"Are Video Games Doomed to Irrelevance"?

ZeroContinues editor Art Green responds to Toronto Globe and Mail's Chad Sapieha's quesiton: Are Video Games Doomed to Irrelevance.

"He's comparing The Godfather, whose 1972 release is some 80 to 100 years after the idea of a motion picture was even created…to Super Mario Brothers, who came out some 10-15 years after video games were created? How can one judge the "timelessness" of video games when the medium itself has not reached its technological peak?"

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Harry1903762d ago

sometimes you just have to fill a gap.
videogames are relevant
and an art form.

dannyhinote_133762d ago

There are a few games that are artistic or an "art form"...but I wouldn't say that as a general rule.

Give it time, though.