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The Dark Sorcerer PS4 Tech Demo Used Only 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM, 1 Million Polygons Just for the Set

Remember “Old Man Face” from the reveal conference of the PS4 that a lot of people mocked as unimpressive or irrelevant? It has since become a full fledged tech demo that impressed everyone at E3, causing many of those that mocked Quantic Dream to simply eat crow.

Fact is, though, that we didn’t know very much about the technicalities behind the demo, until now. Quite a few technical details have finally been unveiled, and many of them are absolutely impressive. (PS4, The Dark Sorcerer)

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Qrphe  +   769d ago | Well said
This tech demo is one of the most impressive I've seen in piece of hardware.
Abriael  +   769d ago
Yeah, also the most hilarious lol. When I first saw it switch to the studio i was laughing so hard I had to calm myself down to be able to report about it.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   769d ago
I think I heard the dev say Maurice sued 700 000 triangles and not 67 000, almost every character neared one million poly and not just the scene, with the 3 characters the whole scene neared 4 millions of triangles:

From: http://blog.us.playstation....

"In the current demo, there are about a million polygons in the set, and a little less than a million per character on the screen (i.e. a total of 4 million when the three characters are on the screen). Each character has about 350 MB of textures and about forty different shaders. It’s all managed with Physically Based Shaders, volumetric lights, full HDR, Color Grading, Physical Lenses (particularly useful for chromatic aberrations and 3D depth of field), and translucence for more realistic rendering of the skin. The change of set and all the lighting (and the behavior of the shaders) between the dramatic version of the set and the “studio” version is done in real time. The same holds true for all pyrotechnical particle effects."

Their highest model on PS3 was using around 30k polygons (Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls): http://www.blogcdn.com/www....

Now the characters in The Dark Sorcerer are using around one million polygons : a myth in video games to be achieved but THEY DID IT and they will even get better.

Naughty Dog is doing the same too: http://n4g.com/news/925192/...

Just imagine the diagram in my link if they add the sorcerer comparison to it: the curve will go to outer-space lol


I stated that in my news !

They even said that they framerates aren't optimized and sometimes they can recah 90 FPS also they are still using PS3 assets (from Beyond) to the max, they didn't even start developing with PS4 assets and new tools, you can imagine the upcoming result.
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sync90  +   769d ago
Maurice the little goblin dude was hilarious!
humbleopinion  +   768d ago
I'm not sure it's the polygon count since that is 4 million polygons only in theory without LOD reductions (you can't actually "show" 4 million polygons on a Full HD screen since there are more polygons than pixels).

After all, current gen games already achieved this polycount: Forza showed 1 million polygon on a single car model in Autovista mode, Halo Reach pushed way more than 4 million polygons in a frame (quoted as "4 million more than halo 3"), and even early gen games such as Lost Planet and Dead Rising had about 3-4 million polygons in a single scene. I guess it's not performance wise to run any higher until we hit higher resolution screens.

It seems to me that next gen ramp in character detail as we see in tech demos like the Dark Sorcerer is not just a polygon bump, but rather
batter material shaders, more accurate motion tracking and facial expressions, and more accurate color reproduction. That is why this demo impresses so much.
FATAL1TY  +   768d ago
Movie-CGI quality
Only on PS4
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sly-Famous  +   769d ago
The three people who disageeing with you are in denial!
Gamingisfornerds  +   768d ago
Actually, I think you are all a bit in denial. Techdemos are absolutely meaningless.

Begin last gen we saw countless beautiful techdemos and none of them were anywhere near realistic and highly misleading. That's just the nature of techdemos.

Doesn't mean the PS4 won't be getting some fantastic looking games (just look at The Division and MGS5 for example), but don't expect visuals like this techdemo in an ACTUAL GAME...you're just setting yourselves up for disappointment.
Redempteur  +   768d ago
No tech demo are tech demo because they show case what is possible on a specific hardware.

The fact that this was achieved on a limited hardward only show the strenght on the console.
Enemy  +   769d ago | Interesting
Jonathan Blow already said The Witness would max out the Xbox One as it's already asking for 5GB. Now we see The Sorcerer uses 4GB of GDDR5. Killzone: Shadow Fall uses 3GB.

