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Submitted by nick90 963d ago | news

Will Ghosts Finally Get Rid Of Lag?

One of the most integral parts of the Call of Duty franchise (arguably THE most integral part) is the multiplayer, and the guys at Infinity Ward are doing everything in their power to ensure we get the smoothest, fairest and most entertaining experience possible. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GentlemenRUs  +   963d ago
Doubt it, Activision can't afford Dedicated servers so go peer-to-peer connections.

Basically, If you own a high-end connection and the host don't... Prepare for Lag-Comp.

Still, I'm staying away from anything COD after the disasters.
Adexus  +   963d ago
Activision can't afford dedicated servers? I highly doubt that's the reason they don't have them, I'd say it's more likely to be Activision not needing to throw anymore money at a game that's going to sell anyway.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   963d ago
They don't do DS's anymore because P2P relies on the gaming population to keep it alive. Once the new games come along, the older ones slowly die out, thus, killing the old game and forcing people to buy the new one.

The fewer people there are playing the game, the higher the lag (well, in theory. It's always been horrible post COD4). Kotick has been quoted saying he doesn't think it's fair that people can play a game for years and years and not have to keep paying money to do it. He said that shortly after COD4's success which just happens to be when IW implemented the P2P for MW2.

They've said in the past that they were going to use DS's in the new COD games but it was all a bunch of lies and half-truths. Never again. I'm done with them.
3-4-5  +   962d ago
Yea you need DS....just started playing BF3 for first time and it's awesome.

Map is trash? ok cool....I never have to play it if I don't want to.
ravennevermore  +   963d ago
Thought Xbox One was running dedicated servers?
Cueil  +   963d ago
It's there for use if they want to... only if they want to be jerks wont they use MS Azure servers... my guess is they'll use MS Azure servers since it's not on their dime
Utalkin2me  +   963d ago
MS claims that all games will have dedicated servers. Of course they could do a 180, then say only first party games will have dedicated servers.
Mikeyy  +   963d ago
MS doesnt have dedicated servers for every game, there is no evidence of this, fanboys lied to you.
Baka-akaB  +   963d ago
There is no such thing as a big publisher that can't afford edicated servers . The rest is a matter of will and greed

Must be fancy..

lol jk
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   963d ago
Has nothing to do with "affording" it... They can put cowpies in a game case, call it "Call of Doodie" and it will still sell 10 million copies...
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awi5951  +   962d ago
Thats why paying for online play is stupid. We pay to play online then companies use our bandwith we pay for to run their games. That's total BS PC all the way.
Matt666  +   962d ago
they can afford by how many millions they make every year, they just don't give a flying crap about there consumers. What even worse is people still support them year in year out even though its the same stuff every year...
Supermax  +   963d ago
I'm hopeing next gen all multiplayer will have dedicated servers I know Microsoft is investing in it,I'm sure Sony is as well.if you pay for multiplayer then you should have dedicated servers.
ravennevermore  +   963d ago
Why would Ghost have lag since Xbox One is running Dedicated Servers for all multi-player games?
MysticStrummer  +   963d ago
It depends on where those servers are, and on the connection between the user and those servers.
InMyOpinion  +   963d ago
Maybe they will offer it as DLC?
USMC_POLICE  +   963d ago
Will the us government stop giving millions of dollars to hostile countries? No so I don't expect cod to eliminate lag neither.
Donnieboi  +   963d ago
Wtf u ranting about?
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USMC_POLICE  +   962d ago
Its funny I have disagrees if you don't believe me look it up!!
Morgue  +   963d ago
Be prepared for a lot of " wag "

( Horrible joke )
Oschino1907  +   963d ago
I only agreed with the "( Horrible joke )" part.
imXify  +   963d ago
At least MW1, 2 and 3 didn't had major lag issues unlike Black Ops 2 and Black Ops.

