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Submitted by Dinoegg_96 963d ago | rumor

A new God of War game for PS4 and Vita?

There´s a mysterious picture floating around the internet, which suggests that Sony Santa Monica is involved with a God of War for PS4 and PS Vita. (PS Vita, PS4, Sony, Sony Santa Monica)

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TrevorPhillips  +   963d ago | Well said
God of War + PS4 = Heart attack :O

I hope this is true!
Dinoegg_96  +   963d ago | Funny
God of War + PS4 + PS Vita = double heart attack ;)
iGAM3R-VIII  +   963d ago
If you watch the old spice video of the power man your comment reminds me of

kayoss  +   963d ago | Funny
God of war + ps4 + ps vita + cross play = triple by pass
sherimae2413  +   963d ago
still alive? ^_^
Divine  +   963d ago
im a huge fan of quality . which is why im a ps fan but i hate when ps fanboys go crazy at anything they see. as ps fans we should be a bit more mature because unlike ms fan boys who love to rely on opinion we have facts. but i do agree i cant wait untill god of war 4 does come out it will be insanity!!
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shoddy  +   963d ago
Please give me the heart attack
Aloren  +   963d ago
It has to be fake, cause it should be a triple heart attack, I see no reason why a new god of war early in the ps4 life shouldn't also come out on PS3, especially if it's also on vita.
nix  +   963d ago

even i'm a sucker for quality. that's why i love PS exclusives.

as for the GOW next game, i wonder what they'll do. Ascension was alright. i was very busy and little pissed off with work so killing those creatures mercilessly was the best part of my days. lol.
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kayoss  +   963d ago
I'm not sure if you can survive a double heart attack, let alone a triple. If you have a triple heart attack and still survive, god must of hate you and want you to suffer. Lol.
abzdine  +   962d ago
this must be a fake unfortunately! i dont believe the game is in such an advanced development stage that they already printed posters like this one.
gaffyh  +   962d ago
Yep it's fake, there are a few spelling errors at the bottom such as make.belive, always cracks me up that these fake image creators can never spell lol.
inveni0  +   962d ago
I would be interested in seeing how they could push the hardware. I'd love to see what all of the first-parties are doing for PS4. There's a lot of potential in those stables.
MuleKick  +   962d ago
I'm still waiting for God of War: Betrayal to come out on the PS platform.
demonddel  +   962d ago
@Playstation fans are so adorable and no I'm not a fan of no particular console I'm getting them all after Nintendo and Microsoft drop there prices just gotta admit Playstation fans be doing the most gotta luv Yall
dantesparda  +   962d ago
I hope i dont get flamed for this, but its too soon. I loved GOW3, i was very impresed by it and really like the series as a whole, but its starting to feel like milking. A really high quality Vita version would be welcomed though. And i know it would be nice to see a PS4 version. But i dont know, i just feel like all these franchises are starting to get milked to death (and no, im not just talking about on Sony)
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darkslayer208  +   962d ago
just a sequel after GOW 3 would be great..
aCasualGamer  +   962d ago
Am i the only one getting tired of under titles such as "redemption" "deception" etc etc.
Enemy  +   962d ago
Honestly, this would be too much for anyone to handle. Sony Santa Monica has two games in progress. One's from Stig (GOW3 director), another from a separate team. They're also helping with The Order.
unicronic  +   962d ago
Actually Cross-Play with Kratos will have a double meaning given his uncontrollable anger.
LOGICWINS  +   963d ago
I hope its not personally. A GOW game THIS soon after Ascension has suck written all over it. I don't want yearly reskins like AC and COD. A GOW for Vita would be acceptable though. Maybe centered around Kratos' brother.
S2Killinit  +   963d ago
Ascension didn't such though, it just didn't impress the high expectations i think, not after GOW3 made such a huge leap forward.
HammadTheBeast  +   963d ago
Considering its said to be for PS4, I expect that it has been in development for a while as part of SSM's other team, or is being announced and then being released in a year or two.
uncharted56  +   963d ago
I really hope not. I have played all god of war games to date except ascension. Imo this is turning into halo like milking. They have told every story possible in GoW universe possible and should move forward to something new. Maybe another genre if not then maybe roman mythology. I just cant take any more god of war because Ascensions combat, story, pacing and epicness compared to GoW3 felt uninspired and boring. They should either innovate or move onto something new. One of the biggest problems of this gen sequels along with dlc, online passes and cheap cash ins hidden as games.
Utalkin2me  +   963d ago