The Sorcerer couldn't even be done on Xbox One. The truth is that this gen is asking for a lot more memory. Memory Xbox One doesn't have available.

Only a matter of (not much) time before Xbox One is maxed out. No wonder they had to have those E3 games running on PC.
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denawayne  +   769d ago
Are you high?
Dead_Cell  +   769d ago
You give the impression of somebody who doesn't know what he is talking about.
mediate-this  +   768d ago
that just doesn't even make sense, so all the crazy pcs running ddr3 cant run this game?
Triforce079  +   768d ago
Xbox1 and wiiu could do this using Havoks x10 compression and if you think they couldn't your daft,all this system ram being the be all is just out right ludicrous ?

If you have a game that uses 5GB on textures alone and you compress it by x10 how much memory do you use ???? i'll tell you 528MB ?
ABizzel1  +   768d ago

I think he's speaking more so to the fact that the Xbox has 3GB of RAM dedicated to other functions (Kinect, Multimedia, 3 OS), meaning it only has 5GB available for games.

Thus these games would be pushing the boundries of the Xbox One's RAM already, whereas it's assumed the PS4 has 7GB of RAM dedicated to games.
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fuzzyLogix  +   768d ago
I never bought the whole:
"Killzone: Shadow Fall only uses 3gb ram, we didn't even know about the PS4 having 8gb"

Yeah, right. Maybe Guerilla Games just aren't very good at math. Let's take a look at the figures from Their own post-mortem.

1,536mb + 128mb + 3,072mb = 3gb?

erm, let's try that again:

1,536mb + 128mb + 3,072mb = 4.7gb

Also regarding the amount of ram available on each system, I would like to see somebody post 100% confirmation, not rumours as to how much is available on each system. And I'm not accepting somebody not confirming or denying memory requirements, as confirmation. I'm after an official statement such as:

"The PS4 has 7gb ram reserved for games"


"The Xbox One has 5gb ram reserved for games"

Additionally it has been confirmed multiple times that 1st party titles were running on Xbox One at E3.

Another fine example of N4G regurgitating unfounded "facts" to support their argument.
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claudionmc  +   768d ago

1) Killzone: Shadow Fall using 3GB of VIDEO. In theory, if PS4 uses 1.5gb for OS it is still 6,5GB of GDDR5 RAM for VIDEO.

Source: the same PDF that you read

2) Xbox one hast 3GB of DDR3 for OS, so only 5GB DDR3 for games

Source: http://gimmegimmegames.com/...

3) DDR3 vs GDDR5: GDDR5 is vastly superior to DDR3, no doubts

Source: http://www.amd.com/Publishi...

I hope now you get things clear
Syntax-Error  +   768d ago
This coming from the same idiots...
that said that MGS 4 was pushing the PS3 to it's limits. Why don't you fools just shut up. Since when has an early game reach maximum potential of a new console?
SDS Gamerfiend  +   769d ago
Off topic but infamous son looks amazing!!!!
superkidcupid13  +   768d ago
hope it ties in with the infamous series and isnt a side story cause infamous 2 ending was poop...wasnt even expecting another game the way it ended
ChrisW  +   768d ago
1 million is not very much... if not abysmally low!

It would be more believable if it had more than 1 billion for the set!
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gameonbro   768d ago | Spam
Bobby Kotex  +   768d ago
Not as good as the NVIDIA demo, but I'm sure I'll get downvoted.
Blankolf  +   769d ago | Well said
Indeed not only it's a faster and more powerfull RAM (50% power difference between GDDR5 and DDR3) it will use more of its RAM (7 GBs against Xbox 1's only 5 GBs) I think it's a given.

A faster console; more powerfull console; more game centric console; cheaper console; I am yet to see something the xbox 1 does better o.o
Cam977  +   769d ago
I heard the Bone is absolutely silent, but it had a power brick so that is completely irrelevant.
TwistingWords  +   769d ago | Intelligent
50% more powerful?

