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PS4 or Xbox One - Whataya Buyin?

With the E3 dust settling, people are starting to take their stands on which console to buy, PS4 or Xbox One. Some love Xbox One, others PS4, and both sides have their reasons. Unfortunately most people just can not afford both at launch and so are forced to chose a side, even if they have no horse in this race. So what are we buying? Well I asked the team to tell me which system appealed to them the most and why. And, even though LevelSave is a family, families have disagreements. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Intentions  +   704d ago
Both, the game bundles will determine which one i'll get first tho.

Extra information:
Not getting either at launch
Waiting for bundles eg: 2 controllers + 2 games.
Depending on what games, then that would be the first console ill get.
Kanzes  +   704d ago
PS4 first because it's cheaper, then Xbox One so I can still play Halo
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Kanzes  +   704d ago
Halo 4 is still good, Maybe it's not great as Halo 3 or Reach, but it's still fun

And I expect more Gears of War and The Last Guardian too for next-gen :)
georgeenoob  +   704d ago
I was gonna buy both, but now just the Xbox since there's no more drm.

Do you really expect a next-gen halo to be so similar to halo 4?
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SonyWarrior  +   704d ago
im getting ps4 with: psn+, watchdogs, BF4, Order 1886.
user71484  +   704d ago
And Gears.
sobekflakmonkey  +   704d ago
All seriousness aside...that title "Whataya Buyin?", who laughed out loud at that? because I did, I loved that in RE4, that merchant guy was ACE!

But yeah, I already Pre-ordered my PS4 and everything, I live right next to a mall and there's an EB Games(Canadian Gamestop), a Best Buy and a Future Shop, as well as a target, pre-ordered at EB though, gonna hit that up for the midnight launch!
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HammadTheBeast  +   704d ago
Public service message. Not even half of the PS4 first year exclusives have been shown off yet.
abzdine  +   704d ago
PS4 all the way!
i don't support capitalist bastards so they're not gonna get a cent from me! maybe used in 5 years!
NukaCola  +   704d ago
PS4. I've been enjoying Sony consoles since 1996 and I've never been disappointed.

X1 is now back on the table with the changes, however $500 and their extra fees are still a NO for me.
MysticStrummer  +   704d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   704d ago
Haven't made my decision yet. Still waiting on games and more details on each console
Spontogical  +   704d ago
I'm getting the PS4 first. Definitely not at launch anymore though. There is just nothing really that special about the new consoles apart from prettier graphics right now.

Xbox One, maybe at the end of the generation when Kinect is not included/dropped. I might just avoid the XBOne on principle like I did the 360 simply because of MS's methods/ways of handling things.

Time will tell.
Majin-vegeta  +   704d ago
24 pack...oh and PS4.
reef1017  +   704d ago
Sir I disagree... it should be a 30 pack and a ps4
AngelicIceDiamond  +   704d ago
I disagree, the last thing you wanna do is puke all over your shiny new console.
Heisenburger  +   704d ago
Lol they disagree.

"No my good sir, that is the very FIRST thing I wish to do with my shiny new console."
Kingthrash360  +   704d ago
I hear thats what they are gunna do to the xb1, buy it, play it, then puke all over it in buyers remorse.
ChipdiddyChip  +   704d ago
I am getting both but if I had to choose one, it would be xbox one due to the fact the games they showcased at e3 were more enticing for me than the ps4 games.
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jon1234  +   704d ago
thank you!
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Kanzes  +   704d ago
Yes, I really can't wait to play Halo in 1080p 60fps, Titanfall multiplayer, and Minecraft One Edition with my friends.
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HammadTheBeast  +   704d ago
And I'll be doing all that on my PC! Good luck.
Mainsqueeze  +   704d ago
you will be playing the new halo on your pc?
HammadTheBeast  +   704d ago
I don't really care or even like Halo anymore, they're breaking it every year, last good Halo was 3 and last Great Halo was 2.
aceitman  +   704d ago
I expect ms to show the same games while sony shows more new ones at gamescon its another big one for sony at the uk a couple new ips and lbp3 god of war redemption , uncharted 4 , while the Tokyo game show will bring the last guardian and a couple rpgs. maybe ms will show something but I just have this feeling that they let everything out from the backlash they got on mays showing. but for me is ps3 , I think its the safe point , and im a little skeptical on ms developing the x1 in 3 years time .
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abzdine  +   704d ago
do you think all games will be available day one? do you guys have a brain to think?
Do you also think about Sony only showed their US games? all this without Uncharted and God of War!!!
Gamescom will be about PS4 exclusives again, and this time they will be coming from Euro studios.. same goes for TGS in september!

You wanna get X1? Fine!! but you are getting nothing more than 3 exclusives day one! they've only shown CG trailers how can you say " it would be xbox one due to the fact the games they showcased at e3"
this is one brainless statment
Neoninja  +   704d ago
Both for me
GreenRanger  +   704d ago
PlayStation 4, and a packet of M&M's.
Heisenburger  +   704d ago
There is only one question left then....

