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EA Sports talks Madden on Wii U

It's no big secret that Electronic Arts all but abandoned the Wii U a few months ago - a decision that went very public when an EA programmer went on a mult-tweet rant about Nintendo via Twitter. While the game developer/publisher has no current plans to work on anything for Nintendo's 8-month-old gaming console, they say there's not looking to end support for those who play its previously-released games (Madden NFL 13 in specific) on it. (E3, Madden NFL 13, Wii U)

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TheSoundDefense  +   770d ago
I can't help but be amused at how the Wii U doesn't get a Madden game in its second year, yet they were releasing the things for the PlayStation 2 forever.
Tuxmask55  +   770d ago
I'm still not happy about EA abandoning Wii U. I love playing Madden using the gamepad.
CaptainN  +   770d ago
EA sux....they had the perfect opportunity to show of dual Gamepad support in all their sport games and blew it. They could have been the first, showed what a game changer it would be to have two players with their own playbooks on the Wii-U gamepad that the other can't see. All they had to do was put effort into their games and not port and gimp the Nintendo versions.
Dj7FairyTail  +   770d ago
meh who cares never played madden games seriously and since 06 game
boybato  +   770d ago
Yo! Wiiu owning brothers.
please support this:


and pray it gets to the Vita as well. ;)
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Myst  +   770d ago
Awesome I know I will be supporting it!
exfatal  +   770d ago
This is awesome, i like the voices, and its cute i'll gladly support it
PigPen  +   770d ago
Ugh, just to here about EA or anything EA related is just a turn off. To be truthful I haven't picked up a sports game since Sega stop publishing them. Over the years though I've grown on soccer (the real football) and would love to try out Fifa or PES. I really was looking forward to playing to hear Fifa missing out on in game stuff the Xbox360/PS3 had for Wii U, I passed. Now Fifa or PES isn't coming to the Wii U, I don't have a choice but to pass. As I said I want to try out Fifa and not that I'm desperate to, and I'm not sure about that any more.
AKR  +   770d ago
After the "unprecedented partnership" turned into a big fake-out ~ I stopped caring about EA's support on the Wii U.

They're blatantly showing that until it starts selling, they WON'T be trying to support it. Oh well... They sure do seem to love the XBOX One, though. I guess that's where that "unprecedented partnership" really turned up...
Jagsrock  +   770d ago
madden 25 doesn't even look worth buying on ps3,360 or the ps4 and xboxone which hardly looks next gen.

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