E3 2013: Call of Duty – Ghosts Video Interview & Preview

"One of the biggest monster game franchises in existence is Call of Duty, it is played on most platform currently available as well as the next generation consoles coming out this holiday. At E3 2013, Activision/Blizzard (ActiBlizzard) had a fairly…"

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evilkillerk1676d ago

Looking forward to see how it will all play out in the next generation.

USMC_POLICE1675d ago

How many times can that guy say um???

TheGrimBunny1675d ago

56 times... no i did not really count, but interviewing people is, um, hard.

TheSuperior 1675d ago

I think that the underwater combat seems really neat. I know COD has done under water stuff before but not quite combat so that should be cool

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