What type of M&M's?

kingxtreme81  +   704d ago
Both on day one.
CaulkSlap  +   704d ago
Same here. But I'm guessing %80 of my console time will be on PS4. The power advantage makes it the obvious primary platform for all multiplats.
VersaVulture89  +   704d ago
Both eventually. Xbox One first because I like the launch lineup more.
Deividas  +   704d ago
Really? I didnt think Xbox One had a good lineup at all...Besides Forza 5, they didnt have anything special
VersaVulture89  +   704d ago
I like Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, I need Killer Instinct... I'm interesting in Ryse since it's a controller based game now instead of a Kinect only game.

I like Sony and the PS4 will be a great console, but the only game that interests me at launch is Killzone. If Infamous was a day 1 game... I would have bought a PS4 day 1.
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nukeitall  +   704d ago
Ryse, Quantum Break and Titanfalls are all great looking games!

Not huge into racing games, but Forza 5 also looked great. Also loved the driveatar i.e. AI in the cloud thing they were talking about.

I pre-ordered both, but saddened the Xbox One got crippled by the community. The awesomeness that could have been!
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Kanzes  +   704d ago
Don't worry about community my friend. At least if you buy Xbox One, you can play a lots of good multiplayer games such as Halo, Minecraft, Titanfall, and maybe Garden Warfare. That's a lot of fun!
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Deividas  +   704d ago
Already Pre-Orderded a PS4 and just bought a brand new $500 Graphics Card for my PC. Not really interested in Xbox one currently, ill pick it up when it goes down to $300
hakesterman  +   704d ago
$ 500 on a Graphics card that you will want to update in 2 years, how silly is that?
B-radical  +   704d ago
Agreed even next year would be a better time to buy maxwell comes out and im sure amd will have good cards
B-radical  +   704d ago
Should of waited till next year to buy a gpu dumb move man
ochie927  +   703d ago
That is so true! That was a dumb move man ...you should have waited till next year.
But wait, if you do wait for next year to buy a gpu, it is a dumb move as well because..wait for it...you could have waited for 2015!
But wait, if you do wait for 2015 to buy a gpu, it is a dumb move as well because..wait for it...you could have waited for 2016!
But wait, if you do wait for 2016 to buy a gpu, it is a dumb move as well because..wait for it...you could have waited for 2017!
But wait..
S2Killinit  +   704d ago
PS4 for me. The decision was made easier because of everthing up until this point in time.
greenlantern2814  +   704d ago
Ps4 for sure.
Xbox1 went from no chance to a strong maybe, but I feel there are to many unknowns so I will wait and see just how good it really is before making a purchase.
hakesterman  +   704d ago
I'm with ya, I'm going to wait 12 months after launch before i make my decision. There is no real good reason to jump in right away.
Rask  +   704d ago
Both. PS4 at launch and Xbox One when the new Halo come out.
Mikeyy  +   704d ago
Playstation 4.

but thats no surprise.
AlexanderNevermind  +   704d ago
Pre-Ordered and paid for PS4. My PC and PS+ will keep me gaming until then.
edonus  +   704d ago

More and better features.....
Showed more and better games....

More innovation and more growth potential.
Majin-vegeta  +   704d ago
More innovation and more growth potential.

Oh you mean like treating it's customers as if they were criminals?

Stop drinking the Micro aid
SonyWarrior  +   704d ago
"More and better features.....
Showed more and better games....

More innovation and more growth potential."

hahahaha... no
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Deividas  +   704d ago
What better features and innovation? All their new features got taken away when they backed off the DRM stuff...All their new features had something to do with it always being online and no game trading....it was all unique and new, just not any good.
Now...its just a souped-up Xbox 360..
oxcar1  +   704d ago
xbox one = stupid money waste
hakesterman  +   704d ago
PS4 = Junk waist money.
Hicken  +   704d ago
I'd ask you to list these "more and better" features, but we both know they don't actually exist.

Same goes for the rest of the silliness in that comment of yours.
hellzsupernova  +   704d ago
Showed less games
Better is upto interpretation
Btw Sony ps4 showed 23 games
Xbox showed 18
noctis_lumia  +   703d ago
sony has 22 ips which 12 are exclusive...see ya at GC
ZBlacktt  +   704d ago
So, Sony forces MS to drop DRM, 24 hour online because Sony listens to it's gamers. Now everyone thinks MS is cool again? They would still enforce that if not for the huge backlash they'd gotten.

MS starts using a Blu-ray player after Sony brought it the the market 7 years ago.

Sony comes out with the more powerful console. The WAY better feature contoller.

The PS PLus gives away hundreds and hundreds of dollars in free games. Early beta play to the newest hottest games up coming.

The PS4 is $100 cheaper.

