Nvidia GeForce 320.39 Drivers Leaked, New PhysX Software Included

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all Nvidia users as a new set of drivers for the green team’s GPUs have been leaked online. According to reports, this set will be released alongside Nvidia’s GTX760 cards, and comes with a new version of the PhysX Software. In addition, players report better framerates in a number of gamers (such as Metro: Last Light and GRID 2)."

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2pacalypsenow1971d ago

will the new physics update be for the 6 series too? or just the 7?

john21971d ago

it will work for all Nvidia cards ;)


Do you have the link for notebook 64 bits please?

john21971d ago

@PLASTICA-MAN: Unfortunately no at this moment. That version has not been leaked

Polysix1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

coolio Iglesias! My GTX 780 awaits thee official release!

Cryptcuzz1971d ago

I envy you guys! I only have a GTX 460 wahhh :(

spdarksky1971d ago

I only play on 1366x768 resolution.. So my 560 still ok all max..

I leave my 22" IPS monitor for my office, anyway 770 still under my radar nonetheless.. Waiting until the price going down a bit.. :)

Polysix1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

crysis 3 on ultra on my O/C 780 (past titan levels) smooth as feck (at 1920x1200 upwards). Metro on ultra quality is the only game that makes it even sweat, even then it plays fine.