Elefunk hands-on and screens from GameSpot

Elefunk is a quirky new puzzle game from Sony that is equal parts Erector Set, Lemmings-style brain teaser, and stunt racer. You're tasked with reuniting the kidnapped members of a tribe of elephants as they lumber across various locales to safety. Unfortunately, this journey takes place primarily on high ground, which isn't exactly their native environment or a smart place for heavy animals to be roaming.

Your job is to build up or reinforce the structures the elephants walk over to ensure they make it across. As if this isn't challenging enough, you'll have to contend with various environmental hazards such as troublesome creatures who'll spring up to try to break your structure or spook the elephants into jumping, adding additional stress to your handiwork and possibly breaking it. Oh, and you'll also have to help your pachyderm buddies make massive jumps on a motorcycle. Yes, motorcycle. While this may all sound like a hot mess of a game, after spending some time with a work-in-progress version of it, GameSpot have to say there's quite a bit of charm and challenge here.

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