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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 961d ago | news

Hideo Kojima Praises The Xbox One, May Integrate Kinect And SmartGlass In MGS 5

"Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was one of those rare games at E3 that actually looked like a next-gen game. Featuring a massive open world and giving rise to all new stealth options, The Phantom Pain promises to be one of the finest Metal Gear Solid games, if not the greatest." (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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vishmarx  +   961d ago
cant argue with that.
He's been playing with cameras n controllers since Mgs1
Need4Game   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
fermcr  +   961d ago | Well said
Playstation fanboys can't take it when someone praises the X1. When are you guys going to accept that both the PS4 and X1 are going to be great gaming platforms.
demonddel  +   961d ago
@fermcr right see how butthurt they are now they don't like Kojima that group of playstation fans gotta be some scorn women who hates to feel cheated on they feel Kojima is cheating on them so it's not looking good right now they hated EA before when they show xbox love but came back they hate Square now same with Imsomniac and others
TheTwelve  +   961d ago
Kojima has always had a fascination with America and its culture, so seeing him warming up to Microsoft over the years is annoying but not surprising.

Shadonic  +   961d ago
I have to agree everyone has been doing 180's
Gaming101  +   960d ago
It's the fact that we know Microsoft unloaded a truck full of money on Kojima's doorstep. Of course Kojima is going to be sucking Msoft balls, I would too if I was paid millions of dollars for no reason other than to develop for another console.
bsquwhere  +   960d ago
Wow the only one that sounds like a fanboy is you. I don't see one anti Xbox comment. Plus if I remember correctly when MGS4 came out most Xbox gamers called it crap and hated on it
SDS Gamerfiend  +   960d ago
When there's no always connected kinect!
aceitman  +   960d ago
all I can say is money can make people say a lot of things look what we got from Metal Gear Rising , it wasn't what we loved from the metal gear series and im not being a fan boy im just saying , its not like anyone doesn't no ms pays out some good cash to have stuff on there system.
minimur12  +   960d ago
Of course hell praise X1 - he's in bed with MS now, as are insomniac.
pixelsword  +   960d ago
@ fermcr:

So I guess now Xbox fanboys love movies as games now, eh?
joonkimdmd  +   960d ago
I own Wii U and also preordered both X1 and PS4. I believe that both of them will be very different even though they share lots of 3rd party games. However, if developers start talking about Kinect features in the game, I will definitely buy PS4 version that does less goofy gimmicks.
raytraceme  +   960d ago
it gets annoying when devs. mention smartglass on the xbox while totally ignoring that the ps4 can do exactly the same thing with vita/android/ios devices if not better since the vita has mostly the same controls as the ds4.
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bakasora  +   960d ago
Kojima don't!
Donnieboi  +   960d ago
The ps4 will also allow the use of cellphones and tablets. DICE and Ubisoft are already implementing them on ps4.

Also, the ps4 has the ps eye, so it can have these features too. Sure they'll just be gimmicky if Kojma is only NOW implementing the camera.
xxLuckyStrike  +   960d ago
The lopsided Sony fanboyism on this crap site is disgusting. The biased ignorism and encouraged hypocritical hatrid is rewarded via a flawed a$$ bubble system. Which can still be manipulated via trollwatch. Admins here are a fine group of hit driven sackless wonders. A clear lack of balance and logic are non existent
Gamer1982  +   960d ago
Hes gotta praise the Xbox 1 as hes getting paid a TON of money right now to back it. We all know hes a very good loyal friend to Sony and would prefer to keep his game with Sony just like with Last gen but the money his publisher got meant like with Rising he had no choice but to do an Xbox One and 360 version.
BallsEye  +   960d ago
Give the guy a break. If he'd make it ps4 exclusive you all would praise him, now that he likes X1 you say he sleeps with ms and other crap. Seriously people, grow up.
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Dee_Cazo  +   960d ago
Yeah the 12 year olds on here who get upset that people can like video games and hardware lose their minds over this. Single-handedly ruining N4G.
The_Con-Sept  +   960d ago
Every metal gear game is great. It is funny when journalists take things out of context to make it seem like a bias is present.

