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Iwata is spot on when it comes to social media

"Satoru Iwata puts it frankly when talks about social media integration and game consoles." - Wii U Daily (3DS, Culture, Industry, Satoru Iwata, Wii U)

reef1017  +   697d ago
Spot on indeed.
RememberThe357  +   697d ago
Yeah, he nailed it. I'm not against social media in my console, I just don't see a use for it.
Brasi1989  +   697d ago
I'd agree 100%. I doubt my extended family, old classmates, and colleagues want to hear about my awesome gaming exploits. It's one of the reasons for me personally that the MiiVerse is so appealing, its basically a giant Forum for WiiU gamers.
miyamoto  +   696d ago
Spot On Bitter Irony
“The primary use of Twitter and Facebook is not gaming, but a means of communication. Although I don’t use either of them, if I did, I imagine I’d use it to talk about my outings and vacations to people who aren’t exactly video game enthusiasts. I don’t think my former classmates would care to hear about my new Mario Kart record and so on.”

YET Miiverse is made to supposedly work exactly for your friends and playmates as means of communication like these social media he is down playing


Miiverse...he is selling you a product or service that he does not use and he down plays

why is this person still in charge of Nintendo?
where is the logic in what he is saying?

Isn't he proud of his Nintendo game products?
miyamoto  +   696d ago

oh wait...

another hard selling of miiverse ...propriety software service to compete with Facebook twitter etc etc

walled garden approach ... not bad...keep em gamer community inside your fences....something Sony should have done too wiyh PS Home

but Youtube Facebook Ustream have greater reach, influence, relevance, and impact than a confined space like PS Home or Miiverse so doing all at the same time should work better.
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badjournalism  +   697d ago
That would be why those features are, y'know, OPTIONAL. No one is forced to use them or link the accounts, but for some they ARE a selling point and ignoring that means losing sales to the systems that DO have them.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   697d ago
Still pointless though.

There isn't an option to share with just your gamer friends.
RememberThe357  +   697d ago
And you know that, how?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   697d ago
I know that because PS3 and 360 have Facebook integration?
TheUndertaker85  +   697d ago
Uh, yes, yes there is?

Ya know. You could set your messages from said service to only display to certain individuals, including those on your friends list directly through Facebook... Meaning you could make one of those magical things called "Groups" just for your gaming friends if you so wished and be able to set it up so those gaming messages show only to the people that are in the gaming group.

I have this set up already. Have a charity group on my friends list. My PSN Facebook posts don't appear for them since I think they've got better things to look at when logging into Facebook.
3-4-5  +   697d ago
dude relax...

nobody is buying a gaming console because it has twitter or facebook on it.

snap back to reality
badjournalism  +   697d ago
I'm quite fixed in reality. If you seriously don't think social features (not just twitter/facebook, btw) are a selling point, you've either been living under a rock or are just purposefully being obtuse for the sake of arguing.
Knushwood Butt  +   697d ago

I wonder which came first:

Iwata giving the lowdown on how nobody wants social media, so Nintendo not integrating it into their hardware.


Nintendo cutting corners and not integrating it into their hardware, so Iwata giving the lowdown on how nobody wants it.

Let me guess..
Nevers0ft  +   697d ago
They've already added Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr to the browser-based version of Miiverse, chances are it's coming to the console version so I'm not actually sure what point Iwata is trying to make.
pixelsword  +   696d ago

Y you no conform?
bullymangLer  +   697d ago
Nintendo does it for the games < and entertainment .

shamefully microsoft wants to be part of the gaming action and foolishly does it only for the money, like Rockstar games = easy grafiX, easy missions, typical everything = noobs will buy.

and holding the Vita in my hands makes me think sony is in it just for the money too, no comfort with Vita whatsoever, awkward to hold actually such a rushed job to compete with the rest. Then their over the top social integrations missing the point of gaming etc . . shame
Software_Lover  +   697d ago
They are going for social hard. Even with the ps4.
Blastoise  +   697d ago
Wtf are you on about?
Dead_Cell  +   697d ago
So the second you dislike something it's being instantly done for the money? You're stupid and should feel bad about it.
bullymangLer  +   697d ago
facts of comfort
onyoursistersback  +   697d ago
dam!!!! you dissed Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony's Vita/ and Rockstar games!!!

