SOE delivers new visuals to game update 44 of EverQuest 2

Just as Sony Online Entertainment promised, the developers have recently released some new screenshots depicting all the changes in the upcoming game update for EverQuest 2. The theme of game update 44 centers on the concept of love and hate as the Shard of Hate exercises its suppressive influence on the people of Norrath.

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heyheyhey3678d ago

The Agency!! The Agency!!

focus young jedi, no-one cares about Everquest

iceice1233677d ago

Evern care about SOE, honestly be fair here. Blizzard kind of, oh I don't know, crushed them with ease wouldn't you say :)?

gambare3677d ago

I want to see the agency, but I would really care of titles launched by NCSoft.

sigh.. maybe they will launch guildwars 2 for PS3.. maybe.

Percy3677d ago

You truly know nothing about the history of mmo's

Garrison3677d ago

Expirienced MMO veterans and people who have played other mmo's other than WoW, which is an overrated, half of the population is chinese gold farmer having mediocre MMO. Thanks.

Bolts3677d ago

There is a huge market out there for MMO fans who are sick of WoW, the continued success of games like LOTRO is living proof of that.