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Submitted by JonnyBigBoss 964d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Is Pricey Because Microsoft Doesn't Put Consumers First Like Sony Does

GR writes: "You could be playing a $399 Xbox One this Christmas but Microsoft would rather have enough money to go on vacation." (PS4, Xbox One)

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DxTrixterz  +   964d ago
Greed enough said.
fermcr  +   964d ago
Stupid fanboy article. If Sony put consumers first, why are they charging for multiplayer in the PS4? Tell me one company that's not looking for profit? Even Sony is in the console business to make money.

Here's a "little secret". The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that.
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NewMonday  +   964d ago | Well said
"The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that"

and the PS4 is much more powerful than XBox One, that is what bothers people about the price.
greenlantern2814  +   964d ago
Yup, they now make you pay for multiplayer. But if you have a ps+ account like I do you would see the value there. Ms also makes you pay for online features as well. Also if and I say if sony puts that money towards making the psn better than that is a good thing for us the psn users.
But I do agree all companies want your money sony, ms, Nintendo no difference there.
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JonnyBigBoss  +   964d ago
It appears you didn't read the article. Sony is breaking even on the PS4 while MS Is making around $100 - $120 on the Xbox One. That says it all.
FamilyGuy  +   964d ago
They're charging so they can have an online network that's comparable to Xbox Live. People (360 fans mostly) complained about how much better Xbox Live is than PSN as a service so with the profits from PS+ Sony plans to improve it's network as well as still giving out free games on all it's platforms for a single fee.

they've already stated this themselves. Even without Kinect the PS4 is more expensive to build than the Xbox One. The cost of the RAM compared to what MS put in their system is huge.

Quit trying to justify MS money grabbing tactics, Don Mattrick himself said that they priced it based on what consumers currently pay for desirable electronics, basically noting that people are willing to pay $500 for a smart phone so why not their Xbox One?
"Any modern product these days you look at it [and] $499 isn't a ridiculous price point" - Don M.
It absolutely does NOT have consumers in mind.
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The_Infected  +   964d ago

"Here's a "little secret". The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that."

You're paying for Kinect with Xbox One that's why it's less powerful than PS4 and still $100 more.
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MariaHelFutura  +   964d ago
If Sony produced a better console than Microsoft for less money, Sony deserves a standing ovation. You make it sound like a bad thing fermcr.
JokesOnYou  +   964d ago
newmonday I'll wait for proper spec bench tests of both consoles because we don't know how well the custom embedded eSRAM will work in combination with DDR3 in the X1, vs ps4 standard GDDR5.

Here you go from a reputable tech site:
"Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4"

-So there is no confirmation that ps4 is more powerful, short of bench testing actual units its all guess work, lol but Either way given the hardware similarities this gen there's less of a gap in raw performance this gen than last gen, which means devs have plenty of power for both and likely wont see any noticeable difference in graphics/performance of multis, then of course indivdual devs talent+budget will play a part in what we see from exclusives. Also YES ps3 is cheaper because micro is smart enough to include a high tech camera for consistent dev support in new ways to play games= X1 costs more.

Finally the headline is hypocritical at best when you consider ps3's launch price....was sony putting consumers first then?= each company prices their product based on the value they BELIEVE it has. It doesn't seem yo be doing too bad on Amazon at the moment its been holding down #1 for awhile now.
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sync90  +   964d ago
and yet it has the better hardware and looks a million times better.
Nevers  +   964d ago
Call it greed... call it what you will. I'm pretty convinced it's a just a disKinnect from who they perceive their target audience to be.

All the people who made the xbox/360 the success it was grew up and in the process earned a lot of money. These people didn't understand the consumer backlash, mainly because they are no longer your typical consumer. I bet they are starting to realize this now though.

To me, this XBone was created for people who can afford the upper-middle to lower-upper lifestyle and they ass-u-me'd people like me would be affluent enough to afford the ticket while being happy to hand over a few consumer rights in the process.

I live in the Seattle area and am friends with some MS people and this pretty much sums up what I am seeing in my FB feed:

Out of touch a little? Yeah, I know that was sattire but that's the feel MS is giving... Seriously, this smug BS doesn't sell me on your product. I'm not even planning to join the next gen until next holiday season but for me the choice is clear. PS4.
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3-4-5  +   964d ago
They are charging because if you want 60 FPS and HD graphics + no lag it costs them millions to a year to run that.

Those millions could be put into more games but they need to keep up with Xbox live, which say what you want about MS, xbox live is a good service.

If so cared about it's fans they would give games away for free with the PS+.....o wait they do.