MGS4 was a great game followed by a loyalist statement from kojima. All this means is you will now have to own a cell phone to hear codec calls, and have a PC to hack PC's. Then you will get random phone calls from someone named smegma face....
D-riders  +   960d ago
@fermcr, MS had their chance with me they fu*ked it up. To me they are not a gaming company but a corporate giant attemting to destroy the industry with fould practices and policies
Simon_Brezhnev  +   961d ago
I dont care about the game of MGs universe. He needs to work on the series he forgot ZOE. He will never make another ZOE. If MGS5 sales is crazy he will just keep working on that.
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Me-Time  +   961d ago
I meant to click "Agree".
FantasyStar  +   960d ago
There's nothing left to do in the ZoE universe anyways. Assuming you've played the games and watched the anime; you'd know that.

Well, we can always use more "cockpit jokes".
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ThatsGaming  +   960d ago
Interesting, personally I am not really bought into Kinect as a "gamers" device.

I do see a lot of use for smart glass though... Especially for RTS and RPG games where menus and keyboards would be typical in the games.
JokesOnYou  +   960d ago
Wow look at this thread, Kojima a well respected dev most of all by sony fans last gen is now the devil reincarnated, his only crime praising X1. I like many always have been a huge Bungie fan for their awesome work in bringing us the Halo franchise..they moved on, got close with sony and yet I still would never disrespect Bungie for sharing their love of gaming on other platforms. I'd expect 1 or 2 extremists to be all butthurt but I got to say I'm surprised at the level of hate for Kojima. Sad really and some wonder why sonyfanboys got the worst reputation of them all.
TheTwelve  +   960d ago
Nah, Sony fanboys aren't calling him "devil incarnated". Don't let a few morons speak for all of us. We're just a bit suspect of Kojima now...


(Wow, there is a mod blowing up this looks like Hamburger Hill now...)
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extermin8or  +   960d ago
I see like 2 hate comments maybe 3... no idea wtf you are on about... anyone saying MG4's cutscenes didn't take the piss is on crack however games was still great, and peace walker was also great :) I'm disappointed he's considering gimmicky things like kinect or this second screen crap currently in every game under the sun... (except seemingly the wii u where half the games aren't even being ported too...weird) but I won't have to deal with the kinect crap as I'll be playing MGS5 on my ps4... not an xbox one. econd screen stuff will be on ps4 aswell as it supports it via tablets and ps vita aswell-so why he wouldn't have it supported by both consoles I don't know-really wish he wouldn't though...
JokesOnYou  +   960d ago
exterminator are you serious, read all the closed posts and the rest of this thread....GamersRulz,Mr Nutz,Cam977,abzdine,Need4game, Gamig101,Gardenia,Masseffect23 ...need I go on? There plenty more further down.

The Twelve I know its not ALL sony fans my apologies but it sure is alot of 'em I mean I did read alot of Kojima is paid off type comments which sadly implies his statements are only about money and NOT his true feelings...I dont know about you but questioning a persons integrity may not make him the devil but it is f-up. Listen anybody with half a brain could probably coorectly assume there was some financial incentive/payment to present a micros show but doing business and being paid off to say things you dont believe are two very different things.
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TongkatAli  +   960d ago
Jokes on you if you believe that.
aceitman  +   960d ago
but have u seen him say anything about the ps4 , nope not one thing positive over x1 , but one system has its advantages over the other x1 can have some over ps4 and ps4 can have some over x1 . but Kojima has not stated anything that the ps4 can do better over x1 , but he states x1 has advantages over ps4.
humbleopinion  +   960d ago
His crime is not only praising Xbox One, but actually highlighting a feature that might be exclusive to the Xbox One.

And the worst thing, he's forgoing the exclusivity deal with Sony they had in MGS4.
It must be his fault, no matter how much it simply makes sense that it's Sony who probably didn't want to pay up for exclusivity this time around. It's not 2008 anymore and the PS3 now has a wide selection of in-house exclusives.

So to sum up lunatic fanboy logic: a developer wants to only make a game for only a single platform, and give up on the tens of millions of potential customers on the other platform.
It makes so much business sense! It's not the console owner who showed up with a sack of money up his front door asking for exclusivity, but rather the other console owner offering him exposure to millions of potential customers who needs to "bribe him".

Some people here are just lost cause.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   960d ago

I remember at one point MSFB's had the worst reputation. That record has easily been broken thanks to SFB and there crazy gifs and allegiance and pro hate for MS.

Its funny because it all started with PlayStation releasing more exclusives than 360, that's it.

