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Majin-vegeta1973d ago


I believe we will finally get to see KZ:SF multi.Since its Guerrilas home land.

Kanzes1973d ago

I hope there's a lots of RPG exclusive :) especially from SCE Japan Studio

Abash1973d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3 at Gamescom, please!

NewMonday1973d ago

Jim Ryan says 20 1st party games will ship in the first year

Salooh1973d ago

Dark cloud T_T . Never gonna happen though ..

All i'm asking is an HD collection for the vita and ps3. That's it..

kupomogli1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

While they'd probably hold this and other Japanese games back for unveiling at TGS. I'm interested a game that plays like White Knight Chronicles.

White Knight Chronicles was is pretty underrated game. If Japan Studios and Level 5 made a new IP with updated gameplay, I'd buy the game. It's better than a lot of games released this gen and people just really didn't appreciate it.

Hopefully with a Geonet town and profile with clans and such like on WKC1 and 2. The online was well done.

A few things I think they really need to add into it though. AI controlled allies that aren't dumb as bricks. So they use spells and abilities that the enemies are weak to rather than anything random.

Also if they made it so local co op or lan play co op was available if servers ever shut down, friends could still play the game with each other.

abzdine1973d ago

Sony's european studios haven't shown anything yet and GamesCom is a place for European studios to show what they have been up to all this time!
Expect greatness at Gamescom

badz1491973d ago

knowing Sony;

you don't say?

AsimLeonheart1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

There you go Xbone supporters. PS4 will have 30 first party games and 12 of them are new IPs. It was actually pretty stupid to bash PS4 for not having announced enough exclusives so early just because MS announced a handful of games. Playstation is synonymous with exclusive games.

Utalkin2me1973d ago

I think Sony is doing it smart and not putting all their eggs in one basket. And just showing enough each time to keep momentum going.

gaffyh1973d ago

Hoping for MM and Studio Liverpool (or what's left of them) games.

RedDevils1973d ago

I wish there games like Folklore/similar gameplay on the PS4. Can't believe it sold so less

kupomogli1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


A PS4 version of Wipeout 2048 would be awesome.

ajax171973d ago

Demon's Souls 2 I hope

andibandit1973d ago

Yes lots of rpgs please but not jrpgs

Rip-Ridah1973d ago

I see no one has mentioned Mr. Cage's new PS4 title that's in the works. I'm pretty excited about Quantic Dreams new game!

phantomexe1972d ago

legend of the dragoon 2 or HD remake would be nice.

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HammadTheBeast1973d ago

30 First Party games WTF?! That's way more than the 20 Jack Tretton said, this is awesome.

A console is decided by the games, and I think we all know, Playstation does games.

georgeenoob1973d ago

Obviously you didn't watch MS E3.

Sevir1973d ago

From Shuhei Yoshida at E3, in which he says "There are 30 first party studio titles in development, 20 of which are releasing in the first year of the PS4's Market availability and of those 20 releasing in year one, 12 of them are new IPs"... Which is great news.

shoddy1973d ago

Sound like there are more unannounced titles than E3.

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

Yeah I did George. Out of the 7-8 games shown, only Titanfall caught my interest, and its on PC, so GG.

Forza looks good as well, but its racing, its an easy genre to pull off. Halo 5 announced, but Halo is getting progressively worse as Bungie grows tired of it, and now that they've moved on, I don't hold much hope for the franchise.

Project Spark looked alright, but no real game play was shown.

DOMination-1973d ago

Those figures don't add up. Sony have 13 studios. I understand some studios can have two games at once but lets face it, Ico, Polyphony, MM will definitely only have one game in production. That leavss 10 studios to make 27 games. I'm not buying that unless they are counting stuff like SCE London making about 12 singstar and wonderbook games. If this was an MS article the conclusion would be that these games don't count.

abzdine1973d ago

Obviously you are one of those who do not think before posting.
Out of all the studios MS showed games of at E3, can you name some more first party? What i'm saying is MS have shown EVERYTHING already, and dont be fooled by the CG scenes of Quantum Break and Sunshine Overdrive (among others).
Sony still has European Studios and Japanese studios (Gamescom and TGS) so i'm telling ya my friend, expect to be blown away!

at E3 they haven't even shown Uncharted or God of War..
Greatness awaits, hands down!!

Spontogical1973d ago

but.... have you seeen TITAN FALL!? Conversation Over.

GameCents1973d ago

Talk is cheap. If they had so many then why did we only see one proper new exclusive at E3?

I'll believe it when I see it, and at E3 I didn't see it.

Kratos_19861973d ago

i can get titan fall on my PC wich is 2x times more powerful than the cable box whats next ?

Boody-Bandit1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


Obviously YOU haven't been watching the past 3 GENERATIONS with Sony. What was just released for the PS3? Oh a little game called "Last of Us". A brand new IP. This late in the console cycle, from a top developer and it's getting rave reviews.