Now mind you....I'm not a Sony owner...psp only actually so kind of.
mark134uk  +   964d ago
to invest in a better online experience!!!!
I_am_Batman  +   964d ago
I agree that every company wants to make money. But there is a huge difference in the way Sony or MS are doing it. Sony doesn't skrew the customer. Yes you have to pay to play online now. Yes it would've been better if they kept it free. But you get so much value for your money. You get tons of games, discounts and Gaikai features.

Microsoft on the other hand have charged gamers without giving them things like that for a whole generation. On top of that they skrewed their early adopters by switching the focus on casuals as soon as they reached a price point that was affordable for everyone. Then they tried to take our rights away with all the restricions.

When you buy a console it's an investment for years to come. A lot of gamers just won't trust MS anymore after their track record of skrewing their fans.
Docknoss  +   964d ago
@fermcr I agree whole heartedly buddy. These Anti Xbox one articles are getting so old and redundant. That gaming news is starting to remind me of msnbc. Just a bunch of made up lies to sway mindless idiot's point of views.
nukeitall  +   964d ago
Kojima (creator of Metal Gear Soid) seems to disagree and box thinks Kinect, SmartGlass and the power of Xbox One is awesome.

but yeah, keep believing Sony is the ssvior of gaming and thinks of consumers best. Have we all forgotten the PS3, the cell, blu-ray and over priced PS3. What about PSP Go, or Online Pass?
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BitbyDeath  +   964d ago
I'm sure they didn't make that decision lightly since they've held off on charging for two generations now.

You can thank MS and it's supporters for making this crap needed.
SilentNegotiator  +   964d ago
No, the Xbox is more expensive because they're forcing a camera on us.
Enemy  +   964d ago
There's profit and then there's greed. Microsoft only cares about making money, nothing more. Keep trying to justify that $100 extra.
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strigoi814  +   964d ago

Xbox ones price is way too high for a PS4 has to offer..

Oh and here is a little one has bluray with sony written on it..
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ninjahunter  +   963d ago
Meanwhile, the exact same sony is chargine $100 for SLOW vita memory cards, while the competition offers Faster, memory cards for 1/4th the price.
nosferatuzodd  +   963d ago
Lol and yet the ps4 is more powerful how can a cheaper to produce console cheaper to produce lol
GameBanger  +   963d ago
Somehow these guys know just from crunching numbers of chipset ram specs that the PS4 is so much more powerful than the Xbox One.. Why don't they demonstrate it then, where is this 50% of power being utilized? Show me the $...I mean game.

Oh yeah their slogan is Make Believe ...It all makes sense now..
The_Con-Sept  +   963d ago
Was cross game chat free on consoles?????

Name one console that has as many features for free that is not a personal desktop computer.
thechowderp  +   963d ago
theyre charging for online because ttheyre not making enough money from ps plus, and i dont care if ps plus is required, it gives me monthly free games, huge discounts on games, and updates games automatically when im not using my ps3

and its a more powerful than the xbox one even if and its still cheaper you do buy a ps eye camera
thechowderp  +   963d ago
@the con sept
the ps4 doesnt need a ps plus to use cross game chat
Sony360  +   963d ago
Well said. People act like Sony are giving away free Ps4's.

There's no defending charging for multiplayer, they just did it because Microsoft got away with it.
oxcar1   963d ago | Personal attack | show
Clarence  +   963d ago
Didn't M$ just now start offering 2 free games a month.
The PSN network has been doing this for awhile now.

It's worth it.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   963d ago
This is what annoys me about some people that clearly don't have a clue.. Xbox One fans make out that articles about Sony are purely fan based and yet they are defensive about it!

The harsh truth is deep down its all stems to jealousy because what is said about Sony consoles is in most cases true and it hurts! MS are known to lie to their consumers and to me that shows just how gullible MS fans are! Open your eyes, look for facts not false promises. At least the fans of Sony get to see and hear about things that are usually fact and not misleading and opinionated.

Okay some things about Sony consoles can be based on opinion but you can't argue with the facts!

So hear come the facts!

PS4 is more powerful that Xbox One, FACT!
PS3 is more powerful than Xbox 360 FACT!
Microsoft used to be all about the games, FACT!
Microsoft got a head start when releasing there flawed system a year early, FACT!
The PS3 has now outsold Xbox 360.. even though 360 had a year head start. FACT!
My_Outer_Heaven  +   963d ago
History lesson: When MS released the Xbox 360 a year earlier, it was plagued with RROD issues, the first consoles sold on the market had a high chance of breaking within its first year. This is a fact, look it up!

Sony released there PS3 console a year later and had more time spent on it for good reasons.
Sony wanted to sell a console that was as perfectly finished as possible and wasn't prone to breaking as much.

