Sony: PS3 Games Streaming Via Cloud in 2014 for US Only, No Timeline for Europe, PS4 Games Later

The ability to stream games via the cloud is going to be an important selling point for PS4, but when can gamers expect to enjoy it? According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan it really depends on where they live and what they want to stream.

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Pillsbury11884d ago

Nice! Can't wait to stream me some classics, only on playstation!

AngelicIceDiamond1884d ago

Makes sense, U.S is the standard territory for new releases in tech. Such as Gaikai to kick things off.

sunnygrg1884d ago


Cellphone carriers bloating prices every year, ISPs throttling connection speeds among other things.

#1 indeed.

georgeenoob1884d ago

I bet if MS was in the title instead of Sony the comments would blow up with sheep and there would be a boycott or some shizzle.

AngelicIceDiamond1884d ago

I guess I'm wrong then. Anyone care to clear things up for me.

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

Japan usually has this tech early, and EU is much more technologically developed than US.


Gaikai max resolution is 720p, which is fine if they want to stream PS3 games, but how will they stream PS4 games then? Will they upgrade their servers? And Gaikai for USA first does that mean you have to live in the US or you just need an US account to play first?

torchic1884d ago


if you read the article you'd know why they're starting with US while EU gets it later

badz1491884d ago

and eventhough I'm not interested in using the service as I still have 3 working PS3s in my possession, it's nice to have the choice. but knowing my country, it might never see the light of day here :(

andrewsqual1884d ago

@georgeenoob Yep and by Xbots too no doubt just like with the no DRM thing. What difference did it make to PlayStation fans about the policies for Xbone?

NumOnePS3FanBoy1884d ago

They need to stop looking at EU as not as important as U.S. EU is PS territory and Sony needs to release services their too asap or same day as any other territory. ANd i'm in the u.s

gaffyh1884d ago

I think this is more to do with stuff like the US is pretty much one large landmass, and it is easier to implement the server infrastructure etc. I'd also argue that people in the US want BC more than other territories, I personally don't care about BC, but sucks that Europe is getting shafted like always.

minimur121884d ago

and the broken promises start...

miyamoto1884d ago

@ Crossing Eden
"so, microsoft limits some of their services and people flip, sony limits this service and gets praised -_-"

Where in the article did it say Sony is limiting its Gaikai service?
Jim Ryan said phased approach.
Do you know or have seen the entirety of Gaikai?
You know what is limited? Your reading comprehension and ability to troll effectively.
Try harder next time, bro.

morganfell1884d ago

The day I heard Sony was going to buy Gaikai I ceased my purchase of physical game discs knowing that any PS3/Vita purchase in digital form would likely later be available on PS4. And since I owned the digital version already my ability to stream would in all likelihood be covered on that title I owned.

BallsEye1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Dude, travel a bit. Here, in Eastern Europe my 71 y old uncle got 100mbps connection at 15 USD (converted from local currency) a month. Also free mobile internet in whole country at 1 mbps. I still see those old TV's and monitors in US, you can't find those in my country anymore even if you want to! probably because already for few years analog signal television is not available, only digital HD one. You do get hollywood movies first tho...and probably the newest techs are introduced in Japan first (most of time atleast). You should check out their beauty saloons, it's from outta space! (No I didn't go for myself, got an asian wife, lol) US is probably first for hollywood movies and new McDonald deals =O....just kiddin...

Mike134nl1883d ago

In the past gaikai was also available in Europe. It does makes sense as US is the strongest xbox market. Not sure if they need to rebuild infrastructure as they already did their pilot in the EU.
Also not sure why people (who own a ps3) would want to stream their ps3 games. Requires always on internet you cannot play games offline.

andibandit1883d ago

Am I the only one living in europe and a bit frustrated by this???? timeline for europe?!?!?!?!?

fr0sty1883d ago

Europe is a trickier market to roll a service like this in, mainly because instead of dealing with one country you are dealing with many. Bandwidth caps are also more common in Europe than here in the USA.

It isn't that they're trying to "leave europe out". It's just that Europe is a more complex beast to tackle.

BattleAxe1883d ago

I really wish Sony would give us more details on this streaming service, like how much it will cost, or does it allow you to stream games that you've already purchased as digital downloads on the PS3 for free.

I think this is probably one of the most important features for the PS4, so some clarity would be good. Hopefully we'll hear more about it in the months leading up to the launch of the PS4.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago


Are you aware that 99.99999% of your comments are just "Oh yeah?! But if it was teh Sony...!!!"?

AO1JMM1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@ HammadTheBeast

"EU is much more technologically developed than US"

Please show me your source. EU is not a country all in itself.

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Kanzes1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Does people in Asia can use this feature too?

r211884d ago

Seeing as Japan is one of their profitable areas and the place where PS is quite popular, bet we can see Gaikai being there after or before the US launch.

