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Inside the real-time strategy title, players are tasked with the careful distribution of forces to ensure that the supply lines stay open in order to receive the resources necessary to keep the iconic battles of WWII churning. This is the heart of Relic’s “Company of Heroes 2.” Only instead of stepping in the American Allied boots during the invasion of Normandy as depicted in the first game, “Company of Heroes 2” places fans on the Eastern Front and in command of the Soviet Red Army as they lead the battle to push Nazi forces from their country.

“Company of Heroes 2” features classic resource gathering alongside fast, instant battles that should satisfy any fan of real-time strategy gaming regardless of their desired play style. Those wanting a more action-oriented experience can quickly build an army to devastate their enemy head on, while those who enjoy the strategy and tactical aspects of the genre are also capable of finding these elements within the game.

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