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Submitted by ohcatrina 962d ago | interview

Mad Catz Previews NVIDIA Tegra Mojo Micro Console And Peripherals - Gamerhubtv

At E3 2013, Mad Catz' Alex Verry talks about the new Tegra-powered Mojo micro console and peripherals in this exclusive interview. (E3, Mad Catz, NVIDIA, Tech)

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gamerlive  +   962d ago
Lots of cool new micro consoles and ways to play Android games for cheap, look out Sony and Microsoft.
porkChop  +   962d ago
These will never compete with Xbox, PS, or Nintendo. The problem with micro-consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc, is that they really have nowhere near enough power to even be in the same ballpark, never mind actually compete.

The fancy, "next gen" graphics you see on mobile is pretty much just overly shiny textures with lots of bloom/fake HDR. While you can get somewhat fancy graphics, you can't do that while also providing anywhere near the amount of depth possible on consoles. On mobile it's one or the other. You can't have great graphics and great depth.

The main draw of these micro consoles isn't even their own games, it's that they're great for emulators and acting as a media hub for movies and music.

Not to mention that these things aren't even marketed towards console gamers, they're marketed towards casual gamers. I really don't see these things being very successful.
KrisK  +   961d ago
I have to agree here...seems like people are just a few years too late trying to get on the Nintendo band money train...though that train is long gone.
BattleAxe  +   962d ago
Yeah,,,, look out Sony and Microsoft....pfffft
The_Infected  +   962d ago
I wish that's stupid Android consoles would just go away. Android is a phone OS that's what it was designed for and not a gaming console. I'm sorry buy their trying to do to much with Android and being a game console is one of them.
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creHEARTive  +   962d ago
the micro console is a interesting option fo mobile gaming.
Demobot  +   962d ago
Goodfella78  +   962d ago
But just one question,can it run pong?
bopem   962d ago | Spam
DDDGirlGamer85  +   962d ago
Go away please, I hate android consoles

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