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Submitted by Rearden 961d ago | image

How the PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One pre-orders look at Best Buy

The pre-order stand at Best Buy is all out of PS4 pre-order cards, while there are plenty of Xbox One cards left. (PS4, Xbox One)

Chupa-Chupa  +   961d ago
Or...they easily remove all the PS4 cards and took the picture. No way of knowing the truth.
SpinalRemains138  +   961d ago

Because there's no way the PS4 can be the more sought after machine with better hardware, cheaper price and no camera spying, directly on the heels of game ruining DRM restrictions. That would be impossible.
omi25p  +   961d ago
I swear down people who believe kinect will spy on there are the single most stupid people on the internet.

Microsoft don't give a damn, 99% of footage would be people sat in front of the screen playing a game.

Why would they spend millions of dollars to do this?
Muerte2494  +   961d ago
Then why require it when half of your launch titles don't even use it?
user5575708  +   961d ago

go read about the NSA and spying and you'll understand if they can tap into anyones cell phone email and text messages with no legal repercussion then they can def tap into the xbox one
Allsystemgamer  +   961d ago
Actually I walked into my best buy and it looked exactly like that...and that was 2 weeks ago
Akuma2K  +   961d ago
I went to Best Buy today with my girlfriend and the PS4's were all sold out just like that picture.
PigPen  +   961d ago
Ha Ha Ha Ha, that's very possible. Picture most have been taken by a employee or they will try to accuse him of stealing the camera.
_FantasmA_  +   961d ago
Yeezus  +   961d ago
we all know that the PS4 will demolish the X1 this holiday season. Can't wait!
SixZeroFour  +   961d ago
i cant wait either...the big fat check i get from sony for demolishing microsoft is gunna be sweet /s

unless you work for either company, why would there be any need for celebration for one "demolishing" the other? you do realize, that if any one of those competitors disappear that it would be bad for the industry right?
kingrev  +   961d ago
If they get demolish then hopefully they will get their heads off their assess and finally do something, meaning better competition, is just like ps3 vs xbox 360 back at the beginning, ps3 was extremely cocky and they got what they deserved but then look where they are now.
sic_chops  +   961d ago
Actually he is right. Competition is needed. Just imagine if M$ had no competition. Can't wait to get my hands on that Dualshock 4.
mirumu  +   961d ago
Competition is great, but for it to work the companies all have to release competitive products. Previously the Xbox One wasn't competitive. Things have changed a bit now after their backtracking, but it seems significant damage to their brand has remained.

That said, if the console market is big enough to sustain 2-3 players then either Microsoft will continue on, or someone else will step in. I wouldn't be surprised to see Samsung have a go if they saw an opening. In that sense I think the industry will be fine irrespective of what happens to Microsoft.
Linsolv  +   961d ago
I can't wait because of the incredible lulz.

I have just absolutely the word schadenfreude; I love to watch video game train wrecks.

It's why /r/SimCity was my go-to subreddit for months without ever owning SimCity 5.
_FantasmA_  +   961d ago
I think competition is bad. Remember when the PS2 was king? How many new, creative, and just look at how many more games came out during the PS2's lifespan? It had several thousand games, and is considered the best console of all time! Competition is bad because it divides the gamers, the developers, publishers, and waters down innovation as well as limits games.

If PS4 were the only next gen console, think of how many more games there would be and all the maps and content available optimized for one machine. We'd all save money too, and end spending that money on the PSN, so its a win win.

Besides, with M$ out of the way, Nintendo would get more support because developers would need to recooperate some M$ newly freed customers. Sony for top notch, technologically advance next games, Nintendo, would be the other machine, and I think they would be forced to make next gen console every generation that could keep up with Sony's tech. This would be a good thing because Sony and Nintendo wouldn't really compete with each other like Sony and M$ do.

I think Sony and Nintendo compliment each other. Grown up, realistic games on the PS4, and unique kiddie, family games on the Nintendo systems.

