The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Xbox One Preview Interview With CD Projekt Red - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, developer John Mamais explores the world of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on Xbox One in this exclusive interview.

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creHEARTive1634d ago

this may look better on PC.

NewMonday1634d ago

those who think PC gaming is just about "graphics" are less likely to have one, I have a great PC and I'm getting a PS4, but I will play this on my gaming rig.

gamerlive1634d ago

It's an interesting choice for an exclusive launch title.

dreamoner1634d ago

Exclusive to human kind.

Ezz20131634d ago

exclusive to us on earth

Aliens won't touch it

elhebbo161634d ago

@ezz2012 plot twist: all are games over the decades has bin broad cast to a invisible alien space ship, which then transmitted to there own world.

Atneus1634d ago

Is the game exclusive to the Xbox One, or is the interview exclusive to the website?

NewMonday1634d ago

game is on PS4/PC/XB1

but they have exclusive advertising with MS, many 3rd party games on XB1/PS4 are like this(can't believe this $#!t actually works)

GusBricker1634d ago

I want Geralt to get shitfaced, wake up on a boat with a tattoo of that mermaid on his ass.

I just wrote a sidequest!

PFFT1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I see this happening to Kratos rather than Geralt. But Kratos ass tattoo will read, Ares was here.

Atneus1634d ago

...That's actually very similar to a quest in the Witcher 2. You pass out and have to retrace your steps. People recount that Geralt was so drunk he tied prostitutes together and tried to cross the river on them like a raft. He also has a tattoo he wants to remove.

PFFT1634d ago

This game will be amazing no matter which platform you play it on!