RantyPants Volume 1: F Cliff Bleszinski

Today, STFUandPLAY's Brett Murdock rips on Xbox hood ornament/Gears of War dildo Cliff Bleszinski after he makes some remarks backing Xbox’s (now defunct) DRM policies and says “internet whining” wasn’t what changed them, but Sony’s brilliant PR strategy.

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BattleAxe1972d ago

"Xbox hood ornament/Gears of War dildo Cliff Bleszinski"


Bigpappy1972d ago

How does something like this get approved? I know for sure I can not submit anything calling some one a 'Dildo". Is this where this community is headed?

Sick stuff right there!

cyguration1972d ago

Can't tell if serious or butthurt.

Godmars2901972d ago

Its amazing that the "man" can only see the business/corporate side of the argument. Somehow thinks that ending used games, likely rising prices and probably putting out more DLC will somehow increase the market.

showtimefolks1972d ago

he was hired at like 16 by epic so all he knows is the corporate structure, this guy needs a reality check

blocking used games actually decrease overall sales of new games, many gamers trade or sell their old games to buy newly released

if you are gonna block used games than bring the cost down, each game can't be $60. It should be how much quality content a game is delivering

what's amazing is they think blocking used games, online passes,dlc is the answer. When it should be delivering better more polished quality content so consumers won't want to trade in their games

there is a clear cutoff between publishers and consumers, and the way MS had to come down from high skies proves that if we stand together as a gaming community we can make proper changes but we are too blinded fanboys

luoshuigui1972d ago

The guy is a washedup now anyway, he made a soulless overrated shooter series, the games wont leave any mark in the gaming history, and now he's out of job, losing the fame he once had, only thing he's doing is desperately trying to grasp some attention he once had, end of story.

Kos-Mos1972d ago

Do we really need to give this ass more attention?

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