Does The Media Need to Shut Up and Take a Break Regarding The Xbox One and Playstation 4?

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece asking if it is time for the media to shut up and take a break from the constant barrage of coverage and speculation about the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The article cites the need to wait for more information and more hands on time with the consoles rather than a wave of speculative pieces.

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NewMonday1885d ago

I just want to see what they have for GamesCom, I will be very disappointed if Sony don't show big new games, we gave it the benefit of the doubt at E3 because they used the time to address the DRM issue, but now they have to "bring it".

I think MS will show the Kinect games this time around, and maybe Sony will show what that MM puppet game is all about.

1885d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1885d ago

@Monday Right, but Sony still killed E3 though. If they kill gamescon. MS will have a harder time keeping up.

Good luck to both.

Benchm4rk1885d ago

Don't see how people think Sony killed E3. There press conference was a snooze fest until for the whole minute it took them to announce the DRM issues and price. Beside that it was lame. I was on here reading the comments from people while it played live and everyone was saying the same thing.

georgeenoob1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

^ this

MS announced almost a dozen exclusives and Sony only announced 1-2. They're whole conference had a big focus on multi-plats, whereas MS was strictly exclusives.

The only thing they announced above MS was the price point. I would say no-drm as well but MS isn't doing it either now. So how exactly did Sony "kill" E3?

Cuzzo631884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Seriously... Other than Forza. Most of the games they showed were not even on Xb1 specs. Lot of dazzle from microsoft or should I say illusions. Yea they showed more exclusives. I give them that. But how will they look on the actual console. Dont think Xb1 will have nvidia 700 series cards. Lol But anyway it was a bore fest but only because sony showed wat they wanted. Micro had no choice but ro come out in full force. They played their cards exactly how sony wanted. Come on now. Did you think it was over lol. Shits jus begun. Nothing from Quantic dream. Nothing from NaughtyDog, Poly, SantaMonica. Only 1st party titles were from Sucker and Guerilla. How many 1st partys are left. Geez. Think man think. We got a tech demo for gods sake just to show wats able on 4 gigs of gddr. Remember all the yays there were for the elemental demo. Well this is a console... ps4 ftw

Benchm4rk1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


"Nothing from Quantic dream. Nothing from NaughtyDog, Poly, SantaMonica. Only 1st party titles were from Sucker and Guerilla"

Ok lets see...Quantic Dream just finished Beyond Two Souls and that hasn't even been released yet. What did you expect them to show for PS4. ND only jst released The Last Of Us. The most they could show would be a teaser for Uncharted 4 (maybe). Polyphony have been working on GT6 for the PS3 and i doubt we will see anything from them for at least 4-5 yrs. Thats how long it takes them to do anything. So whats left after that... Santa Monica you say. Contrary to what you believe but we did see something from them. Its called The Order: 1886. While it wasnt anything but a CG Trailer it did look quite interesting. So really what is left from there AAA studios for the PS4 that we will see come 2014?

Cuzzo631884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Yea u do gotta point. Didnt think of that. But im sure they got things cooking up. Sony did say they had 12 original ips if im not mistaken. Or was it 12 exclusives and 5 new ips. I dnt kno cant remember. ND had a seperate studios so they are gonna show something before november. Dnt kno if it will be launch tho. But I will as I said before admit that Micro came out banging even if its a little false gameplay, speaking of the high end pc's with nvidia 700s and better cpu. Also Sony claims to have more games at Gamescom or wat ever its called. Remains a mystery if they will be indies but we will see...

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FrightfulActions1885d ago

I agree that they will probably show more Kinect games. Which they should, IMO. A lot of consumers feel like they're being forced to pay more for the console just to get the camera which a lot of them feel like they don't particularly want or need.

Microsoft should display some cool games that utilize it in such a way that makes us go "oh, alright, that looks good, maybe having it won't be so bad after all, Im starting to see its value."

showtimefolks1885d ago

we all need to take a break and focus on the next big wave of games

saints row 4
watch dogs

I am tired of next gen news, i am already sold on ps4 but now i want news on games that are actually coming in 2013

but knowing gaming media they will overlook every game besides GTA,AC4 and COD and only talk about next gen

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GribbleGrunger1885d ago

Says an article about the PS4 and the XB1

Garethvk1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

But I am not talking up the benefits or drawbacks of one. Kind of hard to say do not talk about something and why if I do not say what the subjects are.

GribbleGrunger1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

This is why people love the next generations though. It provides a much needed injection of enthusiasm. I was and still am enthusiastic about the PS3 and would have gladly waited another three years for next gen, but there are others that need their daily fix of promise and disappointment. And I have to say I'm actually getting caught up in all the excitement too, now that we know they're coming this year.

Garethvk1885d ago

I have wondered if Microsoft did not expect Sony to announce in Feb nor did they expect them to ship this year and as a result were not fully prepared with their response and presentations as that is what helped cause the issues. They have been on the defensive in many ways since Sony announced the PS 4 in Feb. They made mistakes at their annouce event and at E3 and Sony has been reaping the rewards.

NewMonday1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

yes it all goes back to Feb, they never expected Sony to announce that early and with that much detail about the system, features and games.

their was talk back then that MS executives were panicking, and the insider CBOAT said the problems and mistakes happened because of this.

iceman061885d ago

I agree. Sony caught MS with their proverbial pants down. They probably thought that Sony was going to announce at E3. However, I can't give them a pass on not being prepared with responses. MS SHOULD have had a complete business plan before their reveal. This SHOULD have included the "risk vs. reward" scenario that ANY good business would have discussed. They have been defensive simply because they didn't have a clear message in terms of marketing. Who is the key demographic? Why should they want Xbox One over PS4? We STILL don't really know. We know they have some good looking games. We know that they have some new features, in terms of social and media functions. But, MS has been doing a poor job of justifying WHY it all matters. Instead of claiming to hold the sole key to the future of the gaming industry, what they SHOULD have been focusing on is HOW this will directly benefit their core demographic. What they DID was a bunch of BS PR speak and double talk. I can't blame Sony for just sitting there and doing an Ali styled rope-a-dope while MS effectively punched themselves out in the 1st rounds.

miyamoto1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" - Kazuo Hirai CES 2013

Words of wisdom, brother. It is jam packed with meaning and explosive material.

This statement summarizes everything about the PS4 vs XBOne story.

Which brings us back to day one of the Sony PlayStation slogan...
You Are Not Ready, M$.

Chupa-Chupa1885d ago

If we weren't talking about these two next-gen consoles and comparing them even if it's in a competitive way, something would be wrong with one. You don't see people comparing the PS4 or Xbox One to the Wii U. It's good for marketing. It's the excitement the gaming giants want from their passionate gamers/consumers.

Garethvk1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

True but what bothers me is that Microsoft and I can guess Sony as well have hired people to scour the web planting stories, discrediting negative comments and reports and so on. The consoles should live or fail based on their abilities and not on the efforts of covert and in some ways subversive marketing.

But I know that is not how things are.

Chupa-Chupa1885d ago

And that's what they both want. These PS4 Vs. Xbox One comparisons and back and forth chatter is what they want. It builds excitement, it causes gamers to be extra passionate about their console of choice. We don't see PS4, Xbox one Vs. Wii u comparison often, because there's no real competition there. It just sucks that some gamers quickly go for the hate and deny what the competition offers. Annoying. Just game.

PureSophistry1885d ago

Only thing worse than an article pitting Sony and Microsoft against eachother?

an article about the fact other articles are pitting Sony and Microsoft against each- INCEPTION!

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