Wolfenstein: The New Order will be difficult but fair, designer says

The hardest difficulty mode in Wolfenstein: The New Order--called I Am Death Incarnate--will be a daunting task, senior gameplay designer at Machine Games Andreas Ojerfors has told GameSpot.

"You will cry blood," he said.

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Garethvk2000d ago

I played it at E3 and gave up 10 minutes in. The game required path finding through rubble. This robot dog comes at you and you had to pull back at exactly the right time or you get stuck. They said its a bug they are working on, ok fair enough. So you go around, then you need to do this set of moves around the trapped robot dogs tail to get up on the rubble and move on. It was such a pain even the booth attendant who was there had to help and they started over. You know it is bad when your in a demo and you do not get to fire one shot or deal with enemies as your trying to navigate a rubble pile.

That being said, I am onboard for the full game and cannot wait as I know they will fix the issues I had prior to launch.

andibandit1999d ago

You should edit your comment to "OMZG BeST GAme EVER!!!!!!?!!!"

before you loose a bubble.

Garethvk1998d ago

How can anyone disagree with a factual statement? I played it, it had issues.

1999d ago