A Halo like milking you say? 2 GOW's on the PS3 is milking the franchise? You do realize thats 2 games in 7 years right? There has been 4 Halo games on the 360 (including the rts game).
Spontogical  +   963d ago
I'm in agreement with logic here.. The god of war series needs a long break imo. When a franchise spans over 3 generations - I suffer from fatigue of that particular series.

I think and hope it's fake tbh.
grailly  +   962d ago
I'm one of the people who liked ascension a lot, and I hope this is not true, I've had enough god of war for the next few years. Unless the gameplay is radically different I won't be buying this.
WolfOfDarkness  +   962d ago
That's 100% Most be done on PS4 , and I wish if it was reboot .
Sitdown  +   962d ago
Notice uncharted did not specify games just on the ps3; as well as your need to bring up Halo for comparison, but anyhow... There have been 7 God of War titles released since 2005, and 3 collections, concerning Halo, there have been 8 titles since 2001, one was a different genre, and I don't really recall number of collection. So in your mind 8 titles in 12 years is more milking than 7 in 8 years? Anyhow, doesn't matter....if your title can stay fresh, no problem with developers using a title that has been successful for them.
Kanzes  +   963d ago
It's fake
IMightBeRetarded  +   963d ago
@the disagrees
Unfortunately it looks like it's probably fake. In the bottom right of the small text it says "Playstation" instead of PlayStation such as in this picture http://twinstickgaming.file...
Small mistake, but a very convincing image.
Kanzes  +   963d ago

thank you for pointed that out my friend, and also


that site is enough to prove that this is fake, but unfortunately some people in here seem doesn't care anymore about fact, as long it's about PS
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Divine  +   962d ago
@nix lol i agree it was the same for me
NBT91  +   962d ago
Even so... Let's be honest, they probably are working on a new GOW for PS4.
allformats  +   963d ago
Gamers, just think for a minute of how Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog's PS4 games will look. Think about that for a while....

I know, I can't contain my excitement either!
Ezz2013  +   963d ago
since they showed that ps4 is real
all what was on my mind is what a ND/SSM(main team) game will look like with Next Gen GFX
their games on ps3 are almost CGI

my heart poor poor heart
Donnieboi  +   963d ago
God of War needs a break. Santa Monica could have been working on something else instead.

Hell, they could even make a game of a similar genre to GOW, just to tide fans over while they wait for a real GoW. But other people are tired of it atm.

Maybe they could work on another beat-em-up, like a Heavenly Sword sequel. That way it still takes care of those beat-em-up junkies (GoW fans), while also providing a sequel for HS fans (while being refreshing since it's only the first sequel in the series).
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Arai  +   963d ago
It's fake and here's why...

"make.belive" and "Playstation" (from the image)
"make.believe" and "PlayStation" is the correct way.

Sony wouldn't mess up on BOTH of those, even though I'd like some PS4 GoW action :P
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Dinoegg_96  +   963d ago
Have you heard about Resident Evil Revelaitons??? :P
GdaTyler  +   963d ago
It could have been legit because a new title from Santa Monica hasn't been announced yet for PS4 or any other console for a while. Maybe Sony is releasing the GOW Collection on the Vita to make way or warm gamers up for a God of War PS4/Vita title. If it's fake then the person who did this did a really good job because it tricked me for a while. Though it could be fake though since it looks a bit off. :'(
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GrownUpGamer  +   963d ago
Milking the cow like Halo?