lol....your comment is a joke!!!
bullymangLer  +   697d ago
truth hurts huh.

rockstar games grafix look like normaL skills of labor that anyboy can make, the whoLe game is a fun typicality that never should have been awarded with perfect scores, but yes def HIGH scores, because they just do it for the money rushed jobs of labor < fact no CREATEivity with rockstar

microsoft lacks magic < sony lack COMFORT < maybe duaL shock 4 changes things?

and Nintendo? shihh h
RememberThe357  +   697d ago
Your opinion =/= truth

Get some perspective.
GenericNameHere  +   697d ago
Nintendo puts Mario's name in everything. I guess they're doing it foolishly and in it only for the money Mario brings.

And making fun of social integrations, but loving Miiverse? Isn't that hypocritical? Yeah, no one cares about the trophies or achievements I obtain, or how many kills I've gotten, but that's what Miiverse is too. Show off the things you've accomplished, and the things you've seen. Twitch and Ustream, and YouTube integration. People like watching Let's Plays and commentaries, and some just like video tutorials on how to complete a level, where the collectibles are, etc. These are just bonus features built into the consoles. Are you forced to do them? Nope, totally optional.

And the Vita awkward to hold? That thing feels magnificent. It just feels right holding it. Maybe you're just really adjusted to the 3DS, which is fine, same as people who complain about the DS3 after holding an X360 controller.

"Rockstar games = easy grafiX, easy missions, typical everything"
You mad/jelly, aren't you? You're just mad the Nintendo consoles never had a Rockstar game (except for Bully). And I doubt you've even played their games too. What you've mentioned also applies to most games, even your precious Nintendo games.

Just admit you're a huge Nintendo fanboy who hates everything non-Nintendo. No one's gonna care though.
Realplaya  +   697d ago
I'm not defending anyone but the guy has a point. 75% of my friends on FB don't play video games enough to care about high scores in games. They have families and a ton of other things going on in their life.

Miiverse is a awesome idea it's a dedicated community exclusive to share thoughts.
TongkatAli  +   697d ago
That is why I see my friend always on his Vita and his 3DS is nowhere.
Theyellowflash30  +   697d ago
Rare case I guess...

Most people use their smartphone for facebook and Twitter.

But if the Vita having Facebook and Twitter integration is a selling point against the 3DS....it's not working.
CrossingEden  +   697d ago
you do realize that the main reason ANY game developer makes a game is to MAKE MONEY right? or are you so delusional that you think ND created the Last of Us out of the kindness of their heart -_-
RiPPn  +   697d ago
Kind of how they felt about network multiplayer and we can see how correct that was.

Gaming is very social, it's one of the reason the sharing issue was so huge in the MS DRM BS.

That said I don't think all family and friends care to see trophy and score information, it's the reason I don't publish trophies to facebook any more. maybe if it were easier to make a group of friends that were just into gaming and only post that stuff there, maybe that will be part of Sony's facebook integration.
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Blastoise  +   697d ago
I agree. I stopped posting trophies on facebook after a while too. I think it's all about finding a balance
Brasi1989  +   697d ago
I don't think he is saying that social networking in general is bad. If that was the case then they wouldn't have created Miiverse. He's more along the line that social networking sights like Facebook and Twitter aren't for gamers. Were as Miiverse is. TBH I can see a XBOX and PS version of Miiverse coming within the next few years.
rainslacker  +   697d ago
Well...there is PS Home now. That's likely going to be Sony's MiiVerse.
TheUndertaker85  +   697d ago
Read my post above. It is possible to do.

Go to Facebook. Access Account Settings. From there select Apps. Find Playstation Network and select Edit. Inside you'll find Visibility of app and posts. Set this up however you wish. If you have a group set up just for your gaming friends you can select those messages to only be visible to them.