The PS3 was made to be more durable and they succeeded with that! RROD was a vastly more common issue than the YLOD on PS3.

Sony spent longer also because they introduced the world to Blu-ray for the first time, and when the PS2 was built it also introduced DVD to the world. Sony are known to create devices that are ahead of their time.

Sony are known to support their products for much longer too.. in fact it is what Sony have always stood for.. longevity. PS2's last game will be out this year.
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My_Outer_Heaven  +   963d ago
The PS3 and PS2 consoles featured far more advanced technology when they finally got released, of course Sony aren't perfect just like Microsoft. The cell processor was a marvel in engineering however it was harder for developers to code for. The PS3 original price was very high upon release.. too high for many gamers but lets not forget that the console was more advanced and it brought Blu-ray to the table.

Sony aren't always perfect, they too have had problems but when they create something they learn from their mistakes unlike MS. MS admitted that Vista was not a good operating system and then Windows 8 gets made and its just as bad! I had to upgrade my PC with an SSD because of how badly Windows 8 performs.

Sony consoles like the PS4 is a system I can admire more.. I like PS4 more because Sony appear to have learned from their mistakes and have begun to make amends. Sony have looked what gamers/game developers want to see in a new console which is why its a known fact that the PS4 has been called a developer inspired system. PS4 is going to be amazing because

Sony has really put a lot of thought and attention into there new PS4 system and its most likely going to pay off. The hardware is vastly superior and they have done their research into what gamers want. PS4 has a lower price tag than PS3, PS4's camera is not mandatory however Sony have advertised the benefits of having a camera on their system.

Sony seem to know what consumers want a lot more than MS... not just that but they seem to have a better grip on marketing too!
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My_Outer_Heaven  +   963d ago
In my opinion MS have not marketed the Xbox One properly, their focus on TV and Kinect features has foreshadowed what the early adopters actually care about more, which of course is the games! We know that both PS4 and Xbox One will have media functionality built in but the point of a console is to bring games to your TV. We already get entertainment on our TV so there's no point in putting your focus and attention on that. I don't see the point in having a Xbox One if you have a Smart TV! Cable is costly a lot of money these days and a lot of people are switching to Freeview instead. Xbox One's HDMI-In doesnt really seem like a major selling point to me when I can easily stream media and TV off the internet or from another devices like a computer.

Many articles I've read suggest that the Xbox One uses much cheaper parts compared to PS4. The PS4 seems to be using a more costly processor and is using more expensive GDDR5 ram which is commonly found in high end PC graphics cards.

The Graphics memory being used will certainly benefit the console, not just for graphics but for multi-tasking too.

The Xbox One is not as smooth & fluid as Microsoft has shown during their console reveal.

Video evidence online suggests that the Xbox One UI to be very laggy still.

In fact the Kinect 2.0 seems more advanced than the console itself.

MS are known to fake a lot of things in order to sell the idea of what they hope to achieve with their product.

When deciding on a next generation console you need to take into account these questions.

Who do you trust more?
What matters more to you games or media?

I trust Sony more because usually what they show is actually real and not fake unlike MS and their misleading demos.

The UI trailer and Playroom/Dualshock 4 trailer looked too good to be true but other videos showing live demo's proved that what is seen in those trailers is actually real and not faked at all!

Check out Playroom Trailer and Demo..
The UI trailer:
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CoolBeansRus  +   963d ago
Wasn't the Ps3 pricey compare to the Xbox 360? What a great article. Well put. I mean the logic is just great.

People need to stop making useless articles just to get views. The thing cost more because of the software being put in along with the Kinect. Nuff said.
gaffyh  +   963d ago
PS4 advantage as it stands:

Smaller console
More powerful console
Better PR
More diverse launch lineup (was going to say better but this is subjective)
Much better firs party studios
Way less restrictive online
More stock produced, especially when you look at the stock differences that appear to be the case in every store. Suggests that the rumour about Xbox One yield issues may be true.

Xbone has

Kinect in every box
Titanfall in late 2014
True_Samurai  +   964d ago
Business 101 son every company has greed
guitarded77  +   964d ago
I'm not sure greed is the right word. Every for profit business is out to make a profit for the company (shareholders or individual owners). Greed is different... greed is a selfish desire for power, wealth, etc. Companies can be successful without being greedy. I'm not saying MS is greedy, I really don't have enough evidence to flat out say they're greedy, but I do personally feel that Sony is paying closer attention to their user base, and their desires at this point in time.
SilentNegotiator  +   964d ago
There's a desire for money (every company) and then there's treating your customer like s**t for another dime (only some companies).
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Mike134nl  +   964d ago
Lets just keep in mind that all companies aim to make money. It is not unreasonable for a company to make profit on a piece of hardware unless they are in the gaming industry that is. It is all about the value offered by Microsoft and SONY. They both need a sustainable model to make profit. The cost of a piece of hardware also includes R&D cost.

