CheatCC Preview: Grand Theft Auto IV

CheatCC writes: "As much as Rockstar changed gaming when it took the GTA series from a top-down perspective to a 3D open world, GTA IV looks like it may have a similarly amazing impact. Unlike Vice City and San Andreas, GTA IV seems less like a sequel and more like a refined reimagining of the GTA series as a whole. Instead of giving players increasingly more land and cities to explore, GTA IV instead focuses on just one city, Liberty City (2.0). While Liberty City may have already made an appearance in GTA III, it has been completely redesigned and more realized. Instead of just a mass of buildings that you must steer around while traveling from destination to destination, most buildings will either allow entry or vertical scaling. Opening the GTA world to vertical exploration has the potential to change almost any mission that you are given. Descending on an unsuspecting pimp or sniping a guard from a nearby rooftop are now options that were not previously possible. "

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Anything but Cute3766d ago

I fear as much. I don't think they're gonna invent GTA all over again.

Breakfast3766d ago

Some games dont need to be re-invented...just improved and refined.

VigorousApathy3766d ago

How would they reinvent it? Make it in 4 dimensions of space?

Twilight_163761d ago

How is the game graphics, storyboard, etc.