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Submitted by iamtom 958d ago | article

Were the Xbox One’s original policies correct?

MMGN's iamtom thinks about why Microsoft's decision to change some choices with the Xbox One was the wrong move for the gaming industry (Microsoft, Xbox One)

ShugaCane  +   958d ago
To me, it looks as if they had planned everything from the beginnnig so that people would say "Hey, look ! Microsoft is such a great company that listens to people.". I wouldn't be surprised if they gradually go back to their original policies once the Xbox One is out.
WeaseL  +   958d ago
Yes its a bait and switch move
President  +   958d ago
No they were not correct, no need to debate whether it was good or not. It was plain evil and they got rid of it due to the backlash.
thorstein  +   958d ago
Certainly it is a bait and switch. Switch being the operative word. If it so easy to turn off the DRM, what is to stop them from turning it right back on?
Wintersun616  +   958d ago
Oh come on, that's just ridiculous. MS isn't the purest company around, but that's just stupid. I mean Ancient Aliens stupid.

If they had actually planned something like that, they would've told about the policy changes at E3 for a huge momentum boost.
MariaHelFutura  +   958d ago
Hey, Ancient Aliens has some great information and theories, mixed w/ some coocoo modern abduction type alien theories (which can be ridiculous). All in all they show some great locations and structures along the way, that deserve to be looked at regardless.
Kanzes  +   958d ago
New Coke.
B1663r  +   958d ago
They were trying to get you more games on disk. Now you will get fewer games on disk, as publishers opt out of disk based distribution...
Silly gameAr  +   958d ago
Ever heard of Day 1 Digital? I'm sure if people wanted to release their games digitally, they could. It's good having options though, and MS tried to limit those options. I'm glad it backfired.
georgeenoob  +   958d ago
Oh, so NOW they're correct. Fanboys hate MS no matter what they do.
fattyuk  +   958d ago
Am I the only one who think its a completly stupid article?
WalterWJR  +   958d ago
Yes we had another one earlier saying "don't bully kinect"

Apparently Kinect is now a 13 year old teenager, has feelings and is not immune from those bad Bullys.
crazysammy  +   958d ago
Maybe its so advanced it has feelings now. Maybe it wears eyeliner and cuts itself while listening to Fall Out Boy.

myplaystationDOTnet  +   958d ago
yeah xbox ha, or it could be a thing
supaflypriest  +   958d ago
I would have been ok with the drm if they would have also modified the pricing structure of all games to $30 and just eliminated all used games completely. This would have justified the changes imo...
crazysammy  +   958d ago
I don't agree with you 100%, but yes for the digital market to take a firm hold there has to be pricing changes and policy changes. It will happen eventually because of technology, but MS tried to force it too early and we all saw what happened.
azshorty2003  +   958d ago
The only reason why this has even become a topic of discussion is because of the family share plan. That is the one positive people are bitter over losing.
crazysammy  +   958d ago
And if you believe the rumor mill of that posting that was found online, that program was actually not very good anyway.

I don't understand this recent flip of a minority of XB1 fans trying to say that its bad that everything switched. Its crazy talk to me. MS backing off those anti consumer practices was great for ALL GAMERS!
rainslacker  +   958d ago
No doubt. Can anyone recall DRM ever being praised before MS wanted to use it on the Xbox One? Just sad...especially since the sharing plan didn't necessarily have anything to do with the DRM.
airgangstarr  +   958d ago
in there eyes by takin away your rights in return u get to have all ur games stored in the cloud an family share yipppeeeee not to many positives to outweigh the negative bein ur rights
PiperMCFierceson   958d ago | Spam
Brixxer600  +   958d ago
Whether they were right or not isn't really the issue . If they truly believed in what they were doing then they should've stuck to their guns , doing a complete u-turn has imo left their machine with an "identity crisis" . I don't believe they changed due to consumer feedback , i believe the decision would've been made because of pre-order numbers.
JackBNimble  +   958d ago
are pre-orders not made by consumers?
glenn1979  +   958d ago
if they come out and explain everything like suppose to be ,the benefits of this and the benefits of that like they suppose to I think there would not such and event of people speculating about DRM,Kinect is spy machine from hell etc etc ,in the end the screw them self with such a bad PR
cityboy100  +   958d ago
cityboy100  +   958d ago
It only affected Paranoid And broke kids
headblackman  +   958d ago
I'll say yes if they could've been able to compete with steam on its cheap games pricing. this is the direction I saw them going in with all of the policies, but I think that they just didn't know how to properly present and explain it to the people. it felt like they were trying too hard to no say too much for Sony to ripoff. but they ended up crippling themselves with the silence.
Hicken  +   957d ago
What gave you ANY indication that they would have cut prices to be like Steam?

