Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Review

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is a great port of an already great game. It offers some of the best platforming gameplay of this generation that feels right at home on the 3DS. I would not recommend it to kids because of the difficulty level, and though the game as a whole is difficult, the boss battles were much more simple compared to the levels leading up them. The graphics are a disappointment, and were not much of a step-up from the original version. This game is perfect for completionists and serves very high replay value, and it is also great to blast through the levels with a friend. I would really recommend this for advanced gamers familiar with the Donkey Kong franchise and platforming genre, but if you are yet to pick up a Donkey Kong game, I would really suggest you give this great adventure a try!

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killbillvolume121975d ago

I really liked this game but damn some of the later levels in this game gets really tough... especially if you are trying to get all words and puzzle pieces hahah.