NBT911883d ago

No. It is releasing in America, which is not in Asia.

I'm pretty sure its to do with regulations and laws, not which is more profitable or technologically advanced.
That's the excuse they always use for everything arriving late in Europe at least.

guitarded771884d ago

I hope they implement that trophy patent that surfaced a few months back and add them to all the classics.

Skate-AK1884d ago

Man, I have a big enough backlog as it is. If they did that I would probably develop a Vitamin D deficiency.

TheBrownBandito1884d ago

I'm buying into the next gen for PS4 games. Waiting to stream PS3 games really isn't a deal breaker.

Kiddcarter1884d ago

I understand this service for ps4 and vita, but I'm confused as to why i need the ability to stream ps3 games to a ps3

TheUndertaker851884d ago

Simply put, ease of access.

Would mean instead of having to go to the nearest store to pick up a game or waiting for it to download if purchased digitally you could simply buy then start playing, little to no wait.

stuna11884d ago

Suppose you don't want to go out and buy the game at a retailer Sony gives you the ability to stream it directly to your PS3, or the game is simply sold out, you don't have to go around searching for it, or for it to be restocked.

CrossingEden1884d ago

so, microsoft limits some of their services and people flip, sony limits this service and gets praised -_-

Wintersun6161884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I don't see much praising here. And this is in no way similar to MS paywalls and attempts to DRM. This is implementing a new technology and testing it in one region before launching it worldwide. Also the actual reason EU territories aren't getting it is the ridiculous EU laws. Completely different situations.

S2Killinit1883d ago

read the article please, there is a difference between what Microsoft tries to pull and this.

1nsaint1884d ago

I wonder how its gonna work with titles that u already own on ps3, i'd imagine anything bought on psn will transfer, making it free on ps4.

Not sure how it's gonna work with games we have on discs though..

Wintersun6161884d ago

I'm sure PS4 would be able to recognize a PS3 game disc even without the ability to actually play them. So it could be just: insert PS3 game disc, start streaming.

1nsaint1884d ago

^ that would be awesome, if sony can pull that of its actually backward compatible :)

fermcr1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

LOL. The funny thing is that if this was Microsoft instead of Sony... everybody would be bashing Microsoft and a few articles would be written to say Microsoft is the devil reincarnated.

Sony first presented payed multiplayer, now this. Sony is getting away quite easy this time around. Are there going to be more surprises? I'm curious to see how PS+ with the PS4 is going to be, if they will offer as many games as they offered with the PS3.

Angeljuice1883d ago

At first there won't be as many games because there aren't many games for the PS4 as of yet (thought that was quite obvious). It will grow as a service over time (as it did on PS3).

extermin8or1884d ago

You're notwrong at least they have their priorities hmm, they know who the guinnea pigs to test everything on are and who to release a fully functioning, testd product too.... (EU, Japan etc)

greenlantern28141884d ago

Also makes sense since u.s is the only territory where they trail Xbox, but sony should be very careful not to alienate the other regions so give to u.s first but don't make Europe, UK, Japan, etc. Wait to long.

3-4-51883d ago

This is awesome. Now all these PS3 games that are releasing can be played on the PS4.

Good job. Hopefully they support it for Europe to, as they have a huge following there.

SatanSki1883d ago

I probably wouldnt play streamed game for free with its crapy video and lag.

xtremeimport1883d ago

They REALLY need to get this service out ASAP. This is a huge a feature that can really be a bragging point for Sony. It will move Vitas as well.

Look forward to seeing this on every Ps4.

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Majin-vegeta1884d ago

Excellent.Let's hope it's not too long for European players to get it.

Abriael1884d ago

I'm a tad sad that we'll get it later (as usual), even if it's hardly Sony's fault.

GamersRulz1884d ago

its late in EU because of different laws and procedures. EU has a very strict laws.

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

Well, you're lucky since you get PS4 early.

extermin8or1884d ago

Well at least they'll have had time to test it :p

psyxon1884d ago

it most likely won't be. it's probably due to servers.

ginsunuva1884d ago

Yes they have to place servers in different continents for latency.

DarkZane1884d ago

I wonder if US includes Canada here. Usually, it does, but can't be too sure here. They either mean USA or North America. They probably means North America and that would include it.

Liefx1884d ago

I certainly hope so. I am ready to throw money at them so they had better get it before I get upset.

1884d ago
ltachiUchiha1884d ago

Yeah it sucks because europe gets the shaft with most gaming companies. Im sure there will be some goodies to make up for europe gamers. I feel bad for them though because they pay a grip for games & consoles. It makes sense though since america was the worst area versus the 360 so their trying to win back the US.

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

Have you guys SEEN the games you get for PS+? Much better than US.