Xbox One Is Pricey Because Microsoft Doesn't Put Consumers First Like Sony Does

GR writes: "You could be playing a $399 Xbox One this Christmas but Microsoft would rather have enough money to go on vacation."

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fermcr1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Stupid fanboy article. If Sony put consumers first, why are they charging for multiplayer in the PS4? Tell me one company that's not looking for profit? Even Sony is in the console business to make money.

Here's a "little secret". The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that.

NewMonday1519d ago

"The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that"

and the PS4 is much more powerful than XBox One, that is what bothers people about the price.

greenlantern28141519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Yup, they now make you pay for multiplayer. But if you have a ps+ account like I do you would see the value there. Ms also makes you pay for online features as well. Also if and I say if sony puts that money towards making the psn better than that is a good thing for us the psn users.
But I do agree all companies want your money sony, ms, Nintendo no difference there.

JonnyBigBoss1519d ago

It appears you didn't read the article. Sony is breaking even on the PS4 while MS Is making around $100 - $120 on the Xbox One. That says it all.

FamilyGuy1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

They're charging so they can have an online network that's comparable to Xbox Live. People (360 fans mostly) complained about how much better Xbox Live is than PSN as a service so with the profits from PS+ Sony plans to improve it's network as well as still giving out free games on all it's platforms for a single fee.

they've already stated this themselves. Even without Kinect the PS4 is more expensive to build than the Xbox One. The cost of the RAM compared to what MS put in their system is huge.

Quit trying to justify MS money grabbing tactics, Don Mattrick himself said that they priced it based on what consumers currently pay for desirable electronics, basically noting that people are willing to pay $500 for a smart phone so why not their Xbox One?
"Any modern product these days you look at it [and] $499 isn't a ridiculous price point" - Don M.
It absolutely does NOT have consumers in mind.

The_Infected1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


"Here's a "little secret". The PS4 is 100$ cheaper because it's cheaper to produce. Simple as that."

You're paying for Kinect with Xbox One that's why it's less powerful than PS4 and still $100 more.

MariaHelFutura1519d ago

If Sony produced a better console than Microsoft for less money, Sony deserves a standing ovation. You make it sound like a bad thing fermcr.

JokesOnYou1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

newmonday I'll wait for proper spec bench tests of both consoles because we don't know how well the custom embedded eSRAM will work in combination with DDR3 in the X1, vs ps4 standard GDDR5.

Here you go from a reputable tech site:
"Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4"

-So there is no confirmation that ps4 is more powerful, short of bench testing actual units its all guess work, lol but Either way given the hardware similarities this gen there's less of a gap in raw performance this gen than last gen, which means devs have plenty of power for both and likely wont see any noticeable difference in graphics/performance of multis, then of course indivdual devs talent+budget will play a part in what we see from exclusives. Also YES ps3 is cheaper because micro is smart enough to include a high tech camera for consistent dev support in new ways to play games= X1 costs more.

Finally the headline is hypocritical at best when you consider ps3's launch price....was sony putting consumers first then?= each company prices their product based on the value they BELIEVE it has. It doesn't seem yo be doing too bad on Amazon at the moment its been holding down #1 for awhile now.

sync901519d ago

and yet it has the better hardware and looks a million times better.

Nevers1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Call it greed... call it what you will. I'm pretty convinced it's a just a disKinnect from who they perceive their target audience to be.

All the people who made the xbox/360 the success it was grew up and in the process earned a lot of money. These people didn't understand the consumer backlash, mainly because they are no longer your typical consumer. I bet they are starting to realize this now though.

To me, this XBone was created for people who can afford the upper-middle to lower-upper lifestyle and they ass-u-me'd people like me would be affluent enough to afford the ticket while being happy to hand over a few consumer rights in the process.

I live in the Seattle area and am friends with some MS people and this pretty much sums up what I am seeing in my FB feed:

Out of touch a little? Yeah, I know that was sattire but that's the feel MS is giving... Seriously, this smug BS doesn't sell me on your product. I'm not even planning to join the next gen until next holiday season but for me the choice is clear. PS4.

3-4-51519d ago

They are charging because if you want 60 FPS and HD graphics + no lag it costs them millions to a year to run that.

Those millions could be put into more games but they need to keep up with Xbox live, which say what you want about MS, xbox live is a good service.