Give me a break...

Show me hard evidence, that it is 50% more powerful, give me the data sheets and the silicon errata's of the X1s hardware you must possess, not some website from little Timmy the e-journalist adding 2 numbers up and coming to some half baked conclusion.
Nocando  +   769d ago
Bubbles for intelligent. If only I had a "silly fanboy" bubble down for these other nice people.
gnothe1  +   769d ago
dont feel bad..its ALWAYS about the numbers with the sony guys..this gen it was always about cells numbers or how many gigs a game is..sony know how to play on these guys mental...lol
imt558  +   769d ago
What's wrong? You don't like the because it is true? Sorry, there ya go : http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

One more thing, Xbone has yield problems and expect more than 50% powerful PS4.:)
Sitdown  +   769d ago
Did we regularly see the ps3's great power over 360?
imt558  +   769d ago | Well said

Yes, we did.
Angeljuice  +   769d ago
It was Microsoft technicians who gave out the specs at the Xbone reveal. Surely they know better than 'little Timmy' about the machine they worked on. Open your eyes, you'll find it easier to see that way....I promise.
insertnamehurr  +   769d ago
@Sitdown PS3 vs xbox360 was different, has nothing to do with PS4 vs xboxone. The Xbox360 had a slightly better gpu and the PS3 had a slightly more powerful cpu, now with PS4 you truly have more power than the xboxone in every way, and, a few guys who played forza 5 and driveclub at the e3 commented on this website saying driveclub looked better.
Clarence  +   769d ago
Why don't you just look it up?
oscarcat59  +   769d ago
You are talking people who do not have a clue. One thing I am wondering about is the bottle neck from the hard drive to apu. Seems to me there is such a thing as overkill. And another how long load times will be. 500 dollar video cards only have 4 gigs of ram and that works with in many cases a core I-7. I am beginning to think putting 8 gigs of ram in theses consoles is more for marketing than for actual use.
sync90  +   769d ago
I agree with you on that. its almost like saying the ps4 is twice as powerful. and ive no intentions of buying an X1. just the x1 bashing on this sites getting ridiculous.
nypifisel  +   768d ago
It's already a fact that the PS4 GPUs computational power is 50% more than the X1. Don't know what you're getting at? Read Digital foundry's breakdown.
humbleopinion  +   768d ago

Obviously we didn't because the PS3 was weaker, and multiplat games heavy on graphics clearly showed that.

But this time the roles are entirely reversed:
Last gen the PS3 had TAH POWER OF THE CELLZ while sprouting a weaker GPU with less efficient (split) RAM with higher OS overhead. They tried to make up for it with a complex CELL SPU architecture which wasn't very effective to develop for. It was also more expensive because of the mandatory Bluray and hard drive.

This round, the XBONE has TAH POWER OF THE CLOUDZ while sprouting a weaker GPU with less efficient (lower badnwith) RAM with higher OS overhead. They're trying to make up for it with a complex MOVE engines+ESRAM architecture which isn't very effective to develop for. It is also more expensive because of the mandatory Kinect.
Sounds familiar?

The difference will probably be marginal (probably the same difference we see in each console generation excluding comparisons to the Wii/U), and maybe some first party studios will be able to develop great looking games for the weaker platform thanks to a lot of optimization efforts and workarounds.

But only deluded fanboys will ignore both the publicly available data sheets as well as easy to comprehend tech benchmarks between games available for both platforms when discussing the actual strengths of the hardware. This time around Sony made the smart choice and Microsoft came up with the slightly convoluted mess of a console.
Triforce079  +   768d ago
DDR3 has its advantages over gddr,plus lets speak about the ps4's chip ram whichis SRAM which isnt very fast when compared to wiiu's edram which it has on the cache and the cpu/gpgpu ?? look it up it destroys sram and on wikipedia it says it makes ur processor's very powerful.
gameonbro   768d ago | Spam
fuzzyLogix  +   768d ago
Are you a developer? Just curious as you seem to have a really good understanding of hardware.
Arai  +   769d ago
To support this information, final dev-kits will be sent out either this month or July.
Why SCE takes so long to finalize the kit is unknown, in some ways it's a bit messy considering the console is launching in approximately 5 months.

