Why I’ll Still Be Getting A PS4 This Christmas – Reader’s Feature

Metro: ''A reader explains why his next gen plans have not changed despite Microsoft’s U-turn – and why he now trusts Sony to be more gamer-centric.''

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MariaHelFutura1517d ago ShowReplies(2)
Relientk771517d ago

Sony knows how to keep throwing exclusives at us, year after year

20 new exclusives in just the first year of PS4's life cycle, 12 of which are new IPs

MariaHelFutura1517d ago

Exactly. Home grown, not purchased.

Smoovekid1517d ago

All microsoft does is buy timed exclusives because they do not have the first-party talent of Sony.

devwan1517d ago

@Smoovekid And how quickly those dried up in the current gen.

abzdine1517d ago

Yeah look at The Last of Us! It came almost out of nowhere and it's one of the best games ever made... And this is only first episode on a '' dying hardware'' as people like to call it!

IQUITN4G1517d ago

great news article this. N4g really has turned to shit

fattyuk1517d ago

Yeah and your comment evens it out.

IQUITN4G1517d ago

nah I'm just contributing to the overall crap. Shouldn't have even looked I suppose but this is still not what I'd call news

Master-H1517d ago

@Adro not what you would call news huh , hmmm , is that why it has "Opinion piece" written under it by any chance ????

MariaHelFutura1517d ago

No, things just aren't going as well for some people as they are for others.

Soldierone1517d ago

When Sony says "We are spending money on new games," it means "we are making new games ourselves," not "we are buying timed exclusive deals." haha

MariaHelFutura1517d ago

Kaz, Shu, Jack and Sony in general are 'stone cold playas'.

Kakashi Hatake1517d ago

Don't forget about Mark Cerny :p

abzdine1517d ago

MS showed ALL THEY HAD at e3.
now let's move on to gamescom and TGS to see who has more games!

miyamoto1516d ago

Don't put all your wggs in "One" basket, hey?

Blastoise1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Probably gonna get one for Christmas too. Can't wait for get my hands on games like Destiny, Killzone, Infamous and Planetside 2.

The Ps4 is gonna rock

Looking forward to next-gen