionate about making this for PC/PS4 then they will make it happen at some point in the future.Hopefully people donate or Sony pays the IP at the last second.

BattleAxe1974d ago

Sign up for the Playstation Warrior Tier on Kickstarter.

This game is coming to both the PC and PS4.

Number-Nine1974d ago

socom 2 hd and my life will be complete

AutoCad1974d ago

it wont be socom 2 hd
he already stated that it wont be a remake,it will be a game he has always wanted to make with socom 2 fans in mind.

USMC_POLICE1974d ago

Agreed just make 1- combined assault in HD with trophies and online support and life is complete.

AutoCad1974d ago

um no combined assault was trash

BattleAxe1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I loved Socom 2 as much as any other Socom fan, but I also had a great time with Combined Assault. It was once the series came to the PS3 that it became trash.

SonyWarrior1974d ago

i bet we will see a socom 2 HD game on ps4 at some point.

thezeldadoth1974d ago

i thought socom confrontation was awesome, and had way more fun with that than any COD. it sucks people dismissed it due to a poor launch. socom 4 sucked. i'd play this game if it truly is a spiritual successor to older socom games.

Der_Kommandant1974d ago

Socom 2 remake for PS4 and take my money and social life with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.