The same should apply for XBL messages.
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Stroke666  +   696d ago
The point is, there is no grouping needed for Miiverse. Its all gamers period, thats what its made for. Gamers are but a small percentage of society bro. Fb and twitter were made for general communication and networking, they're not the optimal medium for gamer post thus not particularly necessary for a gaming console
Dunpeal  +   697d ago
cool Iwata, keep blazing that trail toward next gen "inovations"

yourmom2921  +   697d ago
Software_Lover  +   697d ago
LOL, you guys/gals kill me with that. I try to proofread 3 times before I submit just to avoid that.
andrewer  +   697d ago
Exact same reason I don't have facebook/twitter or any of these social stuff. Right on Iwata!
GenericNameHere  +   697d ago
But you're on N4G... Commenting... Commenting that always means it's social...

And so you're not on Miiverse? Or have never played an online match before? Because those things are totally NOT social
-_- /s
andrewer  +   697d ago
lol you didn't get my point - by "these social stuff" I mean socially restricted social stuff (??????lol). I mean, yeah I play online games but other players don't add me as friends and I somehow post somewhere that I'm doing something anytime. The social interaction there is temporary and simple. And N4G, yeah it can be little social, but still, do you post here something like "I just ate lasagna" or whatever people post in facebook/twitter? And you add people here as friends and start chatting freely with them? Different social stuff... And I don't have a Wii U (yet :D), but anyways I don't plan to do many things in Miiverse - I will just play Wii U really. These things never interested me actually. Just me and my opinion though.
_QQ_  +   697d ago
N4G is for gaming,Facebook twitter aren't. your comment makes as much sense as cloud and snake not being in PS all stars.
PigPen  +   697d ago
Nintendo brings charts, data and graphs even to E3. They most definitely do their homework.
WeAreLegion  +   697d ago
Why can't they at least give us the option? I'm part of many gaming groups of Facebook who love to see stats/trophies/achievements. Maybe he doesn't like it, but most people are social both out in public and online.
PigPen  +   697d ago
Did you read the article?
WeAreLegion  +   697d ago
I did.
Kevlar009  +   697d ago
Because you can take a picture of your achievment with your phone and post it to your Facebook with a little caption "Look what I did". Is it a cool feature? Yes, but it's not something the majority of people on your facebook friend's list will care about, not does it really need to be pushed for your console

This is where a dedicated "site" like Miiverse comes in. You have millions of players all looking for gaming related stuff, everyone on Miiverse is there for video games. Instead of splitting their fanbase into Facebook/Twitter and Miiverse groups, they have everyone in a single dedicated space. If Miiverse can't accomodate certain features within it, then it must expand
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kwyjibo  +   697d ago
"I'm part of many gaming groups of Facebook who love to see stats/trophies/achievements. "

No one on facebook gives a crap about your farm.
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WeAreLegion  +   697d ago
I don't play Farmville or any other Facebook games.
RFornillos4  +   697d ago
act'ly the web site miiverse does allow you to share to twitter/facebook (if i remember correctly, there was a new about it).

although i agree, if you say something like "hell yeah, i beat this game! 100%!" and post it on Facebook/Twitter, i rarely see any of my friends "liking" my comment. some just "like" it out of courtesy...
RFornillos4  +   697d ago
i completely agree with Mr. Iwata on this. especially the part about Miiverse exploding when it comes to 3DS. i know a lot of my friends have been waiting for it, as am I.
scottd  +   697d ago
I love Nintendo and always will, but there stance with online and social are so archaic I feel like there a kid that takes there toys and locks themselves in a closet.
despair  +   697d ago
people who don't know the first thing about multiplayer or online should not comment on them. I for one would never share my game stuff on twitter or facebook but to say that its not for games is showing how backwards Nintendo is when it comes to online.
_QQ_  +   697d ago
"NIntendo doesn't know a thing about multiplayer"=all credability lost

online sure they are new to it, but multiplayer....lol
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despair  +   696d ago
I meant online not Local MP (they still suck at online MP infrastructure and features), they are great at making games to sit on the couch with friends or family and truly enjoy yourself playing. That was a mistake on my part.
_QQ_  +   697d ago
Honestly miiverse is 10x better that fb and twiiter when it comes to gaming,because everyone is actually a gamer.
byeGollum  +   696d ago
It's nice 'cause each game has its own community where folks can discuss a particular game, and miiverse is coming to 3ds, nice.
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