But it speaks volumes that developers are working with "incomplete" kits, yet able to get amazing results at such an early stage.
Even more so when you think about all the eye-candy we'll be seeing in the years to come.

As for Quantic Dream they always seem to make a demo to test the waters before turning it in an actual game.
I find their approach really smart, especially when their games turn out to look better than the technical demo's.

They are quite talented, no matter what people say.
Making Heavy Rain with only 16m budget really shows they know how to manage their budget, other developers could learn a thing or two from them.
Godchild1020  +   769d ago
How do you know they only had a 16 million dollar budget? And if true, I can't wait to find out what their budget for Beyond is.

Thanks for the info and link.
#4.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Arai  +   769d ago
16.7m to be precise for creating the game, the rest was due to advertising and what's not.
Hence why I used budget (internally for the studio).


And I never said dollar :P, even after conversion it's still a "small" budget by today's standard of 60m+ budget per game.
#4.1.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(1) | Report
Abriael  +   769d ago
16 million dollars for a game like heavy rain is quite amazing.
zeee  +   769d ago
Are you kidding me? 16m budget for the studio and they churn out a game like Heavy Rain? Now, THAT is impressive indeed.

Sony should consider buying Quantic Dreams. They are amazing devs. DO IT SONY!
humbleopinion  +   768d ago
A development budget of 10-20 Million is standard for current gen games (especially for a single platform game).
More impressive games such as Gears and The Witcher 2 were developed with a lower budget.
Even The Witcher 3 which is truely one of the most impressive next gen games multiplat games has only 15 Million dollars for development:
#4.1.4 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
stuntman_mike  +   769d ago
Also the fact that they made 100 million back on it too was amazing.
JewyMcJew  +   768d ago
Kits are always sent out last minute. It's tradition!
SlavisH2  +   769d ago
These tech demos are great, like the wiiU Zelda, but give us a game with gameplay.
Abriael  +   769d ago
The wiiU Zelda runs at 30 fps for an old game lol...

Edit: my bad, for a second I thought you meant wind waker HD, realized just now that you meant the old tech demo that they threw wehn presenting the Wii U and then disappeared.
#5.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Furesis  +   769d ago
i like how it says only 4 gigs? that's over half lol
Abriael  +   769d ago
That kind of demo normally juices every single drop of power the machine can offer in order to look as impressive as possible, that's why it says "only".
zeee  +   769d ago
Also, lets not forget that this is NOT optimized code. They are using high detail assets in PS3 engine. That is quite fantastic to be honest!
papashango  +   769d ago
How do you know it didn't?

the APU isn't really all that powerful. Developers have been maxing out the cpu/gpu long before they hit a memory wall for years...
BitbyDeath  +   769d ago
'Only 4 gb's' cause nobody can imagine what it'll look like if they used the full 7.
byeGollum  +   769d ago
Okay, that is impressive. I won't be playing specs tho'. Gameplay mechanics are what I'd marvel at.
JoelT  +   769d ago
This is the right time for the following image:

Related image(s)
ironmonkey  +   769d ago
Eventually xbox one will lag behind but for the first year or two both platforms will perform the same. Just like ps3 and xbox with ps3 being more powerful both platforms exclusives looked the same until years later ps3 took over the graphics.
wishingW3L  +   769d ago
the demo wasn't even made with PS4 development tools, they used the same ones they are using on Beyond for the PS3 but with higher quality assets. And what this mean is that the Tech Demo could look even better once they update all their tools. Now that's even more impressive than the Ram thing which could mean many different things.
#10 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sway_z  +   769d ago
Yes, an amazing visual demonstration of what can be expected on PS4....but did the article writer have to stress GDDR5 ram?

What other Ram would PS4 be using? ...certainly not DDR3!
sync90  +   769d ago
No way are the games going to look that good. are you that gullible? its a tech demo, no ai, no physics, no gameplay mechanics whatsoever. get real dude
sway_z  +   769d ago
Slow down man....life's good...make.believe and all that.