Focusing on Microsoft yes the kinnect ads to the price. So does their dedication and hopefully not hollow promise of the cloud as this involves the costs of building and maintaining said infrastructure.

While I do believe that the Sony as a whole has a more costumer focused orientation keep in mind that without one of the big players sony or microsoft either one would jump on the change to make more money.

The value offered by seems fair to me, but that doesn't matter if the market as a whole finds the price to high they will lower the price of their hardware and sell at a loss as such is the business model of the gaming industry (not mentioning nintendo wii)
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Bigpappy  +   964d ago
I think I can remember the 360 being cheaper than the PS3. Did M$ care more then or was it Sony that were greedy blood suckers.

Make up your minds people.
admiralvic  +   964d ago
Lets be fair here, you're comparing apples to oranges here.

When the PlayStation 3 first released, it was sporting a Bluray player, which at its time put it as one of the CHEAPEST solutions to play Bluray movies. Even now a days a Bluray player with media apps will run you $100, where as you can get a simple DVD player for $34 (going off the cheapest on BB).

It's a lot different when the more powerful (spec wise) system is cheaper than the weak spec system, than the weak spec system being cheaper than the more powerful system.

However, I do agree this is a flamebate / BS article.
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SixZeroFour  +   964d ago
and thats why i find ps gamers (atleast the vocal ones) so hypocritical

xbone "forces" a kinect purchase, making it more pricey and they complain, HOWEVER when ps3 was around and bluray was an unproven format, ps3 forced bluray on everyone making the ps3 an expensive GAMING machine

cause thats what ppl are arguing about nowadays with the xbone, right? that since its multimedia focused now, gamers only wanted the xbone to be a gaming machine, right? when at the time ps3 was around, it went for an alternate bluray playre route, made the console more expensive as a gaming console, forcing ppl to get something "gamers" generally didnt know about, and didnt get crucified for turned out to be a good bet for sony, but thats the thing, that was proven AFTER it was allowed to play out
Why o why  +   964d ago
Blu ray was needed for the playstation gaming direction. It also came with built in wifi and internal power brick

People complained.....remember the amount of dead on arrival articles.

The price hurt many
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swerve121  +   964d ago
But the X1 has a kinect 2.0 this why there is the price difference
irepbtown  +   963d ago

There's no similarity between Sony using blu-ray for the PS3 and MS using Kinect for the X1. Blu-ray was a step forward in gaming, it meant more space, it meant there was no need for multiple disks, everyone remembers Final Fantasy, LA Noire etc on 360.

Kinect is just an accessory, it doesn't enhance gaming in any way. It may enhance gaming for casual games, but hardcore games (Watchdogs, Division, BF4 etc) it is pretty pointless.

I should say, having Kinect/PS Eye isn't BAD, but your point about PS3 'forcing' blu-ray and X1 'forcing' Kinect was a ridiculous comparison. Hence this reply...
admiralvic  +   964d ago
Nah, this is more of a fanboy article and nothing more.

We don't know how much Sony is making or losing, just like we don't know how much M$ is making or losing. As others have pointed out (article included), the Xbox One comes with the Kinect, which retailed for $100 this generation. This could very easily explain the $100 dollar difference, since the PlayStation Eye (not included with the PS4) is $60, which means M$ would be making around $40 dollars per console (going off information like this). However, it doesn't take into account the TV components that the Xbox 1 is sporting, nor does it take into account the R&D and possibly licensing fees involved in implementing these features.

I am not saying I support M$or even care about the Xbox One, but it's silly to believe that M$ is trying to F the consumer for a profit. Especially because game consoles tend to be loss leaders at the start (over time the processes become cheaper and the tech becomes dated or less valuable, similar to how Sony wasn't screwing the consumer with the $600 PS3 at the start and how they're probably making money on the PS3 even at $250 or so dollars). It's certainly possible Sony is willing to take a bigger loss to control the market, but that is to have a better position than show their support to customers.
BlackKnight  +   963d ago
That is a good point. The X1 basically has an HD video capture card inside of it (the HDMI in). Those go for around 200 bucks (some cheaper, some more depending on quality) for a PC.

That plus the Kinect 2 easily explains the higher cost.