Just like @Jokes said Bungie is making an incredible new universe. And Bungie has never been this focused since the first Halo Ip. With that being said Sony did partner with Bungie to promote the game. How come we don't see MS loyalist and MSfanboys storming the Destiny articles and saying "Bungie sold out" Bungies in bed with Sony" Sony wrote a huge check and through money in there face." or any other hypocritical statements? Seeing how the site is supposed "even with fanboys from both sides"

I bet you 100 bucks nobody can answer this.

I never seen those comments from MS fans or fanboys.
showtimefolks  +   960d ago
Look everyone beliefs now a days are paid to say nice things about their systems nothing new, since I started gaming 23 years ago thing like these happen

Now if someone can actually integrate kinect right to Kojima, MGS5 looks sick cant wait but I know we gonna have at least 15-18 months plus wait
sweetSWAGGER  +   960d ago
I think the level of strategic freedom the player is given in most Metal Gear Solid titles goes up and over most other AAA games. So, funny enough, saying that the gameplay is secondary only makes other games look THAT much weaker by comparison.

Look at MGS4; you can't tell me the level of choice you had gameplay-wise was low JUST because Kojima put a lot into the story. The gameplay was solid, and allowed the player plenty of freedom.

Now look at Phantom Pain. If you've been following the game like I have, you'd take the trailer's word for it when it says "unparalleled strategic freedom".
With the few details we've been given, there are already hundreds of ways the player can approach a mission: time of day, weather, weapons, transportation, when you want a chopper to come get you and where you want it to take you (hell, you can even pick the song that plays inside it!)

I apologize for the text wall, but honestly, Kojima has proven time and again that he WILL deliver solid gameplay. The fact that it comes second is like saying aerial shells come second to assorted fireworks. If I have to choose between an aerial shell and the same novelty fireworks we keep getting from other AAA games, I'll go with the former.
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brandonklex  +   960d ago
Kojima is just putting up his finger into American people...That is to say if u r smart enough n following his titles, he is revenging for the atomic bombs. This is just a cover-up move alongside with pushing suspecting-David Hayter behind...He is a Japan-maniac and a patriot.
bganci  +   960d ago
Do you guys really think the Playstation Eye will be as powerful as the Kinect? How to win the internet Hate Microsoft, love Sony.
Jaces  +   960d ago
Don't care. Just give me MGS5 already!
vlonjati77vlonjati  +   960d ago
nice one lol cant wait for MGSV.
Philoctetes  +   960d ago
I hate Kinect as much as the next guy, mainly because it seems like a gimmick every single time developers incorporate it into a game. But if anybody is going to find a creative, non-gimmicky way to use Kinect, it will be Kojima. I'm very interested in seeing what he comes up with.
Ginesis  +   960d ago
@raytraceme and @Donnieboi There's a difference between Microsoft and Sony's, Android and iOS push to cellphones and tablets. Right now Smart glass is available on more devices, while PS Mobile is on a very limited number of devices right now. They have to be "PlayStation Certified" first, whatever that means.
GamersRulz   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(13)
SpideySpeakz   961d ago | Immature | show | Replies(5)
SlavisH2  +   961d ago
I hope he uses all resources for each platform mean each will have somewhat of a exclusive experience!
TheFallenAngel   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
GusBricker  +   961d ago
The player yells "Snake" at Kinect and Snake does a barrel roll in his box.

ZBlacktt   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
No_Limit  +   961d ago
Nice move, with Kinect being included in every Sku and smartglass working with all smartphone OSs, Kojima don't have to worry about making workaround or sacrifices to cater to those vanilla consoles and can go full out with these implementations. I will definitely check out MGSV.
YodaCracker  +   961d ago | Well said
On N4G:

Developer praises Xbox = paid
Developer praises PlayStation = speaking from the heart
TheBossMan  +   961d ago
This is true, though it usually carries a bit of merit.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   961d ago
N4G, hivemind
Prime_28  +   961d ago
So true.
extermin8or  +   960d ago
Think it depends on what they are praising-if they are praising the architecture of the consoles, fair enough, but when they are praising the gimmicky features like kinect and smart glass (on either console) or say praising the share function of ps4 etc etc then they are either mad, or talking crap because they've been paid or have gone nuts. Although seeing as it was revealed that at E3 Ms actually were paying devs to only show their versions of games and in some cases not even mention Ps4 versions unless it was directly brought up witht them. It wouldn't suprise me if he had been paid a boatload of cash after all without any exclusivity stuff to announce why was he on MS's stage and not showing that trailer at konami's own cofrence... or at both confrences Sony's and microsofts?
BOLO   960d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DoubleM70  +   960d ago
Give me a freaking break he gets paid by both companies. How did his feelings get into this. Shit is just getting to deep now.
telekineticmantis  +   961d ago
This why PS needs
to push their camera as best as possible, making the camera bundle more available than the standard or software bundle, even if they have to throw in PSPLus as an incentive. I hope Sony has learned something about supporting their own hardware from last gen, shoot, THE LAST 3 GENS!
Megaton  +   961d ago
Why? Why do we need camera gimmicks mucking up our games? I'm thrilled that Sony cares about as much as I do about the PS Eye.
telekineticmantis  +   961d ago
I'm interested in Media Molecules game
I'm not interested in the gimmicky part of peripherals, but games that push the medium in new directions, I'm really interested in the Sony AR/VR headset, they can use that and the move in interesting ways.
Nicaragua  +   961d ago
Wow great ! I can't wait to use smart glass in some games, it looks like the perfect accessory for next generation innovation and immersion.

Said no one ever.
#11 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
AznGaara  +   960d ago
Except almost EVERY next gen game uses a tablet now. Watch_dogs, Battlefield, The Division etc etc. I'm not talking about smart glass either but tablet integration in general.
Nicaragua  +   960d ago
I dont care how many games use it, its a gimmick and a pretty lame one at that.
Soldierone  +   961d ago
Microsoft obviously opened their wallets and it could work out well. Its a form of marketing. Get a new product, give product to leading industry guys, pay leading industry guys to test it out, have their positive comments go public, see how many you can pay to ONLY use said product to say its better.

This won't last too long. MS is simply advertising it. Its part of a bigger push. They are demonstrating cloud infrastructure and related products at their show in San Francisco soon, and I'm sure they will mention positive comments from the game industry.

Sony would do the same thing, well they did with Blu-ray and look how that worked out. Its awesome and now used, but were developers praising it out the butt after a year or two of doing it? No, no one really mentioned it until they wanted MS to use it for Xbox One. But leading up to PS3 etc it was constant "we can do so much more with all the added space!" Sony just wasn't being a douche and taking away MS exclusive companies to say it. Imagine if they had Bungie randomly go "we are making a PS3 exclusive because blu-ray is so awesome"

I don't think Kojima will sink as low as Insomniac though. If an MGS title were to go exclusive to Xbox, all hell would break loose and he doesn't want that.
DoubleM70  +   960d ago
Well Insomniac was paid by Microsoft to develope a new IP what's wrong with that. The object is to make money for your company. Insomniac chose to go multiplatform to make more money. Nothing wrong with that.
Soldierone  +   960d ago
I have no issues with multi-plat games. More money for a company I love is great. However when they go and ditch you for money, its like "Wtf? I've been supporting you for generations, and you dont care at all?"

I don't think Kojima will do that, at least I hope not, as he actually supports the fans. The only way he will is if MS approaches Konami and they over rule him.
-Gespenst-  +   961d ago
I really hope Kojima isn't on the cusp of losing the plot.

First Kiefer Sutherland, then clearly getting paid by MS at e3, and now praising the Xbox One...
DonFreezer  +   960d ago
The amount of agrees you have received is at the least funny.What happened to all of you who where praising Kojima to death for being the premier playstation developer?
extermin8or  +   960d ago
Well obvious answer is he stopped being the premiere PS developer? :P But I don't have an issue with him praising XB1 it concerns me more the parts of it he's praising... Also he was clearly paid to show his trailer at their conference and not his OWN and I agree with the Kiefer Sutherland stuff also I really don't like the way they treated David Hayter I mean surely they could've at least informed him beforehand instead of im being as surprised as all of us...
FlunkinMonkey  +   960d ago
What happened to all of you xbox fanboys saying MGS was just a glorified movie, and wasn't even a game? Enjoy the 'film'..
PirateThom   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
goldwyncq  +   961d ago
creatchee  +   961d ago
Well here comes the usual idiot squad with their talk of Microsoft payoffs, selling out and "Kojima's lost his touch."

Maybe he is excited about new technology and being able to reach a larger audience with his games? You know - the logical explanation?

Kojima has proven time and time again that he does not compromise his vision. Do you think that a blank check changes his mind now when he already has enough money to last him for a lifetime?
Thomper  +   960d ago
K2 is an interesting piece of tech.. Sony obviously see's the value in motion control, but went in half-arsed. Why bother at all?

K2 , I think, will actually deliver this time. As a tech junkie, I am excited to see what it can do.

