Why Is Pokémon Still So Popular?

So why is that crazy franchise known as Pokémon still so popular? Come take a look at why Game-Modo believe it still is one of the most relevant gaming series around.

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ShugaCane1976d ago

I love Pokemon. Every new game means new journey, new land to explore, new people to meet, new pokemons to capture. It's a true adventure. My pokemons are my team, I care about them more than I care for most of video game characters these days. I admit that the first ones are my favourite, because of nostlagia, but Black & White (1 and 2) were awesome and X & Y look great too. I love that franchise :)

wishingW3L1976d ago

they are all the same thing over and over again just like the cartoons.

3-4-51976d ago

It's easy to get into. Minimal frustration throughout. Go at your own pace.

Lots to collect. Slightly addicting.

Likeable art style.

Good music.

It has a lot going for it when you ACTUALLY THINK about it.

That being said....probably not buying the new Pokemon. Too many other games I'm into or backlogged for right now.

Prob going to sell millions though and seems like they are actually trying to move forward this time with the franchise.

jcnba281976d ago

We're talking about Pokemon here not God of War.

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psyxon1976d ago

X & Y is why. They're such an improvement over the old repetitive games. They're about the only repetitive game I can still find fun in. Just not for very long.

Majin-vegeta1976d ago

EV training is what really gives this game long lives.But I'm still a noob when it comes to that >_<.

Like Influxity said X&Y look like the biggest upgrade to Pokemon since ever.

Transporter471976d ago

Idk, i only played the orignal Red and Blue and those were the last ones i ever played. Never cared for any new ones.

andrewer1976d ago

lol yeah I only played Red and that game was simply awesome. But after that none got my attention.

GentlemenRUs1976d ago

Agreed, Once you play one/two of the games... You have played them all!

GentlemenRUs1976d ago


Oh believe me, I have experience.

It's just the same thing over and over and over with only a few minor changes.

Theyellowflash301976d ago

Once again GentlemenRUS....false

GentlemenRUs1975d ago


No need to go off-topic just to state that i'm wrong.

Even though I am not, Stop being a fanboy ;)

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tigertron1976d ago

You should at least give the second generation a chance.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. Brilliant sequels.

lento1976d ago

Yup played until gold and silver. Loved them both but started to introduce too many Pokemon after that. Would love a new game with the original 150

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