I think both console are priced pretty fairly, maybe each a little tiny too much considering the actually hardware inside. What it really comes down to is if you want kinect and the HD in function on X1 or not. The PS4 video card/GPU does have a decent more horsepower than the X1. And, of course, exclusives for each system.
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Urusernamesucks  +   964d ago
Your all wrong, its because kinect.
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Sometimes  +   964d ago
Talking about greed $599.99 at launch for ps3 is totally not greedy
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Natso  +   963d ago
Losing money on every console sold, is not greedy.
YNWA96  +   964d ago
Sony, @PS3, next gen starts when we say so, at a price we demand and all you suckers will buy it.... Remind you of anything? Sony cares about money.... Just giving you the bait right now...
IntelligentAj  +   963d ago
I'm seriously starting to tire of these kinds of articles, if they can even be called that. Both Sony and Microsoft are publicly traded companies and look to have the best possible profit margin within reason. Granted they are going about it different ways but please don't mistake that for caring about gamers. They are simply trying to return value to their shareholders
TAURUS-555  +   963d ago
as long as there are blind xbox fanboys ...i wish they had charged 699 for the xbone just to see how naive those fanboys are.
GrownUpGamer  +   963d ago
iMac Is Pricey Because Apple Doesn't Put Consumers First Like Sony Does
Jazz4108  +   963d ago
If thats how you feel then lets spam twitter #msbuyoutsony #hostetakeover. Just to set the record straight ms could own Sony tomorrow liquidate them and it would be over. There are many aspects to business and being on gaming sites most of the day spreading unconfirmed rumors when the true specs or machines still have much that could change and even today sony is still doing online passes on first party and the manual says you DO NOTOWN this software as you only license it.I personally wish people would of let ms do there digital modeal as I much rather shre my games across world in a sec then mailing it. Then the ten memebers on live for same price and the rumored free one year gold in the box. I dont know if the fans that cried fould even thought about how ms was 100% trying to follow steam or just fan boys or people afraid of change. I think it lies closer to sony not being able to compete with ms azure as all gaiki was is a laggy bankrupt service where Ms and samsung have been working over ten years together putting up servers all around the world as well as ms mentioning another 300000. I have a feeling if sony would have went with drm this big lash against ms would never have happened to sony. People need to realize for sony the ps4 is it. They cant take another failure as they are in a financial mess. I hope they get turned around but without holding games back. Most of ms drm plans were fine but they just neeed to fine tune it but got so thrown under the bus they went back to the past. Now my honest opinion of kinect is okay as using it at e3 turned me an about face as I hated the first one. Now the cablebox featurea is a nice tack on bullet point on the box but the real question becomea how much am I paying for something I really dont want. As a hard core gamer both systems are day one preordered. I just heard a report on joystic that says the xone has No external power brick and there proof was the input design on the back does not support it plus one is made to run at many power stages. Long rant man so thanks who listened to my opinion. Cant wait till I get to open my console for the first time. Its almost like a new born baby. Lol
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Jazz4108  +   963d ago
All I need to say is $599.00 us dollars.two jobs needed and the giant enemy crabs were all nasa related. Dropping support for psgo quicker then any handheld ever. Great propietory priced vita cards. Ylod oh us sorry send us 100.00 us to fix. Bad disc speed again so sorry send us money. Yep tbis article is dead on sony only cares about customers which is funny as there overpriced tvs and cameras is a big reason sony has financial problens up the yen.
CoolBeansRus  +   963d ago
I guess people forgot about how much more the PS3 was, but sony fanboys did not care. It was justified.
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GamersRulz   964d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
acharlez  +   964d ago
Blame it on Kinect.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   964d ago
Seriously, kinect SHOULD be made optional...
RyuCloudStrife  +   963d ago
they want to listen and monitor you
JonnyBigBoss  +   964d ago
And MS wanting to make $100 per console.
JonnyBigBoss  +   964d ago
Whoever is disagreeing me is seriously naive. In the article there's a quote from Pachter where he says employees of MS specifically told him that they were deciding between breaking even like Sony or pricing it $100 more and making billions from the profit.
CoLD FiRE  +   964d ago
"MS specifically told him that they were deciding between breaking even like Sony or pricing it $100 more and making billions from the profit."

These are businesses not charities so from a business perspective, making money is better than breaking even because you know the sole purpose you start a business in the first place is to MAKE MONEY!

Not to mention if you make money from the get go it gives you the flexibility to do price cuts whenever you need it.
BlackKnight  +   963d ago
Patcher? Since when is he reliable. Flipping a coin is about as accurate as he is.

