[email protected] gets exclusive footage of Midnight Club Las Angeles

"Hey everyone, Yesterday at the New York International Auto Show I was lucky to find Midnight Club Las Angeles. So a friend and I start playing and asked for some information about the game but the extremely hot model with huge breasts didnt know anything about video games but i was able to atleast get this footage. Enjoy, this is all gameplay." Says Chief Editor, Jeffrey Tavares, of

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MrTeenie3317d ago

Wow that game looks fun, I'm not even a huge racing fan and I think I'll try it out.

subzero93317d ago

im a huge racer fan and this is high in my must have list

d3l33t3317d ago

Las Angeles? where's that

Marceles3317d ago

I guess next to Los Vegas?

Bill Gates3317d ago

I've never heard of "Los" Vegas. Where is that?

Harry1903316d ago

somewher far from Son Francisca.

anyway,the game looks as good as ever,and FAST.

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xc7x3316d ago

wonder in you can drive in Hallywood and Sensut blvd

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