A new God of War game for PS4 and Vita?

There´s a mysterious picture floating around the internet, which suggests that Sony Santa Monica is involved with a God of War for PS4 and PS Vita.

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TrevorPhillips1520d ago

God of War + PS4 = Heart attack :O

I hope this is true!

Dinoegg_961520d ago

God of War + PS4 + PS Vita = double heart attack ;)

iGAM3R-VIII1520d ago

If you watch the old spice video of the power man your comment reminds me of


kayoss1520d ago

God of war + ps4 + ps vita + cross play = triple by pass

Divine1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

im a huge fan of quality . which is why im a ps fan but i hate when ps fanboys go crazy at anything they see. as ps fans we should be a bit more mature because unlike ms fan boys who love to rely on opinion we have facts. but i do agree i cant wait untill god of war 4 does come out it will be insanity!!

shoddy1520d ago

Please give me the heart attack

Aloren1520d ago

It has to be fake, cause it should be a triple heart attack, I see no reason why a new god of war early in the ps4 life shouldn't also come out on PS3, especially if it's also on vita.

nix1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


even i'm a sucker for quality. that's why i love PS exclusives.

as for the GOW next game, i wonder what they'll do. Ascension was alright. i was very busy and little pissed off with work so killing those creatures mercilessly was the best part of my days. lol.

kayoss1520d ago

I'm not sure if you can survive a double heart attack, let alone a triple. If you have a triple heart attack and still survive, god must of hate you and want you to suffer. Lol.

abzdine1520d ago

this must be a fake unfortunately! i dont believe the game is in such an advanced development stage that they already printed posters like this one.

gaffyh1520d ago

Yep it's fake, there are a few spelling errors at the bottom such as make.belive, always cracks me up that these fake image creators can never spell lol.

inveni01520d ago

I would be interested in seeing how they could push the hardware. I'd love to see what all of the first-parties are doing for PS4. There's a lot of potential in those stables.

MuleKick1520d ago

I'm still waiting for God of War: Betrayal to come out on the PS platform.

demonddel1520d ago

@Playstation fans are so adorable and no I'm not a fan of no particular console I'm getting them all after Nintendo and Microsoft drop there prices just gotta admit Playstation fans be doing the most gotta luv Yall

dantesparda1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I hope i dont get flamed for this, but its too soon. I loved GOW3, i was very impresed by it and really like the series as a whole, but its starting to feel like milking. A really high quality Vita version would be welcomed though. And i know it would be nice to see a PS4 version. But i dont know, i just feel like all these franchises are starting to get milked to death (and no, im not just talking about on Sony)

darkslayer2081520d ago

just a sequel after GOW 3 would be great..

aCasualGamer1520d ago

Am i the only one getting tired of under titles such as "redemption" "deception" etc etc.

Enemy1520d ago

Honestly, this would be too much for anyone to handle. Sony Santa Monica has two games in progress. One's from Stig (GOW3 director), another from a separate team. They're also helping with The Order.

unicronic1520d ago

Actually Cross-Play with Kratos will have a double meaning given his uncontrollable anger.

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LOGICWINS1520d ago

I hope its not personally. A GOW game THIS soon after Ascension has suck written all over it. I don't want yearly reskins like AC and COD. A GOW for Vita would be acceptable though. Maybe centered around Kratos' brother.

S2Killinit1520d ago

Ascension didn't such though, it just didn't impress the high expectations i think, not after GOW3 made such a huge leap forward.

HammadTheBeast1520d ago

Considering its said to be for PS4, I expect that it has been in development for a while as part of SSM's other team, or is being announced and then being released in a year or two.

uncharted561520d ago

I really hope not. I have played all god of war games to date except ascension. Imo this is turning into halo like milking. They have told every story possible in GoW universe possible and should move forward to something new. Maybe another genre if not then maybe roman mythology. I just cant take any more god of war because Ascensions combat, story, pacing and epicness compared to GoW3 felt uninspired and boring. They should either innovate or move onto something new. One of the biggest problems of this gen sequels along with dlc, online passes and cheap cash ins hidden as games.

Utalkin2me1520d ago


A Halo like milking you say? 2 GOW's on the PS3 is milking the franchise? You do realize thats 2 games in 7 years right? There has been 4 Halo games on the 360 (including the rts game).

Spontogical1520d ago

I'm in agreement with logic here.. The god of war series needs a long break imo. When a franchise spans over 3 generations - I suffer from fatigue of that particular series.

I think and hope it's fake tbh.

grailly1520d ago

I'm one of the people who liked ascension a lot, and I hope this is not true, I've had enough god of war for the next few years. Unless the gameplay is radically different I won't be buying this.

WolfOfDarkness1520d ago

That's 100% Most be done on PS4 , and I wish if it was reboot .

Sitdown1520d ago

Notice uncharted did not specify games just on the ps3; as well as your need to bring up Halo for comparison, but anyhow... There have been 7 God of War titles released since 2005, and 3 collections, concerning Halo, there have been 8 titles since 2001, one was a different genre, and I don't really recall number of collection. So in your mind 8 titles in 12 years is more milking than 7 in 8 years? Anyhow, doesn't matter....if your title can stay fresh, no problem with developers using a title that has been successful for them.

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IMightBeRetarded1520d ago

@the disagrees
Unfortunately it looks like it's probably fake. In the bottom right of the small text it says "Playstation" instead of PlayStation such as in this picture http://twinstickgaming.file...
Small mistake, but a very convincing image.

Kanzes1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


thank you for pointed that out my friend, and also


that site is enough to prove that this is fake, but unfortunately some people in here seem doesn't care anymore about fact, as long it's about PS