If so cared about it's fans they would give games away for free with the PS+.....o wait they do.

Now mind you....I'm not a Sony owner...psp only actually so kind of.

mark134uk1519d ago

to invest in a better online experience!!!!

I_am_Batman1519d ago

I agree that every company wants to make money. But there is a huge difference in the way Sony or MS are doing it. Sony doesn't skrew the customer. Yes you have to pay to play online now. Yes it would've been better if they kept it free. But you get so much value for your money. You get tons of games, discounts and Gaikai features.

Microsoft on the other hand have charged gamers without giving them things like that for a whole generation. On top of that they skrewed their early adopters by switching the focus on casuals as soon as they reached a price point that was affordable for everyone. Then they tried to take our rights away with all the restricions.

When you buy a console it's an investment for years to come. A lot of gamers just won't trust MS anymore after their track record of skrewing their fans.

Docknoss1519d ago

@fermcr I agree whole heartedly buddy. These Anti Xbox one articles are getting so old and redundant. That gaming news is starting to remind me of msnbc. Just a bunch of made up lies to sway mindless idiot's point of views.

nukeitall1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Kojima (creator of Metal Gear Soid) seems to disagree and box thinks Kinect, SmartGlass and the power of Xbox One is awesome.

but yeah, keep believing Sony is the ssvior of gaming and thinks of consumers best. Have we all forgotten the PS3, the cell, blu-ray and over priced PS3. What about PSP Go, or Online Pass?

BitbyDeath1519d ago

I'm sure they didn't make that decision lightly since they've held off on charging for two generations now.

You can thank MS and it's supporters for making this crap needed.

SilentNegotiator1519d ago

No, the Xbox is more expensive because they're forcing a camera on us.

Enemy1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

There's profit and then there's greed. Microsoft only cares about making money, nothing more. Keep trying to justify that $100 extra.

strigoi8141519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )


Xbox ones price is way too high for a PS4 has to offer..

Oh and here is a little one has bluray with sony written on it..

ninjahunter1519d ago

Meanwhile, the exact same sony is chargine $100 for SLOW vita memory cards, while the competition offers Faster, memory cards for 1/4th the price.

nosferatuzodd1518d ago

Lol and yet the ps4 is more powerful how can a cheaper to produce console cheaper to produce lol

GameBanger1518d ago

Somehow these guys know just from crunching numbers of chipset ram specs that the PS4 is so much more powerful than the Xbox One.. Why don't they demonstrate it then, where is this 50% of power being utilized? Show me the $...I mean game.

Oh yeah their slogan is Make Believe ...It all makes sense now..

The_Con-Sept1518d ago

Was cross game chat free on consoles?????

Name one console that has as many features for free that is not a personal desktop computer.

thechowderp1518d ago

theyre charging for online because ttheyre not making enough money from ps plus, and i dont care if ps plus is required, it gives me monthly free games, huge discounts on games, and updates games automatically when im not using my ps3

and its a more powerful than the xbox one even if and its still cheaper you do buy a ps eye camera

thechowderp1518d ago

@the con sept
the ps4 doesnt need a ps plus to use cross game chat

Sony3601518d ago

Well said. People act like Sony are giving away free Ps4's.

There's no defending charging for multiplayer, they just did it because Microsoft got away with it.

oxcar11518d ago Show
Clarence1518d ago

Didn't M$ just now start offering 2 free games a month.
The PSN network has been doing this for awhile now.

It's worth it.

My_Outer_Heaven1518d ago

This is what annoys me about some people that clearly don't have a clue.. Xbox One fans make out that articles about Sony are purely fan based and yet they are defensive about it!

The harsh truth is deep down its all stems to jealousy because what is said about Sony consoles is in most cases true and it hurts! MS are known to lie to their consumers and to me that shows just how gullible MS fans are! Open your eyes, look for facts not false promises. At least the fans of Sony get to see and hear about things that are usually fact and not misleading and opinionated.

Okay some things about Sony consoles can be based on opinion but you can't argue with the facts!

So hear come the facts!

PS4 is more powerful that Xbox One, FACT!
PS3 is more powerful than Xbox 360 FACT!
Microsoft used to be all about the games, FACT!
Microsoft got a head start when releasing there flawed system a year early, FACT!
The PS3 has now outsold Xbox 360.. even though 360 had a year head start. FACT!

