Bridging the gap: Mouse and keyboard for Xbox 360

"Enter the XFPS 360 PRO. This product allows you to connect a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox 360, and then intelligently map any key presses to controller inputs. It even gives you a "turbo" ability (akin to the old turbo-controllers in the SNES days). This product has a chance to act as a bridge for Mouse-and-Keyboard Die-hards." writes

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vitz33220d ago

Unless this thing can update itself I see ol' Microsoft using a new firmware to stop this.

TheExecutive3220d ago

the 360 cant use a mouse and keyboard?

wow4u3220d ago

Impossible. Unless they can update their own controllers too.

It is, as far as the console is, just a controller itself. And, the buttons are on a K&B instead of in the normal shape.

Totally, 100% impossible.

kevoncox3220d ago

This to me is the biggest issue, MS could be getting all of the hottest RTS game if they would just update the damn thing to accept K&M..... Imagine starcraft2 on 360. Jpn and Korean sales will triple.

Charlie26883220d ago

I find it hilarious how the keep scamming people with this devices that are suppose to "give you M&K for X console" but at the end the only thing that it does it remap the analog to the mouse and buttons to the keyboard and sometimes to give "mouse" precision they simply accelerate the analog that results and poor performance like demonstrated by that video of the guy testing it that couldn't hit a single target in Halo 3

So don't fool ourselves the ONLY way you get REAL M&K support in a game is when the developer of the specific game has the drivers incorporated into the game (like UT3 on the PS3) cuz beyond that with this device or not the game and console still recognize the "M&K" as a simple controller plugged in

BADBOYEK43220d ago

The XFPS PRO works perfect on the 360 FPS, its just like playing FPS PC games with a mouse and Keyboard. The only problem with the XFPS PRO is you cannot use the 360 headset with it. Go to YOUTUBE and search XFPS PRO 360 and you will see a guy using it in Call of duty 4. The guys using the 360 control pad cant touch him.

xsteinbachx3220d ago

Just buy the game for the computer.......

kewlkat0073219d ago

with this thing for 360 Fighters?

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