@ SoldtoChrist
"God of War + PS4 = Heart attack"

and also -> God of War 5 on next gen consoles = Viagra
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Jaces  +   963d ago
Am I the only one here who doesn't want anymore GoW games? I ended perfectly at 3 and doesn't need to be milked like so many franchises these days.

That said, no thanks. I'll pass if this is true.
Blaze929  +   963d ago
Not sure why God of War games were still being made after GOW3 to be honest. Ascension just makes the thought even more questionable.
itBourne  +   963d ago
No No NO! Stop it, give GoW a break. Let them make a new franchise, I dont want anymore for a long while. Dont make ND make another Last of Us either. Give me new games from these great devs, not sequels.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   962d ago
I am pretty sure I am not the only one who would love to see more of the last of us or uncharted. Yes new IPs are great but Its hard to abandon these great charafters in both games.
itBourne  +   962d ago
The Last of us is my favorite game, probably ever made, leave it at that, dont taint its image with a sequel.

GoW Ascension was like massively panned for keeping a tired series going. Ok seriously WHAT do you want them to do with the story? 3 sums up the story, there are freaking 19 damn prequels to the series.
showtimefolks  +   963d ago
i know i will get bashed for saying but but i think god of war series needs a bit of rest, i say the next game should be come out late 2015 at the earliest

i am just a little burned out with GOW games,

god of war 1-2
god of war psp collection
god of war 3
god of war ascensions

what the heck i am talking about if a new one does come out anytime i will buy it its one of my favorite series lol. But i still say give it a bit of rest or maybe 3 years of development cycle

what i want to know is what is the other team at santa monica working on? the one under direction of the person who did god of war 3?

how about the god of war 3 team doing a proper heavenly sword title?

i know sony isn't gonna mess up the GOW ip, give it some time sony. Let the hype build again for the series

i don't agree with notion that god of war series should end, when they could go in so many different directions
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fermcr  +   963d ago
Another God of War !!! God of War needs to rest for a few years... along with a other franchises out there.

I would prefer Santa Monica starting a new IP.
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harrisk954  +   962d ago
I hope it is real too, but it may not be...

From God of War Fan Fiction Wiki:

God of War: Redemption is a short story written by DBZGamingAddict. It details Kratos after he wakes up on the shrores of a destroyed island on the outskirts of Mount Olympus.

j-blaze  +   962d ago
no thanks! they need to stop milking the damn franchise, Sony need to put money on making something more original and by a Japanese developer
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ZombieKiller  +   962d ago
Hold off on the heart attack until the game is over so you can play it!

I saw this coming from a mile away. I just didnt expect it so soon. Honestly games like this, Metal Gear, (devil may cry used to be in that list) are all what made me buy a ps3 after my ps2 era was over. God of War is my ultimate. I love everything about it. I am one of the guys still playing the online (which is pretty well done in my opinion).

Funny how the ps3 launched a bunch of titles for me making me buy a ps4. Buying a ps4 and Xbox one? No. Ps4 on DAY one.
kingmushroom  +   962d ago
survived and still had time for sex mini game ...ftw
wastedcells  +   962d ago
It's fake. There are spelling errors in the fine print.
DigitalRaptor  +   962d ago
Yep. You'd have to be pretty naive to think this is real.

1) Look at the placement of the word "of". Too high up. Compare it to this.

2) PlayStation is spelled "Playstation" with lowercase "S".

3) The design is shoddy, compared to previous design work. Just look at the word "Redemption". Looks amateur, like someone who's just discovered Photoshop's "blending options".
moparful99  +   962d ago
I want a Vita God of War bundle sooo bad.. Even though I have an early edition Vita if they make a custom God of War vita in red or with something in the vein of the Ghost of Sparta PSP then I will buy it no question!!
Jay70sgamer  +   962d ago
Do you see the contradiction here ...everybody complains when Xbox or nintendo (halo,mario)bring out the same games everytime but look how many god of wars has come out and nobody is complaining smh .....or how everybody was complaining about xbox live you have to pay to play multiplayer games on playstaion plus but nobody complains lol some of yall gamers see things when it benefits your console smh...just saying
moparful99  +   962d ago
People complain because Microsoft and Nintendo have a bad habit of only releasing new iterations of already established franchises.. When is the last time that Microsoft or Nintendo released a new IP? Sony pumps out new IP's almost to the point where some of them underperform because there is so many games to play.

