Armikrog dev becomes officially licensed Nintendo dev

"We're getting some love from Nintendo... Pencil Test Studios is now a licensed Wii U developer.", shares GoNintendo.

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SactoGamer1974d ago

What games are they known for? I'm unfamiliar with this dev.

ToaLugia1974d ago

ever heard of earthworm jim?

Squall50051974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

And don't forget The Neverhood. One of my favourite games as a kid. And Armikrog is pretty much a spiritual successor to that game so I can't wait for this. The kickstarter has raised about $600000 so far.

Donnieboi1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Wow, Miyamoto wasn't kidding when he said they were making moves to increase development of games. But I didn't think Nintendo was reacting THIS fast. Nice!

PopRocks3591974d ago

Really? I was wondering "when the heck are you guys gonna get started on that?" But hey! Better late than never I suppose. Good news.

Donnieboi1974d ago

If their moving THIS fast, they should approach ThatGameCompany. I've been following Jenova Chen since I was in High School, back when he made Cloud. Miyamoto even congratulated Chen, which was a highlight in Chen's life.

Imagine ThatGameCompany as a Nintendo 2nd or even 1st party studio! That would be epic! Their style of family friendly yet hardcore artistsic games is right up Nintendo's alley.

But the window of opportunity is small, if they wan't to work with Chen and his team, they should make a move fast.

GenericNameHere1974d ago

This is one advantage they can use against Microsoft!! Just be like Sony and let indie self-publish, and you're good!

Sony tried to buy them before. TGC said they're considering multiplat now. What makes you think Nintendo would have something that will benefit TGC that Sony didn't have? Artsy fartsy games? Sony did that with Team Ico's Ico and SoTC a long time ago, and both were highly successful.

And since you've followed Chen since then, I'm guessing you actually played flOw, Flower, and Journey, which all did financially and critically successful despite being exclusive on PS3.

kirbyu1974d ago

I've never even heard of them. I'm gonna look them up.

Squall50051974d ago

Check out 'The Neverhood' on YouTube. It was one of my favourite games as a kid.

BlackWolf1974d ago

Wow that was fast. Nice to see even more indies on the Wii U.

mydyingparadiselost1974d ago

Same here, I've seen alot of little snippets on here about different indies getting licensed for WiiU games and I'm looking forward to the eventual barrage of games on the eShop. I'll take indie third party support over companies like EA any day :]

Tewi-Inaba1974d ago

Kinda funny, PC community has been on the rave about this game and it's kickstarter, but not many actually donate.
myself included.

well good for them! looks like Big Ns saving the small guys right now.

Hey nintendo know what franchise is dying? megaman.
I say you save it from crapcom

ZeekQuattro1973d ago

I think Megaman appearing in SSB is just the boost Megaman needs. But Crapcom canceled his last 3 games so who knows anymore.

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