Pachter expects Xbox One price drop shorty after Christmas

While comparing PS4 and Xbox One price points, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says he expects an Xbox One's price drop after Christmas.

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PopRocks3591731d ago

Well let's hope he's right.

*smash* "WHO DA **** SAID DAT?!"

GamerzElite1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

According to Pachter early buyer of XBone are fool.

NewMonday1731d ago

I think it will be as soon as production is in full gear, and that could be from next february.

IMOO the possibility of a $100 price cut in early 2014 is 50%, and the possibility is 90% in late 2014

GamerzElite1731d ago

@newmonday It could be happend late 2014, but as he says around christmas not possible. I think Pachter lost his mind.

RedHawkX1731d ago Show
malol1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

i'll call it and you guys heard it here first,
on gamescom MS is going to go out and say thy are sorry and going to announce that kinect is no longer a standard and also they are going to cut the price by at least 50$. and they say shit like we hear you and bla bla and say you can sell used games and rent and shit.and we'll see a spike in preorders and internet/xbox fanboys going crazy.

while on sony's side we'll not see much of a reaction but lots of games to show.

MizTv1731d ago

Why would they drop the price less that 3 months after Release?
That does not make since to me

gaffyh1731d ago

@miztv - if they don't sell what they expected during launch, they will drop the price. How does that not make sense? They'll launch it at 499 even if preorder numbers are low, because there are a certain amount of people, the " fools" that Pachter is talking about, who will buy the console at whatever price.

T21730d ago

@malol - I agree but xbone would have to be 50 dollars cheaper than ps4 based on weaker specs... Id pay 299 for an xbone and no more without kinect ... So im looking at 2014 and thats fine by me

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badz1491731d ago

but...after Christmas? like...a month after launch? is he dumb?

MasterCornholio1731d ago

Well if Microsoft does this its to take advantage of the early consumers. But honestly if they want to reduce the price they would probably have to release an SKU with the Kinect which i believe will never happen since its an integral part of the system.

Kryptix1731d ago

I doubt Microsoft would lower the price early after Christmas. Especially if people bought it at 500 dollars and a couple months down the line, they see it drop to 400. That would encourage buyers to wait a lot longer to buy something new from Microsoft since they rushed the price drop. Right now, they need to worry about getting people's trust back somehow. After that the best thing to do is create different bundles even though that's hard to think about. If games still need to be installed even after they removed that DRM, (the disc would be used as a key to activate those installed games) there's no way they can sell their system with lower gigs since Blu Ray will eat all of it up. The mandatory Kinect is what ruined the pricing for them. Maybe a slimmer version will be announced next E3 to give that impression that they're starting "all over" fixing their mistakes. Just my analysis but so far, PS4 seems to be far ahead. Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do against it's competition.

showtimefolks1731d ago

i don't think MS will cut the price, i think they will make a sku without kinect 2 for $399

either way i don't think its gonna help them world wide sales wise or in japan so the only market MS has going for them is USA, and even that is not where it should be for them after the success of xbox 360

i know atleast 4-5 friends who were xbox360 only and now aren't even thinking about xbox one, how could a company loose its fanbase outright?

I think a lot of xbox fanboys are in for a very rude awakening, ps4 will outsell xbox one from day one and its not gonna be easy for MS to catch up since playstation brand is more liked/recognized world wide not to mention MS doesn't gain anything in japan

MS you have till november to really deliver a clear message to your fanbase, ps3 was over priced and without games yet it still outsold xbox 360 from day one so now a lower priced ps4 with huge momentum isn't good news for MS

Vames1731d ago

How did PS3 outsold Xbox 360 from day one? How old are you?

HacSawJimThugin1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

" ps3 was over priced and without games yet it still outsold xbox 360 from day one"

You do realize that the 360 came out a full year before the ps3 right? So that would mean that Sony sold more systems day one <by your math> than MS in an entire year. Lol...silly fanboy. You don't even have to click the link just read what is says...27th consecutive month.

showtimefolks1730d ago

Lets see this is what I meat and you do know what I was trying to say but just dot want to hear it

Take Xbox 360's first year and half sales out and start from the day ps3 launched each month ps3 outsold the Xbox 360 in total world wide sales, that's is why ps3 passers Xbox 360 sales wise last year even thought it had one less year in US market and 1.5 years in Europe market

So lets say Xbox 360 got to 75 million n 8 years
Ps3 got to that number in 7

Sam Fisher1731d ago

Finally something i can agree with pac, i hate this guy

RedHawkX1731d ago

he is right but it wont stop fanboys from buying an overpriced xbox one day one when theres a superior ps4 for cheeper.

