DriveClub Plus Edition includes core game, charges for extra cars and tracks

VVV: "Most notably, Paul reveals that the free version that will be available from day one for PlayStation Plus subscribers will resemble a free-to-play title, whereby the core game will be available with the single player and multiplayer gameplay intact with additional cars and tracks available to purchase to expand the game content. "

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Whitey2k1920d ago

Free to play but ps+ is free dlc ect ect o well dependsbhow good it is

Old McGroin1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Uh oh, do I see a change in direction for PS+ Instant Games? Are all future PS+ games going to simply be Free-To-Play games where we will have to pay extra for the full experience? PS+ is unbelievable value at the moment but if this is the road they're going down I'm not liking it one bit :(

EDIT: Is this officially going to part of the Instant Game collection or is it just F2P? If it's not part of the Instant Game Collection then scratch my comment above!

Pintheshadows1920d ago

I have a feeling it will be at first due to the fact that Sony clerly don't want to give a brand new game away for free. Which is fair enough I think.

Old McGroin1920d ago

@ Pintheshadows

Yeah, I thought it was a bit odd of Sony to offer a brand new game for free (or as good as) before there was even a chance to buy it at retail. So the F2P trend is looking to pick up in a major way with Sony offering this and MS offering Killer Instinct from launch. Personally, I don't really mind F2P if it's done right. Really enjoyed DC Universe Online and even shelled out a bit of cash for the add-ons and it didn't hurt in the slightest!

JP13691920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I've heard the devs of Outlast talk about the release of their game in complete form, free for Plus members. It may just depend on how they want to market new games on a console with a relatively low install base.

esemce1920d ago

So it's like killer instinct then, you basically get a glorified demo ? and you have to pay for any actual substantial content.
Sony made it sound like you were getting a full game for free just without some unimportant extras.

grassyknoll1919d ago

I am worried about that, but Outlast is definitely coming in the first few months of 2014.

Ju1919d ago

Looks like there is some change coming with all those F2P models. But it's a little bit early to understand where this is heading.

In general I like the idea that I can have a lower entry barrier. But I am not sure if I want to pay $10 for every little crap I want. Eventually I don't want to pay more for a full experience than what I would do now with the $60 for a game.

At the same time, with F2P you get an instant taste of what the game will look like without the dropping the full price right away. Could be good if done right.

jimmywolf1919d ago

i agree with Pintheshadows an think Old Mcgroin is been to short sighted. everything must be part of a balance, i want see you work on a game for 2-3 years, then be told hey it going be free day one.

Sony offered a service with a lot of value, an people were still saying it was not good enough. in till they do like Microsoft, an only offer online only for ps+, no one really has the right too complain.

it greed pure an simply, yes your paying for a service. but your not paying enough too complain for more, unless you follow the philosophy "greed is good" since that what started the whole pay too play online...

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gamewizard991920d ago

I like these free to play games that are appearing as you get more than a normal demo with the option to buy extra items for a small price. However, I am a bit worried about people saying Driveclub is only 35% complete, I worry that it may be slightly rushed so it can be available at launch and won't realise its full potential.

JP13691920d ago

Launch games are usually rushed, as final dev kits normally aren't available until close to the release of the console.

showtimefolks1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

well this could be huge for the game, its coming from evolution studios who also hired bunch of developers who previously worked on project Gotham racing and NFS so drive club could be a huge hit

with psn-plus you get a taste of what you are going to get so think of it as extended demo, with plus a must to play online this means a lot of gamers will get to play drive club and that means many will like it and think about buying the game outright

its one of my most anticipated games of 2013, i think this will surprise many people by how great its gonna be

can't wait

Drive club
Watch dogs

4 games i will buy with my ps4 day one if all 4 are released with system


MotorStorm: Apocalypse was released in march 2011, i have to believe that the studio was working secretly on drive club, also like i said before they hired bunch of people so everyone was expecting a realistic racing game

its like MS with Forza and PGR or now Forza horizon

sony with drive club and GT

but IMO racing genre needs a steroids shot because we need some new killer ideas/features

Whitey2k1920d ago

Ive never really fought about that similar to grand turismo. Bubble for u sir

B-radical1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I was on a psu forum before and they were discussing drive club vs forza 5 one poster posted pictures comparing the 2 and i noticed the forza 5 photos had alottttt of jaggies so i went out of my way to find the same picture posted by that psu user and i did.

Psu user posted this picture

(notice jaggies?)

and i found the same picture on google

(not as much jaggies)

Why would people go out of there way to make forza look bad in comparison

windblowsagain1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )


Just upscaled the 720p image to the rez of the other one and it produces jaggies. After that just needs sharpening.

Think the jaggie one is been messed with.

TKCMuzzer1920d ago

Thats the interent I'm afraid. Forza 5 does look good and does run at 60fps but, and its a small but, there was a lot of pop up in the rear view mirror whilst in car, this annoys me in current gen racers and I thought it would be gone for the next, maybe they will sort it. Anyway I'm sure both games will turn out good come release day as both studios are pretty decent.

AnteCash1920d ago

Well its obvious that the psu user didnt post the cloud version.

B-radical1919d ago

I thought cloud was BS?

AnteCash1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

MS says its real, so it must be true.

MS would never try to lie to us.

Ju1919d ago

Make look bad? Really? That's why you can't find any gameplay from Forza 5. Because the first shot is the real Forza.

You can tell, those "white shines" are contact issues which comes from the online renderer while the second is touched up with an additional filter usually done offline. I found one real game play video, and if you really focus on the live play, it looks nothing like those "bull shots". They use a lot of offline cues in the game. All those cues put the focus on one car and blur the rest. That's why those shots look so good.

But if you look at the details, Drive Club isn't as shiny as Forza but it looks just so much better. It has a little bit "mudded" look - but that's just because they go with realistic reflections and lighting and not those over saturated shots where you always drive against the light so you can cover everything up in lens flares. Take a look at how the paint and damage accumulates during a race - while you see nothing in Forza until the race actually ends. Drive Club is the better game.

B-radical1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

ive seen forza 5 gameplay it looks great :)

despair1919d ago

Actually there is some gameplay vids of forza out there just take a few minutes to look and you'll find them.

Ju1919d ago

Well, ya, of course. I mean, how much can you mess up since last gen. Racing games look great on the PS360 - but it's not what they want to make us believe.

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