The X1 comes with Kinect 2 and video in (a video capture card). Whether or not you want that hardware, it costs money. We can debate about things being optional or not, but the point is there is a legitmate reason the X1 costs more even if the GPU in the PS4 is around 40-50% faster. The X1 still has a 1080P camera, Infrared camera, multi-mic array, and a video capture card. Those aren't cheap.
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abzdine  +   964d ago
doesn't matter, if PS4 was 500 and X1 400 it'll still be PS4 i'll be getting because of the Sony 1st party games which have no match on any other system!
thechowderp  +   963d ago
blame MS for making kinect required to use the xbox one
Wedge19  +   964d ago
Sad to see the Micro only changed its policies when confronted with Sony's own. It was a business decision, not actually looking after the consumers. If it had been looking out for consumers, they would have changed it a month ago.

Anyone think a price drop will hit before release, or is that not possible at this point?
MariaHelFutura   964d ago | Trolling | show
punisher99  +   964d ago
A price drop can happen only if they drop kinect.
Destrania  +   964d ago
They could have sold it at $399 at launch as is (with Kinect) and still made a profit because of how cheap the console itself is. Xbone is a far inferior console. M$ just loves taking advantage of the consumer. They love to give the finger to everyone including developers. Greedy $h*t$. Mark my words, after Christmas it will drop to $399. Don't be dumb, be smart, buy a Playstation.
#4.2.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(11) | Report
TXIDarkAvenger  +   963d ago

| Don't be dumb, be smart, buy a Playstation.

More like build a PC.
BlackKnight  +   963d ago

Look, the PS4 does have a better GPU, by a good bit. It is the same video card as the X1 but with 50% more cores, so you are looking at around 40-50% more graphics horsepower. But the CPU's are nearly identical, both are blue ray, both have 8GB of ram (though the PS4 has GDDR5 so we can see more bandwidth but lower latency, hurts CPU tasks but helps GPU tasks, X1 is vice-versa). X1 also has an HD video capture card (For TV or other inputs). That raises cost even more.

Having a GPU with 18 CUs(PS4) vs 12CUs(X1) is just a little more expensive. Kinect 2 and the capture card add a ton of cost.

I'm not arguing to get either console, just tired of the fanboyism. Let's keep facts straight and be honest with each other about the pros and cons of all platforms...
MaximusPrime_  +   964d ago
#5 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
UNGR  +   964d ago
Could that title scream fanboy harder? It's coming with a Kinect people, putting that out at $400 would be way too big of a loss, Sony can put it out at $400 because what's being shipped isn't nearly as expensive to make.
sorane  +   964d ago
Maybe he just has a PC. Us PC guys have known this for longer than I care to admit......
JonnyBigBoss  +   964d ago
I am a PC gamer but own all consoles, even the Wii U.
secretcode  +   964d ago
Exactly. That Kinect's at least $100 of that price.
Imalwaysright  +   964d ago
Or more. Original Kinect was € 150.
UNGR  +   964d ago
This one is better, guaranteed the price spiked on it.
JonnyBigBoss  +   964d ago
The Xbox One is priced $100 above manufacturing costs while PS4 breaks even. Don't let your hatred misguide you.
Drasill  +   964d ago
$599 US Dollars!!
dreamoner  +   964d ago
"Consumer first" is an illusion. There is only good PR or bad PR. Both companies would rob you blind if they could.
CrossingEden  +   964d ago
thank god i'm not the only one of this site with a brain
FlunkinMonkey  +   964d ago
you're not the only arrogant one either.
Hicken  +   963d ago
No offense, CrossingEden... okay, TOTAL offense, but when did you get a brain? Your comments don't indicate one at all.
SpinalRemains138  +   964d ago

They're telling every gamer that they now want Kinect.........when they don't want Kinect.

See, if Kinect was so amazing then it would sell. Because it's a lame novelty built for advertising data mining, and no one wants it, they're forcing it on us at a higher price point.

Forcing it means it had no chance of selling as a stand alone peripheral. They know this and we know this. Tough.

How is that in any way helping gamers?

We know what we want. It is not Kinect
#9 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CrossingEden  +   964d ago
the kinect actually did sell very well and has a ton of uses outside of gaming, even motion capture
imo, kinect is a better gimmick then a touch pad on top of the controller, that you press multiple times for quick time events like this
Angeljuice  +   964d ago
Or use like a mouse, for RTS's, for fast typing, maybe evening up the difference between pc mouse controls and joypads in cross-platform FPS's. There are tons of uses for the touchpad that I can think of. Maybe you just need some imagination?
SpinalRemains138  +   964d ago
So I guess you were in favor of all the Kinect focus this Gen instead of actual videogames.

The success of Kinect means the death of traditional videogames and no self respecting gamer uses Kinect, or Move, or Wii motes for more than an hour of horsing around. They use the supplied controller because the controller is the best way to play a videogame.