What was the LAST big exclusive game released for an MS console that wasn't Halo, Gears, Forza or Fable in the past few years?

I will never understand those that want to pretend E3 is where Sony, unlike MS, shows anything but a small part of it's plethora of games they are currently working on for the PS3 and PS4. Sony shows up for all the gaming shows. Not just E3. Sony is a presence around the world were as MS primarily targets North America and they show their biggest guns at E3.

In other words.
Buckle up because Sony is just getting warmed up.

Silly Mammo1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@GameCents- Because what most MS fanboys keep failing to realize, E3 and North America are not the center of everything. How much more did Sony need to unveil at E3? They killed it and still saved some game announcements for the other conventions. MS pretty much showed their whole hand at E3. IMO

GameCents1973d ago

@mammo, Microsoft said that there'd be even more games at Gamescon BEFORE E3 and playstation fanboys twisted it and spun it as if MS was saying there wouldn't be enough games at E3.
E3 came and they came out guns blazing and swinging for the fences with games.

Now SONY on the other hand were talking about how their console is for gamers and games and yet only showed ONE new exclusive at E3.

You and your pals didn't cut ms any slack when they said they'd bring more games to gamescon, why should we cut sony any after their lame game showing?

Polysix1973d ago

Titanfall = PC for best version.

The other games look 'meh' at Xbox e3 god knows why people think they showed better. It was obvious Sony had little need to show games as they had won on DRM at the time. We all knew gamescon was where they would turn up the pressure.

NOTHING at MS's e3 other than Dead Rising 3 stirred any interest in me (and even that looks like it's changed for the worse) and what sony did show, while not much, was more interesting. Factor in stuff like Infamous second son being shown afterwards which would have easily settled the 'good looking games' dispute had it been included IN sony's e3 slot.


I have a feeling Microsoft pretty much blew their load at E3 to make up for the terrible console unveiling.

BallsEye1973d ago


And you seem like you don't research before you post. MS has clearly stated there will be more exclusives shown this year at other gaming events (still can't wait for next MMO Fable!). Also Quantum Break was not CG, in newest dev diary you can see it's in game. GG

andibandit1973d ago


Titan developers actually said that the xbone version would be superior...

kreate1973d ago

I hope there's no fable mmo.
I Want fable 4.
Hire some better character designers.
Lionhead is so lazy recycling the same npc over and over.

Utalkin2me1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


Really only one you say. Well i seen 11 or it might have been 10. I'm to lazy to go back and look. Maybe you should go troll elsewhere with that BS.

Was 7 to 8 exclusive indie games, alone.

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Arai1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I wonder if SCE's schedule look something like this:

- July SCEJ/A event (they said they would hold an event before TGS).
- August GamesCom (European studios, more game announcements)
- September TGS (Japanese games, JPN/global launch date, etc etc)

And then boom!... October 29th gamers go crazy.
It would be epic and gamers would get their fix on a monthly basis until launch.

abzdine1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

of course it is like that!! at E3 they showed great games and the DRM announcements stole the show!!!!
This time we know all their plans, so here we go with the awesomeness ====> games!
And even without any game showed, i'm getting PS4 because i wanna play The Last of Us 2, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 4, God of War, Gran Turismo...

ALL THIS via VITA remote play


THamm1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Can't wait for another reveal of this! PS4 version please Kojima

morganfell1973d ago


Herman Hulst already confirmed that Gamescom would be the reveal for MP on Killzone SF. Can't wait.

Majin-vegeta1973d ago

Really??Do you have a link?

trancefreak1973d ago

@Majin Herman Hulst said it in an interview details soon @ 9:30 mark

SoapShoes1973d ago

I wonder if they are going to show off their new IP too?

AngelicIceDiamond1973d ago


Can not wait to see what they are.

KwietStorm1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

If they don't go back to KZ2 instead of 3, I don't know. I'm gonna be so so disappointed. I might be forced to cancel my preorder.

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

I hope they take a new direction entirely.

PLASTICA-MAN1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

At Majin-vegeta, Guerilla Games are dutsch (from holland) not deutsch (from Germany). GamesCom (used to be Games Convention) is in Germany. And there was a short sneak peek of KZ:SF multiplayer in the PS4 UI video !

Sony really needs to show more games at GamesCom, I mean there are very few launch games, even Infamous was delayed to next-year, which gives us Driveclub (almost free game or freemium), Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack ( I don't care since it tries to be a PS4 Crash Bandicoot and fails), The Witness (I hope the game will be good) and Warframe (which already sucks on PC even as f2p and won't be better on PS4 ). I don't care about sport games and other multiplatform games well maybe MAAAAAAAAAAYBE Watch Dogs only and a GTA like game withou mods is no play, that is why I play GTA like games on PC, unless Sony allows game mods on any game this time on PS4 and not only on one game like Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 (which had empty servers even on PC since day one).