But yeah dedicated servers would solve this huge problem. Just picking the server with the lowest ping and you're good to go for no bullsh*t matches.
boldscot  +   963d ago
MW3 was the first COD where I was getting lag so bad I got rid of the game after a month or two.
FITgamer  +   963d ago
You obviously never played Black Ops then, worst lag of any COD game. Sold it to a friend about 3 weeks after i bought it.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   963d ago
Everything after COD4 had major lag because they didn't use "true" dedicated servers. They also started using lag compensation which is just as bad.
SlapHappyJesus  +   963d ago
CoD is already a bit behind on so many things. Why leave the connection itself out?
310dodo  +   963d ago
MW2 on my PS3 (sigh)

The god damn single player was laggy and broken for the 1st week.
Online was a mess for a Month.

MW3 (sigh)

Played for about 3 hours.
Put it up for sale on Craigslist.

Ill wait for Treyarchs next game
Veni Vidi Vici  +   963d ago
They're just as bad. They claim they're DS's but they really aren't and they use lag compensation which is just as horrible.
RGDubz  +   963d ago
Cool but still won't fix the hit boxes/detection, because shooting beside someone and killing them has nothing to do with lag and can be done in the offline multiplayer.

No amount of reduced lag could ever fix this purposely broken FPS series.
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SpinalRemains138  +   963d ago
Had to stop playing the game after MW for this very reason.

I played so many hours on Cod, 2 (the best), 3 and MW.

Before everyone and their grandma started playing, it was great. Kasserine and Casino and Les Ormes were always a huge blast. Playing War (where the hell did War go btw?) on a huge map was terrific and the lag was nowhere near as awful as it is now.

Forget it now tho. Its almost pointless to play now, as the better player rarely succeeds as much as he should. In a game of nano seconds, you never get the actual outcome and it ruins the game. Killcam only represents what you saw on your screen maybe 50% of the time. That's on a good day.

Success ruined the series. It was far better before it became huge.
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RGDubz  +   963d ago
Nice try.

Everybody & their grandmas started playing at CoD:MW, it had more then double the sales then CoD 2 or 3, everybody, their grandmothers & grandchildren started playing at CoD:MW2.

Nice try on the 50% bs statement you made, it's exactly what happen, a broken FPS, even your bullets flying through the air die when you die.. You try to place blame on lag when it's broken gameplay.
Just go play offline multiplayer & try to tell me I'm wrong or do you magically experience lag offline as well? Have the second player stand still & purposely shoot beside them killing them & tell me that's not what happens in the replay.
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SpinalRemains138  +   963d ago
Ask any cod gamer who has been playing them for over 10 years and they will all tell you the same thing.

The 3 original games ran better.

I didn't claim to know why. I don't know why.

We all know the older games were just more accurate.
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awi5951  +   962d ago
They were probally programed by all the guys that left and went to respawn. Just buy titanfall lol.
RGDubz  +   962d ago
Has nothing to do with Respawn, in fact Respawn didn't exist when CoD went to crap.. It's a current-gen horrible infinity ward designed game engine with purposely oversized hitboxes so even a 3 year old who knows nothing of gaming can go online an get easy kills (I've seen it)

Everyone thinks people hate CoD because they suck at it but in reality we've been playing FPS games since they started & never in the history of FPS games has there ever been such a horribly broken FPS which you can shoot beside someone & kill them online & offline.

We don't call it Children's Online Daycare for nothing, it was purely design for FPS nOObs & young children, adults who play CoD should be embarrased.
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N4GJD  +   962d ago
It's always the same empty promises before each annual release of the next cod title. This has nothing to do with the infrastructure of the internet. And dedicated servers will not change anything (Gears 3 & Judgement are recent proof of this). The real problem is simply caused by the devs intentionally adjusting lag compensation to benifit high ping connections, while putting low pings at an even larger disadvantage with each release.
Buzz7S  +   962d ago
If dedicated servers is anyone's excuse, take a good look at EA Sport titles.
quenomamen  +   962d ago
Hack Devs still basically using the same crappy engine from MW3, why the hell would they fix the lag ?

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