My_Outer_Heaven1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

History lesson: When MS released the Xbox 360 a year earlier, it was plagued with RROD issues, the first consoles sold on the market had a high chance of breaking within its first year. This is a fact, look it up!

Sony released there PS3 console a year later and had more time spent on it for good reasons.
Sony wanted to sell a console that was as perfectly finished as possible and wasn't prone to breaking as much.

The PS3 was made to be more durable and they succeeded with that! RROD was a vastly more common issue than the YLOD on PS3.

Sony spent longer also because they introduced the world to Blu-ray for the first time, and when the PS2 was built it also introduced DVD to the world. Sony are known to create devices that are ahead of their time.

Sony are known to support their products for much longer too.. in fact it is what Sony have always stood for.. longevity. PS2's last game will be out this year.

My_Outer_Heaven1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

The PS3 and PS2 consoles featured far more advanced technology when they finally got released, of course Sony aren't perfect just like Microsoft. The cell processor was a marvel in engineering however it was harder for developers to code for. The PS3 original price was very high upon release.. too high for many gamers but lets not forget that the console was more advanced and it brought Blu-ray to the table.

Sony aren't always perfect, they too have had problems but when they create something they learn from their mistakes unlike MS. MS admitted that Vista was not a good operating system and then Windows 8 gets made and its just as bad! I had to upgrade my PC with an SSD because of how badly Windows 8 performs.

Sony consoles like the PS4 is a system I can admire more.. I like PS4 more because Sony appear to have learned from their mistakes and have begun to make amends. Sony have looked what gamers/game developers want to see in a new console which is why its a known fact that the PS4 has been called a developer inspired system. PS4 is going to be amazing because

Sony has really put a lot of thought and attention into there new PS4 system and its most likely going to pay off. The hardware is vastly superior and they have done their research into what gamers want. PS4 has a lower price tag than PS3, PS4's camera is not mandatory however Sony have advertised the benefits of having a camera on their system.

Sony seem to know what consumers want a lot more than MS... not just that but they seem to have a better grip on marketing too!

My_Outer_Heaven1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

In my opinion MS have not marketed the Xbox One properly, their focus on TV and Kinect features has foreshadowed what the early adopters actually care about more, which of course is the games! We know that both PS4 and Xbox One will have media functionality built in but the point of a console is to bring games to your TV. We already get entertainment on our TV so there's no point in putting your focus and attention on that. I don't see the point in having a Xbox One if you have a Smart TV! Cable is costly a lot of money these days and a lot of people are switching to Freeview instead. Xbox One's HDMI-In doesnt really seem like a major selling point to me when I can easily stream media and TV off the internet or from another devices like a computer.

Many articles I've read suggest that the Xbox One uses much cheaper parts compared to PS4. The PS4 seems to be using a more costly processor and is using more expensive GDDR5 ram which is commonly found in high end PC graphics cards.

The Graphics memory being used will certainly benefit the console, not just for graphics but for multi-tasking too.

The Xbox One is not as smooth & fluid as Microsoft has shown during their console reveal.

Video evidence online suggests that the Xbox One UI to be very laggy still.

In fact the Kinect 2.0 seems more advanced than the console itself.

MS are known to fake a lot of things in order to sell the idea of what they hope to achieve with their product.

When deciding on a next generation console you need to take into account these questions.

Who do you trust more?
What matters more to you games or media?

I trust Sony more because usually what they show is actually real and not fake unlike MS and their misleading demos.

The UI trailer and Playroom/Dualshock 4 trailer looked too good to be true but other videos showing live demo's proved that what is seen in those trailers is actually real and not faked at all!

Check out Playroom Trailer and Demo..
The UI trailer:

CoolBeansRus1518d ago

Wasn't the Ps3 pricey compare to the Xbox 360? What a great article. Well put. I mean the logic is just great.

People need to stop making useless articles just to get views. The thing cost more because of the software being put in along with the Kinect. Nuff said.

gaffyh1518d ago

PS4 advantage as it stands:

Smaller console
More powerful console
Better PR
More diverse launch lineup (was going to say better but this is subjective)
Much better firs party studios
Way less restrictive online
More stock produced, especially when you look at the stock differences that appear to be the case in every store. Suggests that the rumour about Xbox One yield issues may be true.

Xbone has

Kinect in every box
Titanfall in late 2014