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Knuckles Memorial

The guys at Trophy Whores are going back to their roots in honor of the memory Knuckles. Tonights recording will be only about Trophy Hunting. If you would like us to discuss how to get a hard to get trophy or just any trophy in general, leave a comment below and we will discuss it on the show. (Knuckles Dawson, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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fattyuk  +   296d ago
You what?
TrickyMic  +   296d ago
dont know what you are asking here
fattyuk  +   296d ago
Don't know what your talking about either!
what is this about??
fattyuk  +   296d ago

Going by trickymics reply to my above question I don't think even he knows! And he submitted this "article"
TrickyMic  +   296d ago
a good friend of ours in the gaming community has passed away and we are doing a tribute show to him. Alot of people in the gaming community know Knuckles Dawson and we want to honor him!
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   296d ago
oh so thats what it was,cause i was really confused,at first i thought it was a memorial for knuckles the echidna especially with the red,lol,but thanks for clearing that up for me.
DevilishSix  +   295d ago
I remember listening to Knuckles many times on an Xbox podcast some years ago (I believe Joystiq took them over or something). I believe Richard Mitchell and Xav de Matos was part of that podacst as well as someone (can't remember name) that went to work for the developer of The Dishwasher. Anyways I remember I liked listening to him speak, he really seemed to enjoy video games and he had a great voice. I believe he had somekind of record where he had gotten at least one achievement a day for like 500 + days and many gamers followed his progress. He will be missed.
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bad naruto  +   296d ago
wow that's new, honoring someone by collecting a digital trophies.
TrickyMic  +   296d ago
Its what he was known for. He was officially recognized by Microsoft as an ambassador for the first person to 100,000 gamer score

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