E3 2013: Forza 5 Video Interview

Gamersbliss: At E3 this year with the showcasing of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles, we were able to have a private meeting with members of the Forza 5 team, while we were shown the game along with important details about.

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GameReviewGuy1195d ago

The game looks real... crazy

evilkillerk1195d ago

hopefully the In-game they showed us is what it will really be like

TheGrimBunny1194d ago

That is what they said...

SheaHoff1194d ago

The recommendations based on what you've used on cars before sounds like an interesting feature

TheSuperior 1194d ago

I have really always hated forza with a passion, maybe because I actually have completely sucked at like all oast games but this one looks incredible to me. Hopefully I won't suck at this one too x)

GusBricker1194d ago

I suck at driving games in general. So, don't feel bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.