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State Of Decay Title Update 2 Details

Undead Labs are staying true to their word. Currently awaiting final certification, Title update 2 is on its way to State Of Decay. Hit the jump for the full list of changes and fixes you can expect in the coming days (hopefully). (State of Decay, Xbox 360)

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P_Bomb  +   798d ago
Some personal highlights:

*Enabled V-sync to eliminate screen tearing.
*Find Missing Survivor mission opportunity timeouts increased from 30 to 60 minutes.
*All mission opportunity timeouts pause while not playing.
*The “Too many infestations!” to-do item is now properly cleared if you relocate your Home to a site with fewer than two infestations within 500m.
*Reduced frequency of “I brought you a pony…” line.
*Playable characters can no longer be killed by the simulation
tigertron  +   797d ago
Sounds good, I'm tempted to check this out now.
FaSCoRP  +   797d ago
Basically, game was broken when released. I played the game and experienced this major problems:
- main protagonist killed after "missing" when just playing with another character because I wanted him to rest a bit
- body to check left under the floor on the cabin where you have to go to check with Doc. So basically I am stuck there.
It seems to be until this patch is released you have to be actively playing it. If you switch to something else and then come back your characters can be killed or worse.
It is like playing The Sims and left the computer on for days...
despair  +   797d ago
Cmon PC version, damn, waiting sucks.
Jyndal  +   797d ago
I've been enjoying this for some time now. The fixes were sorely needed, but they weren't game breaking.
deadfrag  +   797d ago
Enabled V-sync to eliminate screen tearing.But lets not forget that by enable v-sync the framerate will be even lower than what already is!!!
UnHoly_One  +   793d ago
I thought I was going to love this game and I just don't get it.

I played for a couple hours and it just seems like tedious resource management.

I'm glad for the people that like it, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

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