And why would Sony want or need to rip off Microsoft, when their digital delivery already trumps Microsoft's?

Grasping at straws is not a good look.
headblackman  +   957d ago
the whole concept of the DRM and trying to go all digital. Microsoft is already competing against every entertainment device and or service on their strongest point, except against one company and that's steam. Microsoft has clearly stated on numerous occasions that its not just a video games console anymore, but rather an entertainment hub, designed to better connect you to entertainment. and the only way to compete with steam is with games pricing. you either have to sale the games as cheap as steam or cheaper. cheaper would be more so possible on a console, because console gaming is is a lot bigger as far as install base, compared to PC and or steam gaming.
Hicken  +   957d ago
In order to compete, you have to be competitive. That means pricing, not just services. And Microsoft gave ZERO indications they would be dropping the prices of their digital games. So they wouldn't be able to compete that way.

As for the "entertainment hub" thing, it's ironic that they're not attempting to do what they mocked Sony for doing. When it comes to gamers, they care less that Microsoft is doing it, and more that Microsoft seems to have let overall entertainment- centered primarily on television content- overshadow gaming.

Defend them all you want, but that's a no-no in a game console: you CANNOT launch your video game console with a focus on television deals.
headblackman  +   957d ago
its clear that you don't wanna give the xbox one its props but that cool you like what you like and that's cool, but let's be real here, with the dropping of the DRM features, the Xbox one is the perfect all around machine (even at 499). and as for Microsoft not caring about gamers? were you even watching the e3 show? all they focused on was the gamer with games games games. the xnox one had anyway better lineup and showing of games than the ps4. the best games that was shown in the ps4's e3 announcement were all multiplatform games. so let's not sit up here and vomit out b.s. because you prefer a certain console over the other. but I guess if you focus on what you consider to be a negative, that it will drown out the massive amount of positives the the Xbox one posses. but whatever helps you sleep at night, you do that. if the ps4 is your choice then just get the damn thing, and if the Xbox one is your choice then get that damn thing, but trying to deter people from a very good console with b.s. and not the full truth is just sad. the 499 price point fan be an issue for some and its clear that you can't afford that, and that OK. stay within your low budget. but along with millions of others can afford it and its not an issue, so pass me the console with the better features,the better games lineup, the better controller, the better online gaming network that's rivaled to none,the system that is 499 but makes up for it with the value that comes in the box. give me that console all day. and guess what? it just so happens that the best gaming experience is only possible on the Xbox one. even games developers are starting to come forward with saying that there are things that will be possible with the Xbox one that won't even be possible even on PC's so that would totally x out the ps4 is it can't be done on the PC. and the same goes with the connect. hideo kojima is praising the connect for its much improved abilities and Microsoft for making the decision to sale it with every console. sometimes people need or want things that they may not even know they need or want and sometimes you've gotta give it to them anyway and let them get a taste of it and see that it was good for them all the while. its impossible to judge the new kinnect, because you've never experienced it. all you have to go off of is the current kinect that only shipped with half of the features that were promised, like the dual for processors that was supposed to be in it that got cut which was a very bad decision. the new kinect will come with a quad for processor this time around and will be light years better than the first (so they say) but I want judge until I experience this new thing for myself, and I suggest that we all do that.
assdan  +   958d ago
No, both policies suck. Let's just stick with what they have now because it's still better.
Bhuahahaha  +   958d ago
its ok in america
'cos the goverment will always side with the big corporation

gonna have a hard time in some part of europe and asia

and with that PRISM news all around the globe i wont be surprise if the the xbone will be ban in some places in europe, australia and asia
cabinotier  +   958d ago
Yes and No.
XboxOne's original policy was correct for evolution of gaming industry, but incorrect for Microsoft E&D division's business.
DivineAssault  +   957d ago
none of their polices were correct with this console.. I honestly dont trust M$ at all anymore.. It will take some major changes to earn my money again.. Games, policies, ideals, etc
hazelamy  +   957d ago
"but instead it goes solely into the roughly-monopolised pockets of corporate games stores."

not worth reading past this point.

why would i, this idiot buys the corporate propaganda.
it's all the evil retailers and not people who bought the game new looking to get a return on their investment.
because only the publishers are allowed to do that right?

and the monopolised games stores?
and ms is the good guy in this picture?
this guy come from fucking bizarro world or something?
the "selected retailers" line fromn the original policies, remember that?
you can bet your arse it would have been these monopolistic retailers that would have been the only ones selected, not the indie games stores.

there's more, but frankly, why bother, i suspect all this twat cared about was the free games from the game sharing thing.
i don't know because like i said, it wasn't worth reading past that point.

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