3-4-51730d ago

PS4 drops price by $50 to $350

XB1 will have to drop by $150 just to stay even.

That could destroy their profits so I'm sure PS4 will always be cheaper.

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dedicatedtogamers1731d ago

Great idea, Pachter!

Xbox fans totally AREN'T already upset (or at least, a bit distrustful) of Microsoft right now. The first thing they need to do is get all those early adopters and then cut $100 just a few months later as a way of saying "thanks for your loyalty!"

That will surely win them over...

LOGICWINS1731d ago

Why would they need to win over early adopters? They ALREADY bought their consoles at a premium price early on, hence why they're called "early adopters"? What would early adopters do if the price droped after Christmas? Take a hammer to their Xbox Ones (that they spent 500 bucks on) in protest?

Chaostar1731d ago

Because the early adopters tend to be core gamers who purchase a lot of games not just at launch but even 5+ years down the line. It would be insanely bad business to tick them off right at the start of the gen.

FrightfulActions1731d ago

I get what you're saying but if you think they wouldn't do it because it'd make their fans feel cheated then... well, any other time and I might had agreed because it seems like a low-blow to pull on fans. But after recent events? Yeah that totally seems like some BS they'd try to pull off.

Hard to say that I hope it doesn't though because that would be like saying "I hope it doesnt go lower in price". Its a difficult slope. On one hand if it lowers for Christmas, hey, its cheaper, yay. On the other hand anyone who paid full price on preorders, these die-hard fans and loyalist are going to feel like they were taken advantage of. Though maybe they deserve it for supporting Xbox after all this nonsense...

Benchm4rk1731d ago

I don't think they would but if they were to drop the price after Christmas the early adopters would more than likely get $100 cash back or free Live for a yr or something. It happened here in Australia when the Original Xbox came out. I paid $650 for it and not long after they dropped the price by $250. Everyone that paid full price got $250 worth of Xbox stuff back.

kayoss1731d ago

The question is, if fans think a price drop will happen a few months after launch will there be early adopters?

LOGICWINS1731d ago

There will ALWAYS be early adopters. Even if these consoles were $999 they'd sell out day one.

Imalwaysright1731d ago

Are you sure? MS was already forced to bendover once due to low pre-orders. What makes you think that consumers wouls gladly pay $999 for a console?

Oh btw I remember seeing your comment on that Xbox one shun petition. How does that crow taste like?

FrightfulActions1730d ago


You realize to some countries the PS3, when released, was actually MORE than a $1,000 right? Europe was one of them I believe.

FITgamer1730d ago

If i had to drop a G-bar on a console i would definitely go PC, i don't care what games i miss out on. No way in hell i would ever pay that much for a console.

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TheSoundDefense1731d ago

If you sell 10 million consoles at a $100 profit, that is indeed a billion dollars. But I'm willing to bet that if you drop the price by $50 and make a $50 profit off each console, you're going to accrue more than 20 million sales in return, which is a billion dollars right there. In any case, it will be very hard for Microsoft to make as much money as they could when Sony is sitting right there, with most of the same games, at $100 less.

Price drop by Christmas? I guess it's possible, but I don't think Microsoft is going to see the fallout from their decision until it's too late for this particular holiday season. Next year, they'll undoubtedly drop the price if they know anything.

Kanzes1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

$100 profit? If kinect would've been optional, Xbox One would be at the same price as PS4. So it's not really $100 profit for MS, we got Kinect when we buy it, altough it's too bad it is a mandatory

threefootwang1731d ago

Should be cheaper then the ps4 because the specs are alot worse... $350 would be ideal.

Chupa-Chupa1731d ago

Pachter is right 60% of the time, every time.

Ron_Danger1730d ago

He's the Sex Panther of analysts

WorldGamer1731d ago

That would be something. I wonder if they would go $50 or go to full $100. All speculation at this point.

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