SoapShoes1973d ago

Knack doesn't fail, what's the matter with you?


So you've played Knack then right? right??? SMH

HiddenMission1973d ago

inFamous wasnt delayed since a date was never set all they said is launch window and they even said Q1 2014. Where are you going with the wall of text?

Drive club looks sexy, KZSF is stunning, Knack looks like good family just seems like your here tobthrow shit on PS4 and I can only think of one reason you just dont like the PS4. You could just be one of those PC elitests trying to make consoles sound bad...

nosferatuzodd1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

dude calm down look at ps3 track record the lost of us, beyond 2 souls gt6, rain, Ni no Kuni,god of war Ascension Diablo III, and a lot more i cant even remember just this year alone name 3 Xbox 360 exclusive this year, cool down the reason Microsoft show so many games all of those game are time exclusive they bought just to look good at e3 they do it every generation then come few years down the road they feed you with more halo gears and fable

KwietStorm1972d ago

So anything that isn't exclusive is basically worthless or just not included as a launch title. You know, this kind of thinking does a lot more damage than those guys presume the used games market to do.

strifeblade1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Im sorry but i am inclined to agree when i measure xbox one exclusives with ps4, i also express dissapointment.

forza>driveclub (need i explain?)
ryse>knack (everyone says knack is a ps3 game)
dead rising 3=infamous 3 (preference but most ppl i talk to seem more excited about dead rising)
Titanfall>killzone SF- (while killzone looks great-safe to say titanfall stole the show at e3 recieving numerous best game at e3 award)
The order 1886 looks to be the best game from sony conference i give playstation that much but but no word on release date.

Im sure i dont need to mention the other exclusives shown at xbox conference as sony has not announced nearly enough to compete with xbox one this year/2014- but who knows- there is tgs and gamescom for both msoft and sony. cheers

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imdaboss11973d ago

damn excited i wonder what games its going to be..Sony is holding back at e3..They are really smart beating ms at everything..

infamousinfolite1972d ago

And some people believe that the games shown at E3 by Sony was all they had for the PS4. I call it blind fanboyism.

Omran1973d ago Show
showtimefolks1973d ago

i say expect some games from European development studios and at TGS expect more support from japan development studios

a sequel to demon soul
last guardian
SOTC sequel could it make sense?

many are saying sony at e3 didn't show many exclusive but my point is they showed 4 in February and provided updates on those 4 plus showed some more

MS on the other hand showed no games on may 21st so off course they were gonna show a lot

andibandit1973d ago

Whats your point exactly? Youre saying sony showed some new games in februrary and some new games at e3, whilst ms showed all of theirs at isnt it only natural to be under the impression that ms showed most games at e3?

showtimefolks1972d ago

Point is not just look at MS and say they showed more games because they showed none at announcement and Sony showed 4-5 at announcement event

So take games like knack,KZ,infamous and drive club and consider them as new games shown at E3 and than people will see Sony showed just as many games as anyone else

Why are people overlooking the fact a company showed games for next gen in February when another couldn't show any 2-3 weeks before E3

masterg1973d ago

I just want to see what the other half of Naughty Dog has been working on.
They must have been developing for the PS4 for a few years now.

Faunus1973d ago

Dude, Guerrilla Games is from Holland, Amsterdam. Last time i've checked the Gamescom is in Cologne, Germany. -.-

Not the first time foreign people think Holland is Germany. Pretty offensive...


Games Convention was in Leipzig and now GamesCom is in Cologne. I have germans friends who went there last year, got many goodies, one of them was even befriended with CD Projekt and they gave him many exclusive stuff. Gamescom is very cool !

PlayStation_41973d ago

We saw a tiny bit of gameplay for KZ's multiplayer on the map Vekta Mall, it's shown on the PS4 UI trailer.

fredrikpedersen1973d ago

Guerilla is based in the Netherlands. Gamescom is in Germany. Big difference.

GameCents1973d ago

They better have. Their E3 game showing was very lackluster. Bunch of never mind indie games, multiplats, known games and one new exclusive.
Felt like I was watching a Microsoft conference.

Silly gameAr1973d ago

If anyone doubted that Sony wouldn't show more games then they must seriously have their heads up their butts.

Clarence1973d ago

Says u M$ E3 game line up was not great. They blew their load at e3. They will show the same games at gamecom. That is if they show up this year.

GameCents1973d ago

Double negative there silly gamer. I dunno what you are trying to say.

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

Killzone Shadowfall, Second Son, Knack, The Witness, DriveClub, Planetside 2, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, Daylight, Order 1866, and exclusive content (not timed) for Destiny.

And they unveiled their console. MS just looked like they revealed more games cause their reveal was shit-e.