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Submitted by Alexious 962d ago | news

Quantum Break: details on the game - TV show connection

Remedy's creative director and writer, Sam Lake, explained how Quantum Break is going to be tied into a TV show. (Quantum Break, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   962d ago
hope the live action episodes are well produced
abzdine  +   962d ago
yes but show me some gameplay videos before gamers can say anything!
looks interesting for sure but it's hard to imagine what the game is really gonna be just from a CG cinematic
nick309  +   962d ago
You probably never played max payne , alan wake. I trust remedy to innovate AGAIN. STOP BEING A SONY FANBOY, because its coming to xbox1
JokesOnYou  +   962d ago
Remedy‘s creative di rector and writer, Sam Lake:

"What you get when you buy the game is essentially the first season of Quantum Break. That includes the whole game and the whole show. They are connected in many different ways. The idea is that you get this deeper entertainment experience and they are interwoven, so we are aiming to get the perfect TV show-model pacing. So you play an episode of the game, you do certain junction points and choices along the way, and once you get to the end, we unlock an episode of the show.You get to watch it and see the consequences of the choices you’ve made in the game. Then you see glimpses of other stuff that helps you in the game, it gives you further information about certain things as well as clues how to unlock even further material. And then once again you get to play another episode of the game and it goes like that."

-Sounds like a pretty damm interesting concept to me. Its good to be talking about games again. ...I'm pretty excited about X1.
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abzdine  +   962d ago
Nothing to do with being Sony fanboy. You don't hear me say that the order 1886 is the best game ever because I don't really know how the gameplay is gonna be.
Give me some gameplay and I'll tell you if the game is any good.
I'm just being realistic to avoid bad surprises.
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CrossingEden  +   962d ago
the cutscene they showed wasn't' CGI, it was in game
abzdine  +   962d ago

Yes, the same way Milo & Kate was real time as well.
Kanzes  +   962d ago
Probably it's gonna be a QTE game
Alexious  +   962d ago
No, that's Ryse. But since it's Remedy they will surely take their good time.
Kanzes  +   962d ago
I don't mind QTE games though :/ that kind of game always deliver a good story and experience such as The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain
Septic  +   962d ago
You mean like Heavy Rain?

I hope not. I hope it's a 'proper' third person game in the vein of Max Payne and Alan Wake.
DonFreezer  +   962d ago
Shut your mouth.Ryse will not have QTE at all at hard.
CrossingEden  +   962d ago
meanwhile, let's praise beyond two souls right?
badz149  +   962d ago
the 1 game so far that I'm really interested in
the promise is great but seeing as it's still early in its development, things can change. Alan Wake was a great example for undelivered promises after a long period of development. just hope that this game won't suffer the same fate.

not saying that AW is a bad game but it was not what was promised. Insomniac's Overstrike is another one.
Festano  +   962d ago
seems like a good idea
Alexious  +   962d ago
Agreed, although I'm not sure they'll pull it off perfectly. So far the synergy between games and TV shows has proved to be complicated.
Grap  +   962d ago
great idea.
True_Samurai  +   962d ago
Extends the hours of the game sweet. He aalso mentions seasons
LightofDarkness  +   962d ago
This all sounds like it's going to be a very expensive project. I have to question the wisdom of pumping so much into this project as it could well have the potential to deep-six them if it fails to sell a few million copies.
SlapHappyJesus  +   962d ago
After games like Max Payne 2 and the Alan Wake series, I have faith in Remedy to deliver something great.
That said, if so, please, again, bring the thing over to PC. Even if a bit down the road, after release. I don't plan on owning any of the new consoles too soon.
GusBricker  +   962d ago
This is one of my most wanted next-gen titles. Seems like the replayability is going to be HUGE.
Excalibur  +   962d ago
I loves me some Max Payne and dug the MP references in Alan Wake, I trust Remedy as a Dev but one quick question,
what happens when the TV show gets canceled mid first season like many sci-fi shows do now-a-days?
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Alexious  +   962d ago
That's always a risk, true. But I wonder if the TV show is going to be Xbox Live exclusive or something; they said that one episode will "unlock" after completing certain parts of the game...
Excalibur  +   962d ago
Oh so it's not a Network TV show like Defiance?

Edit to add, after reading the article again it sounds like the Episodes might be disk locked? maybe??
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Abriael  +   962d ago
I have an idea. Why don't they just make... games? Without the TV?
GameCents  +   962d ago
Because it's pretty hard making games for radio. One day though. . .
True_Samurai  +   962d ago
And who says they arent it's just a bonus for us
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falviousuk  +   962d ago
Your right, they should make more shooters instead of trying new things ..... oh wait then the othet sony fantards will then complain there are only shooters on the xbox, why don't they maje different games ...... oh wait then the other sony fantards will complain that its a shit game and they are ripping off sony's ideas ..... oh wait and on and on it goes with all the little sony girls on here
GameCents  +   962d ago
Positive comments in the comment section of an Xbox One article.
I hate it when I clearly typed N4G and google chrome redirects me to the twilight zone.
Dread  +   962d ago

just wait, the sony haters are coming. they will surely find a way to rain on your parade.
Excalibur  +   962d ago
You guys do realizes these type of comments just bait the hate right?
Just saying...
urwifeminder  +   962d ago
Loved the Allan wake live action looking forward to this game remedy are awesome devs could be something very nice.
MEGAxPAIN  +   962d ago
Yo Mama  +   962d ago
This is the same shit they said about Alan Wake being more like a tv show. And that game sucked. The voice acting was horribly overacted. I wouldn't get high hopes for this.

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