'Superfrog HD' Preview: Remake Offers PS3, Vita-Exclusive Features

Digital Spy: ''Superfrog HD has been fully unveiled by developer Team 17 at PC and indie games expo Rezzed.

The remake of the 1993 Amiga platformer will feature redesigned stages and several PlayStation exclusive features, such as cross-platform exploration and a level editor.''

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Cam9771977d ago

This sounds glorious and a joy to play!

BullyMangler1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Love frogs

MartinB1051976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

This game was AMAZING back on Amiga 500; I'm definitely buying this!

Strange that the article talks about making the game "fairer"; I finished the original and don't remember having too many problems with it.

DOMination-1976d ago

It's great to see an Amiga classic coming back. Alien Breed, Flashback and now this! I'd love to see more of those Team17 games get the HD treatment as well as stuff from Gremlin, The Microprose simulators, Zeewolf and the pinball games from DICE! The whole era still has a magical feeling about it.

Tyre1976d ago

Instant buy! Loved this game.