Sony lands deals with 3rd party dev's for Destiny, Watch_Dogs, AC Black Flag and GTA V. Along with it's very well known 1st party in house Dev company games.
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No_Limit  +   704d ago
Xbox 1, controller, Change and play kit, Dead Rising, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Battlefield 4, and either Ryse or Watchdog.
donman1  +   704d ago
PS4 for Sony's 1st, 2nd and 3rd party AAA games. Already have the WiiU for Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games. I don't see a need to invest $500 for a Xbox One.
Jughead3416  +   704d ago
For me, XBOX ONE's DRM and always online issues wasn't ever a big deal. I don't trade games much and my internet is never offline. But, PS4 is still so much more attractive to me. The exclusives that you know will be on the PS4 is enough. Not to mention the pricepoint, and the graphic and performance capabilities. I will eventually get an XBOX ONE, but PS4 first. It's already fully paid for.
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kwandar  +   704d ago
Wii U.

No annual subscription to play online, more exclusives, bigger technological leap, comes with a game, and backward compatibility.

PS4 maybe in a couple years, but the PS3 has lots of life, there isn't that big a leap in technology from PS3, and PS3 has a good library of games available today, many of which I already own.

Xbox One? I don't see a reason for it.
Kanzes  +   704d ago
Haha, Wii U didn't even support Frostbite 3.0 and Unreal Engine 4.. even PS3 and Xbox 360 can run it (even it only looks 10-20% of the next-gen quality)
thesavagelife7  +   704d ago
Uh no you idiot EA lied you retard.
hakesterman  +   704d ago
Wii U = Epic Failure.
G20WLY  +   704d ago
It's great not having to pay to play online with Wii U, but the problem is there's nobody to play online with :(

Waiting for players before you can enjoy a deathmatch is infuriating! >:(
Aclay  +   704d ago
PS4 for me solely because the PS platform is the one I grew up on after my SNES days, so I figure I'll just stick to what I'm already comfortable with.

Even with all the uproar over the X-One and Microsoft's reversal of DRM policies, eventually I think most of people who owned both the 360 and PS3 will eventually get both PS4 and X-One as well.

As far as Software is concerned I think Microsoft has a stronger launch lineup/launch window with games like TitanFall, DeadRising 3, and Ryse that won't be on PS4-- although, TitanFall may end up on PS4 later since it's not published by MS.
True_Samurai  +   704d ago
An Xbox One with a copy of Ryse :-D
Don't want a PS4 sorry ^_^
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Shuyin  +   704d ago
And 0 fuck was given.
True_Samurai  +   704d ago
And the same thing goes for Sony fanboys :-D they can go FTS
vikingland1  +   704d ago
I preorderd both last week. I can't decide which games yet. I'm thinking about RYSE or Forza5 for xbox one. Then for PS4 Killzone and when infamous comes out I will get that for sure. I will be bouncing back and forth between the 2 for my gaming enjoyment. I can't wait it's going to be a fun holiday season!

EDIT: Destiny looks good too.
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Hazmat13  +   704d ago
PS4 then xbox. love killzone, Infamous second son and The Order looks badass.
HexxedAvenger  +   704d ago
I'm getting a Xbox first. Then a ps4 later on. Dead rising and killer instincts won me over.
I have my drinks on the way!
Transporter47  +   704d ago
Ps4 launch can't come too soon.
JW1080  +   704d ago
Playstation all the way!
Npugz7  +   704d ago
nightfallfilms  +   704d ago
Getting Xbox One first. Just traded in my 360 and about 30 games, got $735.00 in credit. Payed for Xbox one, extra controler, COD Ghost for my son and BF 4 for me. Still have $39.00 credit for another game, trying to decide.
XboxDone  +   704d ago
Pre-ordered the PS4 with 6 games and a controller. M$ is too busy playing catch up with Sony to actually produce a quality product. Never bought an xbox and never will
Benchm4rk  +   704d ago
Than you are missin out mate, Ive always bought both and really enjoy the variety to choose from
XboxDone  +   704d ago
The only games that I'm interested in from M$ are timed exclusives anyway. So I'll be able to play them on the PS4 fairly soon.
Grimhammer00  +   704d ago
I'd get Xbone....
......a world where I wake to soft music chosen by kinect. My cell rings - it's kinect telling me my friends are playing halo....oh sweet user come - play Xbone! Your glorious future awaits!

Alas, I waken. The light is bright. My ankles hurt as equally as my eyes. The booming voice has no empathy. It, like its creator is heartless and malevolent. It prys at me - sharing my secrets to those who've paid handsomely to Kinect's father.

I look at my wrists....like my ankles, they hurt with the weight of DRM shackles. Once I thought these shackles were destroyed....now their grip is complete.

I wonder how I got here....how this day had come to pass, what had I done that brought me here?

I bought an X1....my fate was sealed.

In the distance....past the shadows and fog of time, a sole figure looks back at me. His eyes full of darkness and contempt.....

....moving quicker than my eyes can track, he effortlessly....

.....flips the switch....

wenaldy  +   704d ago
cool story brah.
Benchm4rk  +   704d ago
Xbox One Day One Edition with Watchdogs and Forza 5. Pick up COD and BF4 shortly after launch. If Destiny was a launch title that would be first pick
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