Duke University researcher creates device that lets users mind-control a game of Pong

At Duke University’s Summer Science Sleuths, a program that wants to encourage high school students to pursue a career or a simple hobby in science, Duke Ph.D. student David Schwartz created a device that, through brain waves, lets users play Pong with their minds.

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GiggMan2001d ago

Freaky... Time to invest in some tin foil!

Software_Lover2001d ago

There was an article on techspy about a device that let the guy control a hover copter (whatever they are called) with his mind.

MikeyDucati12001d ago

Somehow this is not shocking but still interesting nonetheless

annus2001d ago

As cool as it is, this stuff has been around for quite a while now, and can do a lot more fancy things than just play pong.

Heisenburger2001d ago

I use my brain every time I play a game. It's called using a controller.

Think. About. It.

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