The touchpad is merely an addition to the controller, on the controller. Not a substitute for the controller, and it does not make the cost 100 more, or need to remain on and scan your body.
#9.1.2 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report
zerocrossing  +   964d ago
The 360 is pricey because MS chose to bundle it with Kinect 2, If it's no longer a requirement though then why not make a cheaper alternative that just gives you the console with whatever else comes packaged with it but minus the Kinect 2? Put that out there for $100 less and the Xbone mite actually have a chance compeating with the PS4.
Kevlar009  +   964d ago
It's pricey because they're forcing Kinect on everyone. No Kinect, instantly $100 cheaper. I find little benefit in having Kinect as a part of my gaming experience, so PS4 instantly has the edge. There are people who love Kinect and 360 and will buy the $500 console no worries. For someone like me $100 is a lot, $400 is too good of a deal to pass up for a console as good if not better than the Xbox1 (opinions may vary).
#11 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JohnS1313  +   964d ago
It's pretty clear Microsoft is more interested in multimedia than gaming. They'll keep the gaming part going but I bet they don't even care if they don't win the war on the gaming side if they get more non-gamers to buy an Xbone. All that stuff they're pushing isn't about gaming.
buynit  +   964d ago
I think kinect should stay bundled..
PirateThom  +   964d ago
I don't think it's just Kinect that's making it more expensive. Kinect may retail for stupid money, but it doesn't cost that to manufacture, more likely, all the time Microsoft wasted and money they spent coutying content partners is being passed onto the consumer.

Makes more sense than "Kinect 2 cost $100" when the Bone also has worse specs than the PS4.
SatanSki  +   964d ago
Sony puts consumers first? rofl. Grow up kid
Thomper  +   963d ago
God bless Sony. They are the Jesus of corporations. They just care so much.

They would never force overpriced proprietary memory cards on!!

Oh, hang on...... :0/
CC-Tron  +   963d ago
.......and they'd never charge us for wait.
MYSTERIO360  +   964d ago
Damn straight
TheHybrid  +   964d ago
Yea, Sony is not in business to make money. They are in business to give out free videogames and rainbows for everybody. They aren't interested in things like profit, stocks, and expanding business.
Thomper  +   963d ago

Sony = fluffy clouds, kittens and rainbows

Microsoft = cancer, dead babies and consumer rape

You couldn't make this sh*t up...hahaha
TheRealHeisenberg  +   964d ago
LMFAO. You can put the "$" in $ony the same way they like to put it in M$. Both Sony and MS are trying to get your money. Only fools think otherwise and call it caring. All you can really hope for is bang for your buck. I must say I have gotten it out of Sony with PS+ but I am not going to put them on a pedestal like most here on N4G constantly do.
from the beach  +   964d ago
I seem to remember a certain PS3 launching at a certain lofty pricetag..
MasterCornholio  +   964d ago
And look at the amount of backlash that they got from consumers in the beginning.

"Will the new console cost $599 to start?
I certainly hope not. I think we’re very proud of what we delivered with the PlayStation 3 in terms of technology, and that we were able to enhance the features while still reducing the price to $249. But I think our goal with this is to debut at a more consumer-friendly price. But we haven’t made any final decisions about what the price will be at launch."

Sony has certainly understood the consequences of producing an expensive console which is why they did everything possible to keep the price at 399€ which is considered the sweet spot for a next gen system.
from the beach  +   964d ago
And look at where the two consoles are now..

Price is the challenge for Xbox One, no question, but it's not impossible to convince people it's worth the spend.. also, $499 isn't $599.
MrBeatdown  +   963d ago
And look at what it offered compared to the competition.

People can complain about the price, but at the end of the day, it was the closest in specs to what people expect from modern 360s and PS3s.

Seriously, how many people here are still using a 360 that has a 20GB hard drive, no wifi, and no HDMI output?

When all is said and done, anyone who bought a $400 360 in 2006 probably ended up paying for upgrades that put their final costs in the same ballpark as anyone who bought a PS3 at launch.

It's been an expensive generation all around. Sony just didn't try to hide it.
BOLO   963d ago | Trolling | show
True_Samurai  +   964d ago
What about my $600 ps3? Doesn't seem like $ony were worried about my financial situation matter of fact they told me to get a second job
Yodagamer  +   964d ago
Atleast the ps3 was worth the money, microsoft is selling you a console with worst hardware at a higher price. Sony atleast gave you a bluray player, better hardware with the extra $100 it took to buy the basic model compared to the top xbox model. Albeit with a smaller harddrive. So if you don't want the kinect you still have to pay an extra $100 for it.
#20.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
True_Samurai  +   964d ago
Actually it was for two years and ylod. Warranty was expired and had to wait until 2010 to get another .
Specs are lower not worse. So $500 is not an issue
#20.1.1 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report
MasterCornholio  +   964d ago
"The head of Sony games Ken Kutaragi said to Japanese economics publication Toyo Keizai today that Sony's PS3 strategy is "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."+

That was Ken Kurturagi who said that and he isnt working for Sony anymore. Instead the new CEO of Sony (Kaz Hirai) and the current president of the Playstation divison (Yoshida) worked together along with Mark Cerney to bring us a powerful console at a 399€ price point. Jack Tretton even admitted that the 599€ was a mistake which is why he was hoping for a lower price for the PS4.

