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Why I’ll Still Be Getting A PS4 This Christmas – Reader’s Feature

Metro: ''A reader explains why his next gen plans have not changed despite Microsoft’s U-turn – and why he now trusts Sony to be more gamer-centric.'' (PS4)

MariaHelFutura   400d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Relientk77  +   400d ago
Sony knows how to keep throwing exclusives at us, year after year

20 new exclusives in just the first year of PS4's life cycle, 12 of which are new IPs
MariaHelFutura  +   400d ago
Exactly. Home grown, not purchased.
Smoovekid  +   400d ago
All microsoft does is buy timed exclusives because they do not have the first-party talent of Sony.
devwan  +   400d ago
@Smoovekid And how quickly those dried up in the current gen.
abzdine  +   400d ago
Yeah look at The Last of Us! It came almost out of nowhere and it's one of the best games ever made... And this is only first episode on a '' dying hardware'' as people like to call it!
Adropacrich2  +   400d ago
great news article this. N4g really has turned to shit
fattyuk  +   400d ago
Yeah and your comment evens it out.
Adropacrich2  +   400d ago
nah I'm just contributing to the overall crap. Shouldn't have even looked I suppose but this is still not what I'd call news
Master-H  +   400d ago
@Adro not what you would call news huh , hmmm , is that why it has "Opinion piece" written under it by any chance ????
MariaHelFutura  +   400d ago
No, things just aren't going as well for some people as they are for others.

Soldierone  +   400d ago
When Sony says "We are spending money on new games," it means "we are making new games ourselves," not "we are buying timed exclusive deals." haha
MariaHelFutura  +   400d ago
Kaz, Shu, Jack and Sony in general are 'stone cold playas'.
Kakashi Hatake  +   400d ago
Don't forget about Mark Cerny :p
abzdine  +   400d ago
MS showed ALL THEY HAD at e3.
now let's move on to gamescom and TGS to see who has more games!
miyamoto  +   399d ago
Don't put all your wggs in "One" basket, hey?
Blastoise  +   400d ago
Probably gonna get one for Christmas too. Can't wait for get my hands on games like Destiny, Killzone, Infamous and Planetside 2.

The Ps4 is gonna rock

Looking forward to next-gen
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SmokingMonkey  +   400d ago
It's all about the games,

Sony has them in spades!

Need proof of this fact? look no further than what's out and hot right now...

The Last of Us

PS4 will be great because of it's 1st party games, puts them on top for me over any other gaming system..easily.
from the beach  +   400d ago
Fascinating angle, massive Sony fanboy not buying Xbox product.
PurpHerbison  +   400d ago
That is called the "N4G Angle". Get with the times man.
from the beach  +   400d ago
I'm just mad that it's so blatant.. 'Xbone' this and that. Give me a break!
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Kakashi Hatake  +   400d ago
Did you not read the article? He preferred 360 this gen. Just because he's not so easily forgiving of the company that tried to screw us over, he's a Sony fanboy? I guess anyone that's not in bed with MS is a fanboy huh?
from the beach  +   400d ago
I did read it and I thought it was really dirty.

He might not be a fanboy - he writes like one, though.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   400d ago
People support systems because they love the games on them and the features and the value more. Not the other way around.
Pillsbury1  +   400d ago
Sony cares about gamers and gives us what we want: games.
miyamoto  +   399d ago
Its only natural for the company who helped build an niche emerging market into a billion dollar industry to care and defend from another company who is raging mad to steal and destroy it in favor of its challenged and shrinking home PC market.
jakmckratos  +   400d ago
WHy you'' STILL??? What was the doubt??
PositiveEmotions  +   400d ago
I want to get two ps4s one for me and one for my cousin that lives in mexico
chela  +   400d ago
am not gettin it, not worth a penny
GamerzElite  +   400d ago
Go get a OUYA, OUYA justify ur pocket.
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MasterCornholio  +   400d ago
Its a console for gamers which is why I'm getting one.

And the fact that its 100$ cheaper than the Xbox One, has superior hardware and doesn't force you to connect a camera to it helps a lot.

