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Submitted by Bojeeva 958d ago | opinion piece

Stop bullying Kinect... it's not its fault it's different

As the dust settles on E3, media outlets and gamers alike are seemingly aghast at the price announcement. Certainly it places the Xbox One in the realms of a premium bit of kit and every bit as much of an investment as the PS3 when it launched. Many critics point directly to the new look Kinect as the culprit - the elephant in the room that they suggest is single highhandedly responsible for the high price point. (Xbox One)

Dr Pepper  +   958d ago
It's not the fault of gamers that Microsoft has made it so easy to "bully" the Kinect. They built the Xbox One around a piece of tech in which the previous iteration has "had issues with its sensitivity, lag and how [it] can be successfully integrated into mainstream games" (to quote the article itself). So far, I've seen no indication that this device has greatly improved. Fantasia had lag at the GameTrailers demo space, no mainstream game that was showcased had any great Kinect integration and as for sensitivity...I guess it can recognize a smile.

Add to that serious privacy concerns and the fact it increases the cost of the Xbox One by a significant amount, and I'd say it's perfectly acceptable to be wary of such a device.

The question "Why are we so scared of change?" isn't really applicable to me in this case. More appropriately, I'm afraid of getting ripped off.

"the chances are it won't live up to expectations at first but those problems will no doubt be ironed out pretty fast."


"Chill out people and embrace the motion-controlled future!"

People blindly embracing, and promoting, that which has yet to prove itself as both a concept and functioning piece of hardware. That statement from the article worries me on many levels.
EasilyTheBest  +   958d ago
The funny thing is, I absolutely loved Kinect. I enjoyed Kinect sports 1, table tennis being my favorite and I enjoyed Kinect sports 2, the golf game and darts were great and I have played them to death.
I have found Kinect great for listening to music and watching film trailers, just saying 'next' is great while laying on the sofa.
I think that from the beginning I understood what I expected and didn't expect Kinect to be able to do.
I loved it and can't wait to see the new version.
xPhearR3dx  +   958d ago
Well at least someone enjoys it. I personally enjoyed Kinect Sports, table tennis being my favorite as well. But I didn't think it was a good $150 investment. On release it was neat to play around with for a couple months then got very boring. I don't mind if MS wants to keep pushing Kinect. That is, if they deliver quality exclusives throughout the X1's life cycle and not just the start like they are now. My biggest issue is it's required.

I gave Kinect a chance, and it just wasn't for me. I don't like that I'm forced to buy V2 of it just to have a functional X1. They should really offer a $399 version without Kinect and I'd gladly buy one.
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EasilyTheBest  +   958d ago
By offering an X1 without Kinect you will get the exact same problem as with the Kinect and 360. Not enough incentive for devs to make the effort with Kinect as there's only a much smaller percentage who have it.
I am very happy that Kinect is included.
The X1 will just be a PS4 without Kinect. It will basically be a souped up 360. No bad thing for some I admit but I think that including Kinect from day one will make a huge difference further down the line.
I really like the idea of hdmi in as well, that could be a great benefit.
Sitdown  +   958d ago
I never purchased kinect, so I am looking forward to it, and also like that Microsoft has it as the least common denominator.....should help developers move forward with it. Just saw the Samsung commercial with Usher....this is the next movement whether people care or not.
darkslayer208  +   958d ago
they are watching you.......
Blacktric  +   958d ago
"I have found Kinect great for listening to music and watching film trailers, just saying 'next' is great while laying on the sofa."

All this for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Easily the best indeed.
-GametimeUK-  +   958d ago
I enjoy one game on Kinect. Gunstringer. Everything else that I have played is just awful.
ThanatosDMC  +   958d ago
Kinect is bad for the xbox. Just look at what happened to the 360 after it was released. MS went to cater for casuals.

"I have found Kinect great for listening to music and watching film trailers, just saying 'next' is great while laying on the sofa."

