Counting the cost of the PS4 and Xbox One

Megabits writes: "Xbox One is expensive... but the PS4 isn't dramatically cheaper. Factor in a few other issues too and it's perhaps not as clear cut as you'd think"

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aceitman1522d ago

Really , even if Sony threw in the cam it would be 50 $cheaper I'm sure Sony will eat 20 on the cam plus other bundles are in the works. And what Sony is giving is like always a choice . The kinect was a choice on the 360 there was no articles like this about it. And that's what ms should have done.

NewMonday1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

other than Kinect, this is how Sony is getting away with stronger hardware for $100 less.:

- smarter architecture in the PS4

- Sony's better experience as a hardware company in parts procurement and assembly management.

- XB1 more complicated to engineer and assembly

- bad manufacturing management and scheduling lead to the yield problems that raise cost of xb1.

headblackman1521d ago

that's a stronger base hardware architecture, that taps out when the system reaches its limits. the Xbox one has a strong base hardware architecture as well but its designed to take full advantage of cloud computation, which will free up a lot of system power. for instance, the cloud can take up 60% or higher of the brunt force or workload of the development of a game, which leaves a lot more for the system to be able to do much more. with cloud computing, it will allow the Xbox one to get stronger as they increase the power of the cloud. think of the Xbox one as the hulk. the mader the hulk gets,the bigger and stronger he gets. the more they beef up the power of the cloud, the bigger and stronger the power of the Xbox one will get which also means that the actual system won't have to use as much of its own base power. so in a nutshell, the only limit to the Xbox one will be determined by the cloud.

NewMonday1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


is their a breakdown on how this actually happens outside of the imagination with an actual demonstration ?

like how DICE explained the use of the CELL with Battlefield 3..

Gamefan121521d ago


I got a bridge I can sell you

hopefully you get that

King_Slayer1521d ago


I have $100 million in overseas banks scattered throughout Europe. Consider it my "cloud" money. Unfortunately I am unable to transfer this money. With your help I will give you 20% ($20 million). All I need is your bank account numbers, social security number, and anything else that can help me steal your identity and all your money. So what ya say??? You in???

JetP06191521d ago

@ headblackman, keep using that term " power of the cloud " too bad they cant rely on it now, NOW that they did a complete 180 about the system not having to connect online all the time. Your power of the cloud cant help you now and all that EXTRA processing power will take a huge toll on XBOX's significantly weaker RAM.

TheXgamerLive1521d ago

Wow, nothing of whay you said was even remotely true. Xbox One is a 3 in 1 and then some and you really dont have a clue.

sAVAge_bEaST1521d ago

^headblackman^^ how much more smoke do you want to blow up are arse , while towing-the company line?
hulkee, harr, har,

Saigon1521d ago


I am so tired of this cloud computing comment. Now that the DRM policies are moot...How does it improve a console that is not applied online? This is saying that the user applies the one time connection and then disables online functions afterwards.

1521d ago
FamilyGuy1521d ago

MS wants to sell X1 at a significant profit, that's all there is to it.

dantesparda1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Another fanboy driven blog/website trying to fool us into believing their bullsh!t. Yeah, he's trying to tell us that the ps4 isnt really a $100 cheaper because ps eye costs $59 and ps plus $50 a yr, so therefore, there goes your $100 savings. Funny though, he never mentions that you have to pay $60 for live and we all know that ps eye is not needed. An obvious fanboy with an obvious agenda. FAIL!!!

and headblackman and xgamer, you two are naive and gullible little fanboys, how embarassing

Now if Sony could just get a cloud

psyxon1521d ago

@headblackman what the hell is brunt force? and lol @ "increase the power of the cloud". i honestly died laughing.

Parapraxis1521d ago

" the only limit to the Xbox one will be determined by the cloud."
And since the cloud is just PR bullshit, the console will be limited by it's hardware, as every other gaming platform has been.

Ta Da.

If the cloud was such a viable system for boosting performance, an all digital platform such as Steam would have been all over it years ago.
Yet you don't see Valve proclaiming that if you games on Steam, with the power of the cloud, your PC can now render 1000000 more polygons.

pete0071521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Are you a programmer? Give us facts, dont come story us. Xbox is far better optimized and msft are kings of compression/decompression and other thread optimisations. Last gen spoke loud. And dont Come With the ram Shit over cause e3 showed no diffrences on the graphics department btwn both

nukeitall1521d ago

Fact of the matter is beyond the hardware there are huge cost investment into research and development of software in addition to the infrastructure needed for the cloud.

Three OS, instant switching, smart matchmaking, and so on isn't free. Already from the outset, it seems MS has more features and an additional advanced Kinect.

So $100 isn't unreasonable for all of that. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

However, remember how MS transformed their Xbox 360 multiple times with dashboard updates. Who would have thought it would do what it does today back then?

Back then it was a dumb gaming console and today, it is the equivalent of a smart phone.

Ju1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The "cloud". Don't make me laugh. It's thin air. Really. All that is some form of compute "farm" and some APIs to harness that compute performance. Basically a warehouse with some computers inside (= servers).

What you think what PS3 game streaming is, BTW? Games running in said warehouse streamed over the "cloud".

And everything else goes over some form of IP protocol - every freaking front end which runs over it. So, I guess Sony has a cloud.

You can build your own or lease resources. MS isn't the only one running this.

