The Biggest Problem With The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is a truly breathtaking game, no doubt. The game will never feel the same as the first time that we played it and that's sad.

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Lovable1972d ago

Maybe you should put the game down, play the multiplayer and pick it up again later this year or next year? I mean this is a problem for every single game out there since you already know what happened. It's always the first playthough that's gonna hit you like crazy.

xPhearR3dx1972d ago

Well, usually once I beat a game I never do a second playthrough right away. I usually hit up the MP (Assume it exist) or playthrough the game again months later. The Last of Us is the first game in a very long time I instantly started a second playthrough the moment the credits rolled. Of course, it's not as engaging as the first, but since I'm playing on Survival, it's much more intense and still exciting for me.

I love the MP as well, so it will keep me busy for quite some time. I do hope we wont have to wait long for a sequel though.

Lovable1972d ago

Ooohhh the sequel...God damn it's like a dream come true if they do that. I seriously think this is ND finest game out of all their games, and this is saying ALOT considering how good the Uncharted series are.

kparks1972d ago

I cant wait for a sequel or prequel.. The game and multyplayer is amazing.. They need to start on making a movie!

snipab8t1972d ago

I think this is something experienced in most singleplayer/ linear games that are story driven. I felt the same way with Heavy Rain which was even more so than TLOU. Overall I don't think it is a flaw really.

xPhearR3dx1972d ago

I was so sad when Heavy Rain ended, such an amazing game. It's the only game I played once and never touched it again due to how good the story was. It left such a strong impact I refused to ruin it by playing through it again.

snipab8t1972d ago

Same here I only played through it once because I didn't want to get bored or whatever. It was really great.

sdozzo1972d ago

Lame. It's A Great Game.

Fat-Milkers1972d ago

Biggest problem with the last of us is the controls.Everything else is perfect.

Braid1972d ago

What exactly bothered you in terms of controls? I thought it was pretty solid.

AztecFalcon1972d ago

I thought about the same thing. I won't feel the same if I play it again, but you know what, that's alright. Some games aren't meant to be savored the same each time you play it. A lot of people online are having fun going through it again looking for easter eggs and stuff.

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