"Will the new console cost $599 to start?
I certainly hope not. I think we’re very proud of what we delivered with the PlayStation 3 in terms of technology, and that we were able to enhance the features while still reducing the price to $249. But I think our goal with this is to debut at a more consumer-friendly price. But we haven’t made any final decisions about what the price will be at launch."

Sony were aiming for a 399€ price with the PS4 and they successfully achieved it just like Microsoft aimed for a 499€ price for the XBOX One and they achieved it as well with Kinect included.
BOLO   963d ago | Trolling | show
Dlacy13g  +   964d ago
Gamers are a funny lot. Sony is pro gamer! They do everything for us... This is the same company that said they would be making multiplayer free back on the original PSN because they felt that was they way it should be... fast forward too 2013... Mulitplayer now not free because that is the way they can ensure they make money.

All their moves have been about maximizing their profit... no DRM wasn't about you the gamer it was about them seeing the back lash and realizing they could make it a strategic move not to go the DRM route and ensure they sold more.

They will offer you Backwards compatibility through Gaikai not be because "its the right thing to do" but because they can put it behind a pay wall and get more money from you.

I am not trying to say MS or Nintendo are saints either. This is a business plain and simple. All these companies are making offers and positioning themselves to sell you things...not because they just want to do it. Its about their bottom line pure and simple.
jimmywolf  +   964d ago
well said but i disagree, i rather sing praise for sony an follow their current model,

then have them say well Microsoft did it, will just copy paste them. nothing free an you have too pay for online
iistuii  +   964d ago
It's simply because kinect is bundled. Take kinect out & the actual consoles would be the same price.
ala_767  +   964d ago
Microsoft's motto "Money first, games next!!!"
Urusernamesucks  +   964d ago
They showed gamed first then the price
FrigidDARKNESS  +   964d ago
Consumers should realise that they sre getting alot features than there competitors. Consumers need to do there reseatrch and see the difference instead of shopping on price alone.
jimmywolf  +   964d ago
not sure what your trying too say, shop around an see why x box cost more an offers less?

been able too talk too my tv was never a seller for me, nor was waving my hands around

i rather have free games or "renting games" discounts, cheaper system an not need too worry about if my internet fails
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   964d ago
That's subjective that the x1 offers less. Unless you have played both systems which I doubt then u don't know exactly what each system offers. If your Gunna use that 50% more power excuse I say to you the Xbox original was more powerful than ps2 and so was the game cube but look how that turned out...
nick309  +   964d ago
Nobody makes consoles and game to lose their $$$$$$$ nobody cares about consumers, they sell you stuff to earn $$$$ ALL COMPANIES NOT JUST IN GAMING
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   964d ago
When will these idiots learn that's these companys are in business to make money? And the same could of been said about Sony forcing blu ray players down consumers throat causing a whooping 600$ to buy a ps3. And to enjoy the ps4 fully u still need to pay 50$ for online so its really not much of a difference. The way I see it, if u can buy a 400$ system then a extra 100$ shouldn't bother you
GusBricker  +   964d ago
I NEED this shirt

Related image(s)
Swiggins  +   963d ago
Are we bringing back jokes from 2006?


og1kenob  +   964d ago
The gpu in the xboxone 7790 1080p/50-60fps ps4 7870 1080p/60fps. ps4 can also do 1600p/30fps
#28 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
trywizardo  +   964d ago
X1 can play 4Kp ... mean while PS4 play just 4k movies not games
BOLO   963d ago | Personal attack | show
No_Limit  +   964d ago
Sony consumers first? LOL, why do VITA owners have to pay $100 for a 32GB Memory Card then? They can sell that for $10 and still make a profit, I bet.

Both companies, all companies for that matter are here for the money first, investors second, and more money third, customers are at the bottom of the barrel as far as ranking goes.
#29 (Edited 964d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
trywizardo  +   964d ago
i really how sonyboys hate on X1 ... after the announcement they was talking about X1 don't have games and in E3 X1 have games more than PS4 ... after E3 they was talking about its policies and now its gone they started to talk about its price ... awesome really awesome sonyboys
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