The videogame industry needs shaking up, perhaps K2 will contribute to that??
rainslacker  +   960d ago
Kojima has always been excited for almost every technology out there. He's a pretty big tech head. Don't think I've ever seen him bash any technology or company, and praises a lot of things for their possibilities.

Other than that, yeah I agree people shouldn't be quite so quick to assume things about him.
TongkatAli  +   960d ago
It's a camera. Cameras aren't "new technology".
#16.3 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
PopRocks359  +   960d ago
Hasn't it already been proven that the Playstation 4 is a more technically capable console? It also has just as much functionality as the Xbox One with Vita cross-play and EyeToy. Yeah, those are optional, but Kojima's statements are just odd. Why is he praising the Xbox for something the PS4 can probably just easily do, if not better?

I honestly do think it's paid. His game was exclusively demoed at the Microsoft E3 conference. I have a hard time believing it could be anything else.
ironmonkey  +   961d ago
Its a big risk but if he wants to spice it up a little why not. hes either going to make it or break it.
Kos-Mos   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
microgenius  +   961d ago
i as a die hard fan of master kojima am really sad
CrossingEden  +   960d ago
then you aren't a die hard fan, if your undies get ruffled because a game developer who has developed for multiple systems praises something that you don't like, then YOU are in the wrong, not him, thank god that NONE OF YOU, will ever be game developers, bunch of children
microgenius  +   960d ago
yeah you right im not a die hard fan since i play his games from the start on my NES when you sir probably werent exist or in best were starting to say mami dadi
im also a kid in 30 why?
because i dont like THE TOTAL RIP OFF CONSOLE that blind fangirls like you like
just look at final fantasy what happend to it after going multi?
breakpad  +   961d ago
the title of the article is misleading, Kojima just say (as any developer would say when asked for a specific device)his opinion about the integration of new technologies in consoles ..he would say the same things if he was asked about VIta and PS4..
#20 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
breakpad  +   961d ago
if he really praises MS brand then its one big loss for SONY and for Japanese games fans who generally prefer SONY consoles....for me Kojima after his jump to multi games is dead..he ended up like one of the others MS supporters
Thomper  +   960d ago
Oh, grow up.
extermin8or  +   960d ago
Really... I mean I could understand you taking that attitude to Insomniac for their backstabbing their fans that are playstation fans... But Kojima went multiplatform.. you can still play his game if you don't want an xbox. Get a grip, however if you want to be pissed off at Insomniac games.. Im with you there. I had no issue with them going multiplatform but their exclusivity is like Epic games turning round and announcing their new games to be ps4 exclusive... yeah xbox only/primairily gamers would be annoyed. Or if Bungie had said destiny was exclusive to sony consoles...
breakpad  +   960d ago
i would ask a simple question ...both of you ..did you like MGR:R ???? a downgraded ,provocative short action game so it can be played (and liked) by Xbox audience/???? as a game its not bad ..but as a kojipro game IS..
IQUITN4G  +   960d ago
hmm just a wee bit bit extreme. Staggeringly ignorant comment though so hats off for that

I'd be willing to bet Kojima would be thrilled to know you wont be supporting his efforts
Firan  +   960d ago
"did you like MGR:R"

That was P* game. In the case you live in a cave, Kojima gave the project to Platinum because they couldn't handle it. It's not KojiPro game.

And yes, I did enjoy it. Not as Metal Gear game but as hack 'n slash game.
CalamityCB  +   961d ago
Hideo praises sony tech, N4G praises and celebrates.
Hideo praises MS tech, N4G rage and complain he has been paid.
Typical, this website can be biased beyond belief.
Gamingskills  +   961d ago
I agree with you 1000%. This website is OVERRUN by SONY LOYALEST. Anything positive about XBOX ONE gets shot down with the QUICKNESS anything SONY related gets hyped up like the second coming of CHRIST!
TongkatAli  +   960d ago
I would say it's 50/50. Sony loyalist and Sony haters. You hate on them cause the fanbase is passionate, what a reason to hate = )

Enjoy that camera brahhh, no need to get up to turn on your console.
PirateThom  +   961d ago
Yeah, but he's talking about Kinect and Smartglass. No one cares about either of these things.
ExCest  +   961d ago
Not exactly. Intel seems to like Kinect quite a bit since they're making their own version of it.
SignifiedSix91  +   961d ago
I care about smartglass and kinect.