Ummm... wtf?! Yours have speakers or are you petarded?
nukeitall  +   958d ago
I too enjoyed both Kinect Sports, Fruit Ninja and Dance Central.

If I wanted a console without Kinect, I could just get a PS4. I don't understand why people want the two consoles to be the same?

... or is it because, they wanted to tout one as the better and not just different or not for you.

For the record, I pre-ordered both Xbox One and PS4. I can't wait to use the next Kinect and the new improvements look fantastic.
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adorie  +   958d ago
Can't even take the author or his piece seriously with a pre-school title such as "stop bullying kinect"

Reminds me of Chris Crocker, who'd I wish I could have unseen ages ago. :(
Silver360  +   958d ago
Anyone here owned a 32X by Sega? Well I did. What happened to the damn games? No developer really cared to make games for it because it was an add on piece of equipment. Here's the simple truth if every X1 doesn't have a Kinect 2.0 then Kinect will be a failure. Why spend a million on voice and gesture integration if you have to make two versions of the same code. Waste of time and money. MS spent millions developing this tech and want to recoup their investment,so it will be included. Without universal inclusion the people that buy X1 get shafted with a useless peripheral.
shivvy24  +   958d ago
NSA are watching you
jmc8888  +   958d ago
In a world where the gov't, it's legions of fascist corporations it's in bed with, and Microsoft, there is no room for Kinect.

We are not an honest society. We are not a society of laws we are a society of cloaked men. When this changes, perhaps Kinect will be viable. Not until then, which means not for a long time.
oscarcat59  +   958d ago
Of course they are I am such a sexy dud. Lol
Fat-Milkers  +   958d ago
People will stop bullying kinect, once its not compulsory. This generation, it was a joke and barely supported. Why would anyone believe its better come xbox one? Its unnecessary for core gaming.
aiBreeze  +   958d ago
This pretty much.. Microsoft are forcing gamers to buy it for their own selfish agenda. The fact they didn't even show any kinect stuff at their E3 conference is proof that they know it's not what gamers want.
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hennessey86  +   958d ago
There really should be a choice
I bought kinetic on day one and I enjoyed it, but it is a novelty item which you do lose interest in after a while. Microsoft would be wise to offer a kinetic free Xbox one for the same price as the PS4, they can then try and prove that the new kinetic is worth getting and give us the choice in wether we want to buy one..
Excalibur  +   958d ago
I'll agree with your statement with one small caveat, it shouldn't be mandatory to hook up.

People can love Kinect all they want, it doesn't affect me one way or the other but in the same token I shouldn't be forced to used it because M$ packaged it with their system.

IMO it's a gimmick and a novelty that I'm just not interested in.

I'd also like to add that if M$ packages it with every system they may mandate to Devs that they HAVE to have some sort of functionality in the games they make, whenever you mandate anything to anyone you get resistance and that resistance more than likely will lead to them just tacking some crap into the game just to satisfy M$.
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EasilyTheBest  +   958d ago
Having a choice will just make it exactly like the last Kinect. Not enough people will have it for developers to justify making an effort with it. Take a look at Sonys Move controller, a good set up but developers totally ignoring it.
aiBreeze  +   958d ago
Devs are ignoring Sony Move for the exact same reason developers would ignore kinect v2.. because simply put gamers don't want it. Just because you enjoy it, doesn't mean the majority should be forced into buying it like what Microsoft are doing.
Excalibur  +   958d ago
Thank you, someone that gets it.

The thing is, if Kinect was this awesome all inspiring piece of hardware it would sell itself, it wouldn't be forced on consumers, it wouldn't be forced on developers.