Sarobi  +   769d ago
Well how would yo know?. We're heading down a road where this type of graphical detail will be the norm, you just need to give it time.
Qrphe  +   769d ago
QD's games actually end up looking better than their tech demos.
imt558  +   768d ago
Well, go check all QD's tech-demo which i put in the post up there.:) And you will start believe.
Virtual_Reality  +   769d ago
Every single Tech Demo from Quantic Dream were not the same ''quality'' in their full games.

The Tech Demo before Heavy Rain, was not the same in Heavy Rain, the game was vastly better in terms of quality.

Beyond Two Souls looks better and more believable than KARA Tech Demo.

I can see Quantic Dream delivering a game with better quality than Dark Sorcerer Tech demo.
#12 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(30) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   769d ago
Staggering considering the generation hasnt even started.
Hazmat13  +   769d ago
in PS4 how much of is being used for OS? same goes with X1?
Campy da Camper  +   769d ago
Ps4 uses 1g and xbox1 uses 3g
vyralx  +   768d ago
3gb for OS?
younglj01  +   769d ago
after watching those two videos...."Holy Shit"

good day gamers
PositiveEmotions  +   769d ago
What is OS? Someone explain the 1gb OS
ANIALATOR136  +   769d ago
OS stands for Operating system. In other words the menu and everything else running in the background. Xbox uses 3gb DDR3 for its OS whilst PS4 only uses 1GB GDDR5
Tk731  +   769d ago
OS is operating system. Basically that software that runs everything. 1GB OS means that it only takes 1 gigabyte of RAM, so even though the ps4 has 8GB 1 of them is used by the OS, leaving 7 for games.
Virtual_Reality  +   769d ago
It is basically the main Operating System of the console, where it is stored every function and all the software that manages all programs. And is using only 1GB of the 8GB available on PS4.

Every computer system have one in their own custom architecture.
Arai  +   769d ago
OS is operating system, the PS4 uses an OS with a small memory footprint (Unix core, FreeBSD).


From the image above you now know that the operating system is called "Orbis OS".
The PS4 has 8Gb of high-speed system memory (gDDR5) of which 1Gb is reserved for the operating system, leaving 7Gb available to games.
#16.4 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
attilayavuzer  +   769d ago
Guys, I think he gets the point...
#16.5 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BitbyDeath  +   769d ago
The bone has 3 OS's at 1gb a piece which is why it takes up 3GB.
gameonbro   768d ago | Spam
PositiveEmotions  +   769d ago
Thanks guys for the answers that just makes me want to get the ps4 even more now! :D
MildaNee23   769d ago | Spam
Drainage  +   769d ago
id rather play animal crossing than a game from these guys.
Mikeyy  +   769d ago
May I ask why that is?
DarkHeroZX  +   769d ago
Because he's not a serious gamer and a troll trying to promote a mediocre game.
TongkatAli  +   769d ago
I rather play Toro's Friend Network. It's free and better then Animal Crossing.
WeAreLegion  +   769d ago
Freakin' A. I love that game.
Destrania  +   769d ago
Seriously... PS4 is incredible. I can't beleive devs are already able to do stuff this amazing. Can't wait!
HmongAmerican  +   769d ago
Sadly, first party is the only way we will see the full potential of the PS4.
Mikeyy  +   769d ago
It could go either way we have to see which system 3rd parties port to.

Being that mark cerny (legendary developer) designed this system and it 100% is built for ease of development. Including new dev tools.

This gen developers might dev for PS4 first then port to xb one.
esemce  +   769d ago
For multiplats it would make sense to go from PC to PS4 or PS4 to PC then scale anything back for the Xbone if they have to then scale even further for last gen ports.
Holeran  +   769d ago
Very impressive. I just hope they will be able to give us in game graphics like that running at 60fps when they come to grips with the hardware.
Angeljuice  +   769d ago
It will be better in-game if their past record is anything to go by.
esemce  +   769d ago
60FPS is at the top of my nextgen wishlish, sadly many devs prefer more eye candy at 30FPS.
Themba76  +   769d ago
yea but remember "THE POWWAAAHH OF THE CLOUD!!!!!"
esemce  +   769d ago
All hail the infinite power and majesty of mighty magical cloud.