I know I would like to play a Mario game with nice up to date console graphics. In other words M$ isn't necessary. They are expensive, have limited and repetitive software, and stricter anti consumer policies than Sony and Nintendo.
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True_Samurai  +   961d ago
Lol they probably just moved all the cards off that rack. One store doesn't justify the rest
dale1  +   961d ago
i don,t know about the US but to be fair theres loads of ps4 consoles for order day one from game in the uk. There again so is there for x1
MysticStrummer  +   961d ago
Yeah it's hard to say how accurate this is or what it means even if it is accurate.

PS4 appears to be dominating but it will be awhile before we know for sure.

chrissx  +   961d ago
Anybody saying this pic is a lie is in denial. Ps4 will dominate the next gen,you don't really need a fortune teller for that
PerryCaravello  +   961d ago
Hell Yeah.

I'm always skeptical as to how anything plays out in the 'gaming business' but it would be interesting if all the PS4 hype actually lead to great sales.

The xboxone hate, hopefully leading to poor sales. Only because I want to figure out FOR SURE, whether ANYTHING that happens in the gaming news bubble ends up affecting the average consumer.
SolidDuck  +   961d ago
I think ps4 will outsell x1 especially worldwide, but I think there both going to sell very well. I know I have my ps4 preordered.
SpinalRemains138  +   961d ago
What's with the insane denial?

Of course customers want the stronger gaming machine that costs less and has better exclusives.

PS is synonymous w/ exclusive variety whereas Xbox synonymous with FPS games and rrod.

I don't make the rules. Don't get mad at me.
T2  +   961d ago
I dont know why the denial I just went into ebgames today and all they did was talk ps4 .. When asked about xbone they simply said " more expensive with restrictions" ... Love it or hate it these word of mouth interactions play a big role in xmas shopping ...
miyamoto  +   961d ago
Word of mouth was the reason Samsung Galaxy brand became more popular than the iPhone in USA alone as the best go buy and use smartphone

PS4 .... these bots ain't seen nothing yet
there is no getting up from that knockdown i tell you
no amount of damage control can reanimate this dead horse

M$ has under estimated the intelligence of Kaz Hirai and hobby gamers (except from these few bots who have no conscience) and it is the undoing of the Xposed 180 this time around

Only the PS4 which is shaped like an eraser can erase and correct the mistakes M$ has done to gamers.
hazardman  +   961d ago
At my local best buy there is plenty of PS4 and only a few Xbox One..then again Sony did open up the flood gates on the preoreders so maybe thats why theres more PS4 tags.
horndog  +   961d ago
Good for sony. Could it possibly be too that best buy just stocks more x1 orders since NA is where xbox sell most??
WeAreLegion  +   961d ago
I doubt it. Sony is letting stores take more pre-orders for the PS4 than Microsoft is for the XBO.
No_Limit  +   961d ago
This is just retarded. Has videogame gotten to the point where fanboys are going to stores and taking pics or calling their local Gamestops to verify that their system has more pre-orders?
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WeAreLegion  +   961d ago
I take it you weren't on N4G in 2005, when it was
ZBlacktt  +   961d ago
Maybe people are going in to preorder and that picture is what they are seeing? Which is giving others the information that hey, you might want to hurry or you will be out of luck?
horndog  +   960d ago
Yup! Pathetic indeed
MichaelLito79  +   961d ago
Sales are interesting. But with no real data to back it up it is really senseless.
WeAreLegion  +   961d ago
No real data, you say?
No_Limit  +   961d ago
Did you just say real data and VGCHARTZ in the same sentence. LMFAO
strigoi814  +   961d ago
2 weeks ago when i pre ordered mine at bestbuy i did not see any card for PS4 i just hit the customer service and ask, i was just too lucky they have 2 spot left..
ZBlacktt  +   961d ago
Oh lawd... O_o

At Game Stop it's the gates are wide open, lol.
_FantasmA_  +   961d ago
Just preorder my Watchdogs Bundle on Amazon and signed up for Launch day shipping I think? We'll see how the shipping part goes, but damn I am excite its my first time.
urwifeminder  +   960d ago
I hope sony does out sell ms it seems the fans really like being on top either way I will be loving forza 5 and xboxone.

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