Motorola RAZR i
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TheEvilWithin  +   400d ago
I got mine almost paid off and picking up Skylanders Swap Force, Killzone, Watch Dogs, and Knack on day one! Can't wait! Almost have the PLAT for The Last Of Us just have my survivor playthrough and survivor+ play through.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   400d ago
A man is playing through LoU on Survivor and it's going very well, but a man is dreading the "x journey" on MP trophies. Your group has to survive for 12 weeks so how many games is that?
Virtual_Reality  +   400d ago
If SOE really optimized Planetside 2 on the PS4 compared to the PC version with AMD CPU's, with all the graphics maxed out like they said, it will be a killer App on PS4.

Recommended settings for this game requires 8GB of RAM, a powerful CPU, 1GB GPU DX11 like a GTX 560

Can SOE pull this off?
ironmonkey  +   400d ago
Just because the back of a box tells you the requirements doesnt mean need to meet those requirements. Its called optimization and it can still look amazing.
no_more_trolling  +   400d ago
arent you guys tired of repeating the same comments everyday?
ill be getting the ps4 too, but my gosh. stop acting like a broken record

disagree if the truth hurts
Cam977  +   400d ago
Wow, mature. Don't like this site? Leave.
no_more_trolling  +   400d ago
awww the truth hurts
Cam977  +   400d ago
That's right, just validate my words and show how immature you are. Please do us all a favour, stop acting like a 12 year old and grow up because it ruins the site.
no_more_trolling  +   400d ago
its people like you who ruins this website
with nothing else but the same talking points and buzzwords everyday
DivineAssault  +   400d ago
Nx gen wars will be fun to watch.. Sony has a great machine that devs wont have a hard time with this time so imagine how great things will be. M$ doesnt have anything worth noting with its nx gen console unless you watch a lot of TV & want to talk to your kinect camera..
TheHybrid  +   400d ago
I'm just not that into single player games. Until Sony can prove that they can provide a better online gaming experience than XBL, it's Xbox for me.

I played some killzone and resistance then sold my ps3. Until they have the servers, players with mics, clean and intuitive user interface, something equal to halo or gears and now Titanfall, I just won't be interested as an online gamer. I'm tired of the on the rails 12 hr story games that I pay $60 just to beat in a week and never play again. I'm tired of this generation and I'm not looking forward to having Sony keep us here for 8 more years. Company has no guts, no innovation. Say what you will about MS, but we would not have the incredibly deep and rich online gaming experiences that we have today if they didn't tell everyone without broadband internet to "deal with it" 10 years ago. MS has lead innovation and Sony has dragged their feet at every generation. A blu ray drive wasn't a next gen feature last generation and a Facebook button isn't one this generation.
thoract  +   400d ago
Spoken like a true Xbot. Always sticking to the familiar franchises that have been milked to death.

Your right though if you only like shooters stick with the xbox. But if you want an overall excellent gaming experience I'd suggest the PS brand.
NateCole  +   400d ago
PS4 is a gaming machine so i am getting it.
defyenz  +   400d ago
Well, good for you and you are are entitled to choose which console you want.People have that rights.So,i should'nt be bashed and ridicule if i chose the xbox one,right?
defyenz  +   400d ago
If that is all you want and need is to play games 24/7 ps4 is a good choice but, I want more than just a dedicated gaming console. Some of us would like the whole experience a machine would do more.I am not some college/university student that lives with their parents or dorm so to speak.I have a house and I am the king of my castle.Nuff said.
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Picnic  +   400d ago
I liked all the Sony speakers e.g Mark Cerny and Jack Tretton. They struck a warm tone and their games line up truly has something for everyone. The Share button impresses me a lot.

Microsoft presumably strike a warm tone if you happen to be an American who's a sports and TV fan who doesn't really do much else except FPS and racing games.
CapraDemon  +   400d ago
The writer of this article took the words right out my mouth.

Sarobi  +   400d ago
PR and media talk aren't something that help me decide on whether or not I wanted a PS4. The flow of direction the PS3 has been in is what made me decide.

Sony has handled everything well in the past few years, and yes I know they've hit some bumps along the way, but they maintained the situations the best they could. The first party titles have been amazing and the PS+ service continues to impress.

PSN may not be the best service out there, but it surely is one of the more convenient networks (Steam being #1 in my opinion).. so yeah.
TheOneEyedHound  +   400d ago
20 freaking exclusives year one, omg!

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