I'd rather use my tablet for a map than having to waste time going into a different menu.

And I love using voice commands with the kinect.
Thomper  +   960d ago
I do.
rainslacker  +   960d ago
I've seen a lot of people care about Kinect recently...don't know why though since very few seemed to care before a few weeks ago.

Smartglass is interesting, but nothing on the Wii U shows that it's terribly interesting. It's good for a few things sure. Wii U's version of touchscreen is honestly more convenient for the single user. OTOH, bet a lot of the people praising smartglass were some of the first to put down the Wii U controller. Irony huh?

As far as my feelings, most of the uses for it shown during E3 weren't that compelling. Most looked to be ways to take a person out of the game and be an added player that doesn't do a whole lot. Not bad if you're not at the console itself to play, but limited in usability while sitting on the couch with an actual controller.

Dunno if Kinect and SmartGlass combo would work out better or not. Takes creative minds to come up with something that works.
#21.2.4 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
kennyg3739  +   960d ago
I care, but I guess i'm a noboody
SpideySpeakz  +   961d ago
Rumors by reliable sources suggest many publishers were paid by MS to present their versions of the game as superior compared to the PS4 version. That rumor is starting to ring truth.
SignifiedSix91  +   961d ago
Keep on cryin, bro. Just because he praised the x1, doesn't mean he got paid.

You guys need to grow up.
Tetsujin  +   960d ago

Apparently you wasn't around during 2006-2010 when this site was 100% Xbox/360; anything relating to positive news on Sony was either voted down, knocked to the 3rd+ page, and/or even submitted as "Fake" news. The people on this site was even worse; now it's Sonys turn to at least redeem themselves and the majority are calling "foul."

Double standards at its finest.


Kojima wanting to make multiplat games don't bother me, I just hope he doesn't lose his touch because of certain hardware restrictions (notice I didn't say who so don't go adding to it). If I had it my way, I'd say work on other games (Snatcher, Policenauts, ZoE, etc) and let MGS take a break for a while.
CalamityCB  +   960d ago
Oh I remember it clearly (I was a lurker lol).
1412 KID  +   960d ago
cus we already know... MS tech, is crap
BOLO   960d ago | Trolling | show
mydyingparadiselost  +   961d ago
Kinect, sure, do whatever you want Kojima. Smartglass-no. I'm tired of MS wanting me to juggle a controller while tapping an Ipad AND yelling at my TV. It's just too much, smartglass makes very little sense , just drop it and stop wasting your money and my time.
GTAallday  +   961d ago
MGS5 doesn't interest me as much as it would have being an PlayStation exclusive.
CrossingEden  +   961d ago
in other words you're the epitome of a fanboy because you get bothered that people WHO YOU'LL NEVER MEET play a different console and will get to play the same game as you
GTAallday  +   960d ago
Yup, PlayStation proud.
#23.1.1 (Edited 960d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
first1NFANTRY  +   960d ago
Hey at least you're being honest about it. A lot of people would rather have it exclusive but since both consoles are using a blu ray disk Kohima can easily work to his full potential for next gen platforms. I hope he doesn't cut any corners for current gen tho.
MildaNee23   961d ago | Spam
myplaystationDOTnet   961d ago | Spam
NateCole  +   961d ago
As long as he delivers a great MGS i really dont care either way.
sync90  +   960d ago
Well said. thats all that really matters.
badboy776   961d ago | Trolling | show
Master-H   961d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
trolik999   961d ago | Spam
Sm00thNinja  +   961d ago
Woooooow as amazing as the PS4 is you N4G guys are making me root for the Xbox One. I mean there's no logic in half the post I've seen here? Seriously since when does Blow>Kojima? You all are lost in you're own fanboyism. A guy can't praise a console anymore jeesh
PirateThom  +   961d ago
No, he can praise a console, just not gimmicky features of said console which didn't work last gen and won't work this gen.

In any case, if he can have an opinion, so can others. My opinion is that Kinect and Smartglass need to stop existing.
#30.1 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
Sm00thNinja  +   961d ago
Freedom of speech doesn't exist here
CrossingEden  +   961d ago
"HE CAN'T PRAISE SOMETHING I DON'T LIKE, however if he were to praise the touch pad of the ps4 controller i'd be like love you kojima!"
-your logic
Nate-Dog  +   960d ago
Ah so he's only allowed to praise certain things but not others? I think in the future you should send that list onto these industry members to make sure they don't make a fool of themselves.
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