Just look at The Last of Us. Here we are in the twilight of the current gen and Sony bets big on a new IP and they knocked it out of the park. Later this year we have Beyond Two Souls. Journey was sublime last year so forth and so on.

As far as having to have PS+ to play online now yes I'm upset about that.. I have been adamant about not having to pay to play online. But Seeing as I am already a plus subscriber with over a year left and no intentions of letting it lapse its of little consequence to me. Biggest difference between PS+ and Live is that with Plus you get access to a bevy of free games, huge discounts, betas, trials, cloud saves, automatic updates, and with the PS4 Gaikai access.. There is far more value built into PS+ then Live. Of course this is merely opinion but Live doesn't come close to matching that list of benefits.
GraveLord  +   962d ago
PS4 + Vita? Not excited.
Vita will really hold back the PS4 version.
sourav93  +   962d ago
More like:

God of War + PS4 = Getting your eyes squished, head ripped off, and your legs demolished, AT THE SAME TIME!

Mwhuaahahaaha xD
MariaHelFutura  +   963d ago
I want SSM to make Heavenly Sword 2. The game deserves a sequel, prequel, whatever.
#2 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NaAsAr  +   963d ago
I was thinking the same thing. Heavenly Sword 2 would be awesome.
Majin-vegeta  +   963d ago | Well said
I love GOW but it needs a break.Come back to 3-4 years.

I want a new IP for SM.
Dinoegg_96  +   963d ago
In collaboration with Ready at Dawn Studios they´re developing The Order 1886
kayoss  +   963d ago
3-4 years is too long, maybe 2 years. I don't mind a god of war for a ps vita though.
ginsunuva  +   963d ago
Maybe GoW can rest forever. It's been good, but there's no more story to tell, and keeping it alive prevents any possible amazing new IP's from them.
kayoss  +   963d ago
Here's an idea, god of war and heavenly sword cross over! With co-op play and custom team combos. Kratos + Nariko = invincible. *drooling*
King-Prodigy-X  +   963d ago
No way
Losyak  +   963d ago
Had to see it coming...
Man-E-Faces  +   963d ago
I wouldn't mind just as long the fixed camera angle is removed and open the game up more instead of being linear. Pissed me off when there's 2 split areas and if you choose the path that progresses the level you would miss an item(gorgon, phoenix) in the other path and the game won't let you backtrack. That's not good game structure/design to me. Add better more intelligent a.i too, the simplistic a.i of the regular enemies where you could just pick them up and throw them etc. becomes tiresome.
Transporter47  +   963d ago
I think if they did a new GOW I'd be happy although I would welcome something completely new just likr how naughty dog did a big ass surprise with TLOU
#7 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
No_Limit  +   963d ago
What was the last game that Santa Monica did before GOW 1? It seems like a lifetime ago. Sony need to let them make a new Ip and give GOW a break for a few years. These guys have talent but after the last GOW, it became kind of "been there, done that, now what? A new character in a new setting like Egypt or in the Viking realm can be a nice change of pace.
PositiveEmotions  +   963d ago
Fuck yeah!!!! Best news for today :) now i hope this is true
r21  +   963d ago
Could be fake, if you look closely at the bottom right corner of the picture, it says Playstation instead of the usual PlayStation trademark. Either its fake or someone goofed up the words.

Keep your hype low... for now.
#10 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   963d ago
Hell I don't have any hype anyway. I want this to be fake. Need to see something new from the studio.
r21  +   963d ago
Would be great to see a new ip from them. I guess The Order: 1886 kinda counts.
wastedcells  +   962d ago
Good catch. Also Make.Beleive is spelled wrong lol. Fake for sure.
sherimae2413  +   963d ago
nothing is gonna stop this unstoppable train
kayoss  +   963d ago
Except for another " unstoppable train" going the opposite direction and on the same track. * mind blown*
XabiDaChosenOne  +   963d ago
No more God of war SSM, at least for now. Get to work on another new IP to complement the order 1886
TheOneEyedHound  +   963d ago
Would prefer a New Ip alot more, but I would love to see how good a GoW game will look on the PS4.