On the contrary, the Xbone has no HW accelerated networking - while, ta taa, the PS4 does. Incl. HW to de/compress that said streamed game - what do you think why they can record a game with 0 (that is "zero") performance hit on that HW and "share" it instantly? (no, those "Move Engines" are not it).

swerve1211520d ago

Everyone keeps talking about how much more powerful the PS4 is. They also said that last gen but did you guys see any differences?

King_Slayer1520d ago


I play both consoles. I will play both next-gen as well. As for the current gen?? Yes I saw a difference in comparing 360 exclusives to PS3 exclusives. The reason I would compare just the exclusives is because they are optimized to get the most out of each console.

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MariaHelFutura1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


- The PS4 has better specs and is cheaper.


- The PS4s battery is built in internally, the Xbox One requires AA or you to purchase a battery pack.

Online Paywalls

- The PS4 gives you 50 games a year, discounts, free themes, avatars etc.

Power Consumption

- The PS4 is smaller and doesn't require an infared camera.

Free 2 Play and Apps

- F2P games on PS4 are not blocked by any paywalls, neither are the apps you're purchase.


- Nothing new here PS4 wins by a landslide like usual.

HammadTheBeast1521d ago

And the PS4 doesn't have an ugly f****** power brick.

jcnba281521d ago

PS4 should be $299 since it doesn't have free online or backwards compatibility.

patsrule3161521d ago

The PS4 does NOT give you 50 games a year. They said 1 a month (the first of which is a scaled down version of Drive Club, followed by some of the indy games in the next few months). You are counting PS3 and Vita in the 50 games a year.

And If you are counting both the 'free games you get with plus) then there is no point in arguing for free games behind the paywall, because in both consoles, you are counting the subscription cost for the network, which balances out.

You are also counting several non hardware related pluses of PS4 and not mentioning any of the XB1 pluses, like HDMI pass through, improved matchmaking system, multitasking, etc. On PS4's side, you could have also added remote play on the vita (which actually is part of the hardware discussion), and self publishing for indies.

I preordered the PS4 over the XB1, but in the interest of fairness, it isn't as big a landslide as you are making it out to be.

MariaHelFutura1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

NO. You get the instant game collection right away which is 8-10, One or sometime 2-3 (like this month) retail games a month and 1-2 indie games a month always.

--Onilink--1521d ago

if I were you, I would seriously lower my expectations for PS+ on PS4 for the 1st year or so.

With NO PS3 GAME WHATSOEVER supported on PS4, they catalog of free games they can offer is going to starting from 0. Thats the reason why the Driveclub version offered is a limited version.

So while PS+ is amazing on PS3, it will take quite some time to take off on PS4, expect mostly free indie games

AyKKon1521d ago


- The PS4s battery is built in internally, the Xbox One requires AA or you to purchase a battery pack. "

I dont get whats the fuss with AA batteries. There are rechargeable AA batteries you know? If they run out I just buy new ones. What happens if the PS4's controler breaks?

MariaHelFutura1521d ago

I agree, it's gonna be tough at first. But, I've already heard games like Outlast and other indie titles are going to free to PS+, also Sony giving Driveclub regardless of in being edited shows a pretty good initiative for the beginning of PS+ on the PS4.

patsrule3161521d ago

"NO. You get the instant game collection right away which is 8-10, One or sometime 2-3 (like this month) retail games a month and 1-2 indie games a month always."

The instant game collection you are talking about is for PS3, not PS4. If we are comparing PS4 to Xb1, the instant game collection is not part of the equation, because you cannot use the collection on the PS4. They said there would be 1 PS4 game a month, starting with the scaled down Drive Club, followed by some of the indie games in the following month.

Jaces1521d ago


What if the xbox controller breaks? What if you lose your rechargeable batteries, what if.

It's just nicer overall to have a controller that you can recharge and not worry about anything else. That and it's cheaper in the long run.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah this upcoming gen I'm noticing I'm maturing as a gamer I no longer feel the point to care if xbots like the ps4. I just realized that no matter how good of a console Sony makes they're brand loyalty to ms will always control them. On paper ps4 is clearly better and if some people can't see that then it's fine with me all I know is my friends will buy ps4 Aswell as me. If you like the ps4 you can't be a fanboy, it's logical to want the ps4 it's cheaper it's higher quality in every way besides possibly in software( but that can always be tweaked with firmware) so it's no big deal. I don't want casuals on my platform so if u want to watch tv on a gaming console then enjoy your Xbox one. I'm glad Xbox one exist it'll do well at weeding out the casuals and little kids that are gullible enough to believe the bs of kinect round 2. I don't think ps4 will be better then my gaming pc as far as hardware is concerned but since my gaming started on a console ( Super Nintendo, fav games nhl 88 to 99, and that zombie game.) I'll never turn my back on it and I will appreciate the many brilliant exclusives that Sony will give me. It's clear ms just wants your money if you can't see that you deserve to get bent over by ms. We've all warned the xbots about ms and made the truth about exactly what the ps4 has to offer known and if they still choose to ignore our warnings then that's they're problem and it just means they were never meant to be part of our community.

unchartedxplorer1521d ago

@patsrule In the first month alone we will be getting Don't Starve and Outlast for free. That alone makes me pretty excited for ps plus

TheXgamerLive1521d ago

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. You speak but its all incorrect oh and the Xbox One controler well read again little man

dcbronco1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


How many accounts do you have to have to bump up your bubble count within the same thread? Based on the number of agrees you typically get I'm assuming it's around ten.

sAVAge_bEaST1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


-they don't -the internal battery is just as strong as the day i bought it.. even with a ton of half-ass recharge.