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These PlayStation 4, Xbox One Games Are Now Available for Pre-Order

In addition to the PS4 and Xbox One launch day consoles, the following launch window games have been listed and available for pre-order today. (PS4, Xbox One)

SquareEnixFan  +   768d ago
I have already got Killzone, Watch Dogs, Madden 25, and Need For Speed Rivals preordered for my PS4.
alien626  +   768d ago
so far only have BF4 but will preorder watchdog, assassin creed, and killzone. oh dont forget planetside 2 ;P jk
SquareEnixFan  +   768d ago
I considered preordering Battlefield but I am trying to keep my day 1 lineup at 4 at the most.
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TheFamous1  +   768d ago
SquareEnixFan  +   768d ago
Started putting aside money for next gen since before the PS4 reveal event.
alien626  +   768d ago
same here
Sayai jin  +   768d ago
Game on man. DOn't know why people are disagreeing with you.
SquareEnixFan  +   768d ago
I don't know maybe they don't like my choice of games or something.
Whitey2k  +   768d ago
i have killzone , knack and watchdogs on preorder i get the others abit later im also looking at outlast and abes oydessy
CrimsonStar  +   768d ago
N4G. nuff said
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BX81  +   768d ago
When I get a release date then I'll start pre ordering on these games.
Smoey  +   768d ago
I have 4 PS4's preordered with no games ;(

Ordered two at my local supermarket and 2 from Amazon.co.uk. Although nothing on Amazon.co.uk states that it will be launch day so just had to pre-order more =|
Maninja  +   768d ago
Why do you need that many? I'm just curious
Smoey  +   768d ago
I want two on launch day one for me and another for someone else but amazon doesnt state I can have it on launch day on their site.
CrimsonStar  +   768d ago
Why do u want 2?
Smoey  +   767d ago
Like I said... One for me and one for someone else... i.e. my other half. I like to play FIFA, Battlefield and mostly multiplayer she likes to play RPGs. Can't do it at the same time if we don't have two? We have two of everything else so why would I not buy two of these?
GiggMan  +   768d ago
Just Killzone for me so far. Only because I chose that bundle. Not going to be preordering games I'll just pick up a couple as they come out. I think there is really no need to preorder games.
RE_L_MAYER  +   768d ago
Agreed, I pre ordered watch dogz just so I can play something but no collectors editions announced for ps4 games so I will pick other games-maybe battlefield 4 later
PS3gamer4life  +   768d ago
Im just waiting on h hour ima get killzone as my 1st game
axerated  +   768d ago
Just Killzone pre-ordered for me, when I got my day-one ps3 I picked up too many games at once and couldn't focus on any particular one for too long before wanting to try another so never finished any of them!
ssj27  +   768d ago
I agree plus ps+ will bring many games.. I may eventually get watch dogs and BF4.. maybe not.
plus the f2p games on the PS4 seem amazing :)
next game i will buy for sure on the PS4 is inFSS! day one..
CrimsonStar  +   768d ago
I'm really torn right now . I know in the future PS4 will have more games I want , but right now their launch games don't really interest me like DR3 and Ryes does .
But for sure whichever console I preorder ill get BF4 and watchdogs.
Maninja  +   768d ago
Got Battlefield and Watch Dogs preordered. And don't forget all those free to play games!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   768d ago
I want Forza 5 but I can wait.

I'll get Watch Dogs for PC.
Sayai jin  +   768d ago
Killzone and Warframe for my PS4 and Dead Rising and Ryse for my XB1. Cant wait for next summer....Destiny, I just do not know what console I will get it on.
andjudunno  +   768d ago
I really wish second son would be a launch title.
Rhezin  +   768d ago
Killzone and Knack for me.

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