So Win Win for me.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   963d ago
Just let it be a new character and setting,if they continue with Greek mythology and kratos it would feel like they were milking kratos especially when you consider that his story is done,but a new character set in Egypt with his own reason to kill the gods would make things feel fresh and interesting.
TheOneEyedHound  +   963d ago
Even set in modern times would be great.

A soldier with reason to kill all the leaders of the world.
Given the title of God of War by his enemies or given the power of God of war by the great warriors of the past(Hanzo hattori,Simo Hayha,Alexander the great,Ect ect).
#14.1 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PFFT  +   963d ago
GdaTyler  +   963d ago
So hyped for this now!
#16 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheOneEyedHound  +   963d ago
I am very excited for The Order 1886,so glad ready at dawn got a chance to make a Console game.
wastedcells  +   962d ago
Ready At Dawn is the new Insomniac. I think they will be even better. Yes I said it.
Krew_92  +   963d ago
Someone pointed out that make.believe is misspelled at the bottom right corner. It says make.belive.

Although typos can happen, it just makes this harder to BELIEVE now, LOL.

I pray to Zeus that it is real though.
#18 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   963d ago
i guess it wont come true then....
kratos already killed zeus, right?
Krew_92  +   963d ago
Not unless it's another prequel. Haha.
sherimae2413  +   963d ago
haha i admit, you got me there ^_^
so whats next kratos childhood about beating up his spartan brothers lol ^_^
ironfist92  +   963d ago
yay another gow game...
greenlantern2814  +   963d ago
After playing GOW 3 on ps3 I cannot wait to see what they could do on ps4. Prepare for epicness. Please, please be true.
Most likely won't see it till early 2015 but I will be getting it when every it is.
Rezka  +   963d ago
If there really is a vita GOW I'm gonna scream
SandWitch  +   963d ago
"A mysterious picture floating around the internet"... Yeah right

So obviously fake
Jughead3416  +   963d ago
GOW Redemption. Sounds like a sequel to GOW3. I hope this isn't some crap made by a fan. If I'm Sony, I want all my "face of the franchise" games starting off the next gen. GOW, Uncharted, Killzone, LBP, etc.
PLAYWATCH  +   963d ago
I would rather want a new IP from that beast of a studio, Santa Monica.
Mikefizzled  +   963d ago
GoW and GOW both need a rest after both releasing games that aren't up to the series standards. 2015 is the earliest I hope to see either of them release.
Max-Zorin  +   963d ago
There's nothing left. He killed everything.
KwietStorm  +   963d ago
I hope it's fake. I want to see them do something new.
Sevir  +   963d ago
This franchise is suffering from genre fatigue
As great as Ascension was, the game just wasn't as great as GOW3... I understand that the franchise is a key pillar of the PS platform but seriously its time to lay Kratos to rest for a while and let Santa Monica studios work on something else. That studio is burning out on God of War.

There doesn't need to be a God of War on the PS4, not yet.. This is the best time to deliver new IPS and bolster the PS platforms to get new games that could be as big as Uncharted, Infamous.

Also, this poster is faker than Pamela Anderson Boobs.
0pie  +   963d ago
i saw someone from ign on twitter saying it was a fake.
Gasian  +   963d ago
I could agree. Even though everyone wants a God of War PS4 experience it is probably not going to happen right now. The thing about Sony that I like is they are not trying to rush and milk their exclusives;they give developers time to finish there games. So you will probably not be seeing an announce from Sony Santa Monica for a couple of years or at least a title release.
#29.1 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MisfitsInc  +   963d ago
i enjoyed GOW: Ascension, but i also like the way the series ended with 3
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