Give people a choice, if it's so great they'll buy it.
RememberThe357  +   958d ago
Love the title. But Kinect adds nothing that I want in my games. I don't want any part of it really. I'm not into jumping up and down and waving my arms around, at least when theres no chics and liquor around. It might be cool for casuals to play with but I'll need to be convinced before I ever use one. Thats not to say I resent those who do use it, but it's just not for me.
PrimeGrime  +   958d ago
... and it isn't my fault it comes included or is mandatory that it be used with the system.
GreenRanger  +   958d ago
Gimme your lunch money, Kinect!
FITgamer  +   958d ago
Swirly Time!
green  +   958d ago
I like the fact that it is much more powerful now and it is bundled with every Xbox one sold. With any luck, we might just see some devs make very good use of it in the future with some innovative hybrid games.
HexxedAvenger  +   958d ago
I just recently bought a kinect for my 360. They could of done more with it. But giving people a choice, the kinect is barely supported. On a business standpoint, Microsoft did the right thing making the kinect mandatory. That way, developers would integrate it more into the games.
crazyeightz  +   958d ago
What happens when the Kinect breaks, will I still be able to use the Xbox One? I'm all for trying new things, I've purchased both the PS Move and Original Kinect but my kids broke both the eye and the Kinect. Not a big problem since the consoles work regardless. My biggest uproar with the new Kinect is the mere fact that it's mandatory for the system to work. Well if it breaks do I have to shell out another 100 just to play the Xbox One? HUGE deal.
jmc8888  +   958d ago
Kinect does break. On the 360 you unplug it.

On the One you're screwed.

But why would anyone want it?
sway_z  +   958d ago

Lol...Kinect is a pimp...gamer pimp, not bullied at all...I know it's all in jest, but KInect is no victim.
thezeldadoth  +   958d ago
bully a piece of hardware? lol You guys are getting ridiculous. You either like a piece of hardware and buy it, or you don't. "bu bu bu they forcing kinect wit the xbox" then don't buy either one.
southernbanana  +   958d ago
Pre-ordered my PS4 the other week and just pre-ordered my Xbox one! Both will be great motion cameras and all!
Bryan574  +   958d ago
Yea! don't bully the tool that Microsoft gave the NSA.
GentlemenRUs  +   958d ago
It's not at all about bullying, Its about knowing it will be listening and watching 24/7.

I don't need a police camera in MY living room...
jmc8888  +   958d ago
Exactly. If you trust MS, the thousands of corporations it's in bed with, or microsoft, then you have serious issues.
Shadonic  +   958d ago
All I know is that I've seen the possibility gaming wise and it can indeed do a lot of things everyone said that it couldn't even on the first kinect. The problem is that's always does the wrong things when it comes to it. Making i mandatory was really a good decision market wise since it will provide the means of use for those who were full on against it, but i don't like the prospect of being forced to buy it though especially when the consoles doesn't even come with a mic in package. MS also doesn't really push towards the awesome stuff that people have done with the first kinect gaming wise.

In the end it really all comes down to what they do with the device now that its not running on old hardware and is much better hardware wise. I'm hoping they go well beyond what I've seen done with Kinect 1 on PC. I'm kind meh on the NSA thing since there's obviously more ways to spy on you then from the kinect, sure i dont like being spied on but I already have a webcams here and all this stuff. IDK please dont be mad at me : (
oscarcat59  +   958d ago
I for one am looking forward to trying it out. If I was that worried about the 100 extra I spend believe me I would not get into gaming. Buy only two games and you have spent well over that amount. As for spying I have zero worries. I always wear my anti spy underwear lol
grimmweisse  +   958d ago
Oh right, gamers are now bullies for a feature that most would like to be optional rather than mandatory. MS please tell Oxford to redefine bully next time. Stupid article!
Smootherkuzz  +   958d ago
Bully? NSA? Forced? Are you people listening to yourselfs. Stop crying and don't buy it if that's how you feel. You can't please everyone no matter what you do. The people that get it will have fun with Kinect and Xbox 1, The rest will have to use whatever they choose besides Xbox1.Just have fun and stop all the crying.
manageri   958d ago | Spam
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   958d ago
We'll see what great kinect support the hardcore gamers get... Especially since their main hardcore title Rise of Nightmares was a bomb... Here comes more shovelware

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