You may worship at it's devine altar for a bargain price of only £429.99.
#23.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Thomper  +   769d ago
Why can't you just enjoy games, instead of making this into some kind of fan-war?

You really need to grow up
PFFT  +   769d ago
I highly agree.
WolfOfDarkness  +   769d ago
Ok , I'm sure there's no doubt that the PS4 is more capable, even taking into consideration that the system will obviously have some of its compute power taken up by the OS. Microsoft is hard-dedicating resources to a whole virtualized OS on a system with lesser specs. By the way, for anyone following AMD architecture the past few generations, we know succinctly that it performs best with the fastest RAM possible (as compared to the lackluster performance enhancements with faster RAM on an Intel Core series processor). I feel like that GDDR5 coupled with a better GPU will make a world of difference.

Given Microsoft's showing of features which take advantage of the instant-switching, which is mostly TV stuff as of now, It makes me feel far more inclined to buy a PS4 as a dedicated games console because I don't watch TV. The other side of the coin is that I find the virtualized OS intriguing from my tech-whore side, and I know it will surely be used for better things in the future as Microsoft pulls away from the decaying traditional television model (they did make an effort to point out their belief in being flexible for a reason). I'm still personally undecided, even though I think I trust Sony to deliver games which appeal to me much more.
kingPoS  +   769d ago
Remember when people talked about the wonders the PS3's XDR RAM and things it would help to accomplish. There were some growing pains with that at first.

This time around it's different. The ram pool is unified the specs are higher. I wouldn't be surprised if the more crafty devs start by using less ram from the start. That way they'll have room to grow.
GraveLord  +   769d ago
Just imagine what Sony 1st party will be able to do in a few year once they are maxing out the PS4 and squeezing out every drop of power. *drools*
mydyingparadiselost  +   769d ago
This was the most impressive thing to come out of E3 graphics wise (and maybe the funniest as well), I can't wait to see what else the console can do.
Fireseed  +   769d ago
Wow. As a modeler... that's just lazy. Bet they just exported their sculpts from Zbrush without even bothering to retopologize them. Sure that says a lot about the hardware but that says even more about how lazy the artists are.
BitbyDeath  +   769d ago
QD own a motion capture studio.

"We are also considered one of the leading motion capture studios, in particular for the creation of real-time 3D Virtual Actors performing with stunning realism. Over the last fourteen years we have developed proprietary technologies, including some very advanced tools and a unique approach to the production pipeline."

Fireseed  +   768d ago
That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

When you model a High Poly character you try and do whats called Retopologization which means you redo the geometry of a model, this is done to reduce the polycount and allow for more action on screen at once. You keep the details through technologies such as Normal maps.

The motion capture studio only effects the animation, not the modeling.


While Decimaton Master is a quick and dirty way of retopoing a character, it shows the concept.
BitbyDeath  +   768d ago
Ok, I don't know much on the topic, just thought since they are going about making games in a unique fashion that the philosophies may also be different.
Father__Merrin  +   769d ago
PS4 IS BETTER THAN XBOX1 - can we leave it now?
Shok  +   769d ago
Yes everyone, let's focus on how many gigs the demo is running on and how many poly's are being pushed rather than focusing on the game itself.

What is it? What is the story? Will it be good? What does it play like? Etc.
Thomper  +   769d ago
No,no,no.... The fan-drones like demos of pppoooowwweeerrrrr... It doesn't matter if the games are rubbish, or if the support is bad.... Lolz

We are dealing with children.. It's kind of amusing
mushroomwig  +   769d ago
The Dark Sorcerer isn't a game and it never will be, it's simply a tech demo.
TongkatAli  +   769d ago
It's a tech demo, lol.
Virtual_Reality  +   768d ago
QD never fails with Storytelling.
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